What Is Your Definition of ‘Love’?


I know that you are wondering why I am asking such a simple question… easy-peasy.

You are grown up, educated, intelligent, smart, and understood the people in general and the family relationships in particular… I am sure that you are in a position to answer the above question without hesitation.

We all know that love is a basic necessity.

Of course, I know that you know the difference between love & lust.

Here we are discussing the ‘love’ as grown up and mature adults.

Love expresses both the physical and emotional aspects of the individual.

The very word ‘Love’ evokes strong and sometimes mixed feelings.

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5 Things That Other Experienced Bloggers Do Not Tell You

I have a very strong feeling, that if some people knew exactly what blogging entails, they would have said to themselves, “Blogging is certainly not for me!”

Yet, people looking in from the outside (specifically those people who have never blogged before), wrongfully believe that blogging is a figurative piece of cake.

It is only when people start a blog of their own, they begin to realize that there is more to blogging than writing.

So, without further ado, let us find out some of the things that experienced bloggers do not mention to other bloggers.

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