7 Telltale Signs Of A Desperate Blogger


Unfortunately, the blogosphere is filled with desperate bloggers (Unscrupulous bloggers who will stoop to an extremely low level with the intentions of grabbing other people’s attention).

Proverbially speaking, those people have a way of getting on our last nerve.

And, what am I referring to?

Well, stick around and I will gladly tell you what those things are.

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7 Tips To Develop The Habit Of Writing

Seven (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Writing is one of the hardest things for some bloggers to do. They stare at the blank screen, become terrified and think to themselves, “Oh my goodness. How am I going to fill the screen with words?”

The answer is a simple one; the only way a blogger can fill the screen with words is by typing one word at a time.

Hey, I have been doing this sort of thing for many years and I am going to share the secrets of turning writing into a habit with you.

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