Keep Those Fingers Of Yours Busy

Renard, what do you mean when you actually say, “Keep those fingers of yours busy”?

I am merely insinuating that you need to develop the habit of typing away blog posts via the keyboard (or virtual keyboard) of your laptop computer, desktop computer, tablet computer or smartphone.

Whether we like it or not, we need to be outstanding content creators — the kind of people who will make sure that we always have high-quality content to share with our viewers.

Truthfully, as soon as we are finished with one blog post, it is time for us to create another (Damn, blogging is hard work).

The day that we fail to create content for our blog is the day that our blog becomes stagnant (And, that, my friend, is a very bad thing for a blogger).

So, today, I am going to provide you with tips on keeping those fingers of yours busy.

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WordPress Angered Some Of Their Users With Its New Plans recently changed its plans, and they are completely ridiculous!

At first, WordPress changed the 3GB storage limit on its Free Plan to .05GB with a limit placed at 10,000 visits per month.

They also introduced WordPress users to The WordPress Pro Plan, which costs $180.00 USD per month and comes with a storage limit of 50GB and a monthly visit limit of 100,000.

A few days after, the dismal storage limit of .05GB on the Free Plan was increased to 1GB and the limit that was placed at 10,000 visits per month was removed.

In terms of the WordPress Pro Plan, the limit of 100,000 visits per month has been removed (Everything else that pertains to this plan remains the same).

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