Veggies, Flowers, and Forbidden Love

It’s nineteenth century. India is under British colonial rule. The high Brahmin priest Nilakantha, secretly leading Hindus to perform sacred rites forbidden by the British, rages against the foreign opression. His daughter Lakmé (French version of Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity), accompanied by her servant Mallika, goes to the river to gather flowers for the forbidden ceremony. A priestess herself, Lakmé is splendidly decked out in gorgeous Indian jewellery. As a sensible girl, she doesn’t want to lose it in water, so she removes all this stuff – lots of it! – and neatly places it on a bench. Off they go into water, apparently in order to sing the famous Flower Duet (watch the two foremost Russian divas Anna Netrebko and Alina Garanca in Gala-concert):

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Bloggers Can Beat Procrastination By Using These 7 Techniques

Almost every blogger on the face of the Earth can relate to putting off writing a blog post for their blog (It is as though they believe that they will find the inspiration for their content creation process at a later date).

The funny thing about us human beings is that we can put off doing something so many times; this results in the task that we were meant to do not getting done at all.

Procrastination, my friend, is a blogger’s worst enemy!

So, we might as well cultivate positive habits ― the kinds of habits that will ensure that we get our quota of blogging done.

Some of you are probably thinking, “Renard, it would be nice if I could stop procrastinating whenever the time for me to create a blog post comes around.”

Guess what?

It is possible for you to stop procrastinating whenever the time for you to create a blog post comes around and I am going to teach you how to do it.

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