Encouraging Others To Blog

It should not come as a surprise when I say to you, “There are bloggers who need a bit of encouragement in order for them to keep on blogging.”

There are those bloggers that feel like giving up; it is as though the blogging process is too much for them to handle; they have to:

  • Brainstorm ideas for blog posts in their free time.
  • Compose draft copies of their blog posts.
  • Polish those draft copies of their blog posts.
  • Figure out the days and the times that they would like to publish those blog posts of theirs.
  • Figure out whether or not to share the links to their blog posts via their social media accounts.

On a much more positive note, personal bloggers may not go through the trouble of doing all of those things, but professional bloggers have made it a priority to carry out all of the things that were mentioned above.

Bloggers do devote a lot of their time and effort in the area of creating content for their blogs.

Believe it or not, there are bloggers who spend at least three hours refining their blog posts and when those blog posts of theirs do not attract the number of incoming views that they would like them to get, they become dejected.

Also, the last thing that any blogger wants is to feel that they are wasting their time blogging (And this, my friend, is where encouragement comes in).

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7 Ways Bloggers Can Enter Into A Positive Frame Of Mind

There is nothing that sucks the life out of a blogger like negativity.

These days, we are bombarded with news of:

  • The constant spread of COVID-19 throughout the world.
  • People losing their faith in their government leaders.
  • Rising food prices.
  • People’s homes being severely affected by storms.
  • Rising poverty in third world countries.
  • People murdering other people.

Those are some of the types of news that we are bombarded by whenever we turn on our television sets (That sort of thing can drag our spirits down to the deepest depths of depression).

So, today, I am going to share with you some simple methods of lifting your spirits.

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