6 Reasons People Unfollow Bloggers


People have been unfollowing bloggers for years (And, people will continue to unfollow bloggers once blogs are still around).

The reasons why people unfollow bloggers will also vary from person to person.

So, without further ado, let us explore the reasons why people unfollow bloggers.

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Under Majestic Cranberry Tree


An unknown French traveler, visiting Russia during summer (there are summers in Russia, Beautiful People!), rested in the shade of a luxuriously leafy crown of a huge tree. Apparently not familiar with Russian flora, he inquired about the name of the tree. “Klyukva – cranberry,”  – with a straight face replied the Russian guide, always ready to pull wool over a foreigner’s eyes.  Back in France, the seasoned globetrotter reported that he found respite sous l’ombre d’un kliukva majestueux – under the shade of majestic cranberry.

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