Would You Recommend Blogging To Others?

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Question mark (Photo credit: Pixabay)

I am sure that some of you came across people whom you thought would make great bloggers; it could have been the following people:

  • Your nephew.
  • Your friend.
  • Your sibling.
  • Your spouse.
  • Your colleague.
  • Your neighbour’s child.

When you saw what they were capable of, you thought to yourself, “Hey, this person should give blogging a try.”

Every so often, I would come across someone who has the potential to be a great blogger.

What about you? Did you ever come across anyone whom you thought would have done well in the blogosphere?

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My Blogging Experience On A Smartphone

Smartphone (Photo credit: Pixabay)

In my early days of blogging, I did the majority of my blog posts via my smartphone (Those were the days when BlackBerry was the in thing).

The only time the laptop computer was involved was when I wanted to change to a new theme or when I wanted to do a bit of photo editing.

The smartphone came in rather handy back then, because I loved blogging on the go.

These days, I only blog on my laptop computer (I have to admit, that typing on the keypad of a laptop computer feels natural).

And, I have often wondered, “How the hell I managed to produce content via my smartphone?”

I guess that, back then, I was really determined to make it happen with my handheld device.

So, I have decided to take myself outside of my comfort zone; I would find out once again (from an entirely new perspective), what it is like to compose a blog post via the usage of my smartphone.

I no longer have a BlackBerry smartphone. I have a modern Android smartphone; which would be utilised to compose a draft copy for my article.

If my friend, Marie-Céline is capable of doing it, there is the probability of me doing the same (Provided that I put in the same amount as effort as her).

And, when I am through with composing my draft copy, I would format the content via my laptop computer.

After all, the formatting process is way easier on a laptop computer or on a desktop computer.

Have you ever used the WordPress Mobile App to update your blog?

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