This Blogger Loves Linux

Tux the Linux mascot (Photo credit: Pixabay)

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that I have no regrets about jumping on the Linux bandwagon.

I have been using Linux for approximately three years.

My Linux journey began when I decided to rid myself of Microsoft Windows.

I did not like the direction in which Microsoft had headed (They turned a lot of their products into a subscription model).

Also, I felt that Microsoft did not have my best interest at heart.

Most of the computer malware on the world wide web was designed to affect Microsoft Windows.

And, Linux is way more secure than Microsoft Windows.

The crazy thing about Windows is that you do not own it, despite buying a legal copy of it; it is actually leased to you and Microsoft has full control over the operating system; they can change your settings anytime that they want to.

It really made no sense buying a copy of Windows 10 Pro and not being able to own it and I disliked the idea of Microsoft changing things on my computer.

With Linux, you are in full control of everything and the distribution of Linux that you downloaded on your computer is yours.

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Are We Being Too Hard On Our Followers?

Blue Abstract

There are bloggers who are angry with some of their followers because they are not there for them on a regular basis.

Now, in my case, I am not going to be angry with you if you did the following things:

  • Did not read every blog post that I published.
  • Did not leave a comment in the comments section of my blog.
  • Did not press the Like button on one or many of my blog posts.

Even though I love it when people peruse my blog posts, leave valuable comments in the comments section of my blog and press the Like button on one or many of my blog posts, I am not going to be perturbed by the lack of any of those things.


Because I blog for the sheer fun of it and not for the approval of others.

Therefore, I would not take out my frustration on any of my followers (My followers do not deserve that sort of thing).

After all, I look upon followers as real people and not as numbers.

Also, there are reasons for the way in which our followers interact (or not interact) with us.

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