Submit A Guest Post

Guest Blogging (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

On the 13th of December, 2019, I made up my mind to feature guest articles on Renard’s World (And, so far, things have been going rather well with the guest blogging project).

I strongly adhere to the belief that each blogger has something unique to offer the world due to the fact that they are all different.

It is my intention to use this blog of mine as a medium to highlight the talent of those people who were successfully chosen to be guest authors on Renard’s World.

Some of you are probably thinking, “What are the requirements to be a guest author on Renard’s World?”

Well, in all honesty, they are simple (They are not the kind that would scare most people away).

The requirements are:

  • An original article that was not posted anywhere else on the internet (The main reason for this is to avoid what is known as duplicate content in the eyes of search engines like Google and Bing).
  • A well-written article that went through a strict proofreading process.
  • One’s willingness to respond to the comments from readers that were made on their guest post.

As you have noticed, I did not stipulate any sort of word count for guest post submissions (Both long and short guest articles are welcomed).

And, I am allowing all of the guest authors the freedom to create content that is based on a topic of their choosing.

So, if you think that you have what it takes to be a guest author on Renard’s World, you can send me an email (My email address can be found on my Contact page).

All successful applicants will become official “Contributors” for Renard’s World.