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Will Twitter Ever Crash And Burn?

I deleted my Twitter account on Wednesday the 25th of August, 2018.

Back then, Twitter had shadow-banned me for the fourth time and I thought that the most appropriate course of action was to delete my Twitter account (They did not provide me with a reason for my shadow-banning and as far as I was concerned, I did nothing wrong).

My educated guess at the time was that Twitter did not like one of my tweets and that they chose to punish me because of it.

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Taking Your Personal Blog In The Direction That You Want

From day one, I have always taken Renard’s World in the direction I wanted (That was easy for me to do because I knew exactly what I wanted; my blog’s tagline made that very clear: “My personal space on the web to post anything that tickles my fancy,” and that granted me lots of wiggle room to play with).

Yes, I am one of those personal bloggers who enjoy dealing with miscellaneous topics on their blog; to imprison myself within a niche would only send me crazy.

Dear friend, if you have not taken your personal blog in the direction in which you would like to take it, it is not too late for you to do it.

Hey, it is your personal blog and you are the one who is supposed to be in control of it.

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