Have You Ever Felt Like Making Changes To Your Blog?


It is very apparent that we bloggers are seldom satisfied with our blog; we are always finding faults about it; the so-called dissatisfaction ranges from:

  • The theme that we chose for our blog.
  • The fonts that we chose to use on our blog.
  • The type of content that we chose to publish on our blog.

Hey, we bloggers can be very hard on ourselves (And, most of the times, it is usually something of a trivial nature).

We love to experiment and we change things even though those things are not in need of changing.

Does that sound anything like you?

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Should You Be Dealing With Multiple Topics On Your Blog?


Currently, there are a lot of bloggers who deal with multiple topics on their blog (It is a common practice among bloggers in the blogosphere).

Now, I would like to state that this article is not one that is for or against people posting vast topics on a single blog.

However, it is one that examines the potential pros and cons of posting multiple topics on one’s blog.

So, without further ado, let us delve deeply into this interesting topic.

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