14 Ways To Become A More Productive Blogger


Would you like to be more productive whenever you sit down in front of your computer, tablet or smartphone to blog?

Most bloggers would say, “Yes,” because there is always something or someone getting in their way; such as:

  • Someone asking them for their help with a particular task when they are in the middle of composing their blog post.
  • Excessive noise from their surroundings.
  • Mosquitoes feasting on their blood.
  • Not having sufficient time to complete the draft-copy for their blog post.
  • Enduring a heated or a cold environment.

Those are some of the unwanted things that bloggers face whenever they are in the process of getting their quota of blogging done.

The good news is that there are ways to counteract those things (If we do not come up with solutions to those minor annoyances, we will be unable to get any sort of blogging done).

Dear friend, it is time for you and I to explore some commonsense approaches to becoming a more productive blogger.

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Are You Blogging For The Right Reasons?

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To be most straightforward with you, every blogger on the face of the Earth has their own reason (or reasons) for blogging.

Could you remember what it was that motivated you to blog?

Well, in my case, I do (And, it is something that I would never forget).

I simply wanted a space on the internet to express myself (And, a blogging platform turned out to be the ideal medium for that).

Since there are various types of personalities, people without a doubt will possess various reasons for starting a blog of their own; so without further ado, let us explore those possibilities together. Continue reading “Are You Blogging For The Right Reasons?”