Have You Ever Been Tempted To Leave WordPress?

WordPress On A Tablet Computer
WordPress On A Tablet Computer (Photo credit: Pixabay)

In spite of WordPress being a fantastic blogging platform, there are those people who get fed up with it for various reasons.

In the past, I actually came across a blog post from a blogger who was displeased with WordPress.

And, why were they displeased with WordPress?

The female blogger (a really gorgeous-looking young woman) complained that she experienced very little interaction with others on WordPress.

“Huh? Very little interaction? You have got to be doing something wrong,” which is what ran through my mind at the time.

She went on to state, that she was leaving WordPress for good and she gave her audience the website address for her new blog on Blogger.

Back in 2015, Automattic — the company that owns WordPress, decided to place the rainbow banner on all WordPress.com blogs; the purpose of that was to show their support for the LGBTQ community.

The Christian bloggers were infuriated by Automattic’s decision. They hated the idea of having the rainbow banner on their blogs.

Some of the angry Christians made the switch to Blogger when they saw the rainbow banner displayed on their blogs. They said that homosexuality was an abomination and since WordPress.com was a loyal supporter of gay rights, they would have to host their blogs elsewhere.

So, people have had some discrepancies with WordPress.com in the past. 

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Do People Take Your Blog Seriously?

Question Mark
Question Mark (Photo credit: Pixabay)

Have you ever wondered if people take your blog seriously?

Maybe, you thought about it, or it never crossed your mind before.

And, why should we even bother about other people taking our blog seriously?

Well, for starters, authority figures in the blogosphere are taken seriously.

Also, the blogs of authority figures are the ones that get the most visits.

And, which blogger do you know that does not mind an increase in their incoming traffic?

If Neil Patel was not an authority figure in blogging, he would have had very little visits to his website (All serious-minded bloggers know who Neil Patel is).

Now, before one can even dream of receiving more incoming views, they will have to be viewed as an authority figure in their niche.

Are you willing to work your way up the figurative authority figure ladder?

Okay, to be quite honest, no one is forcing you to; but it would be nice if you said, “Yes, ” and started doing the necessary hard work to reach there.

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