WordPress Made Me Dwell On Blogger

A WordPress user thinking about Blogger

Those of you who have been following me for quite some time would know that I used to blog happily over on Blogger (I ended up deleting my blog because I grew tired of it).

Also, I was no stranger to WordPress (I started a blog on WordPress back in 2012; it was also deleted).

I knew that WordPress was modern and I was anxious to find out if they made any changes (The best way of finding that out was to create another blog on WordPress).

In June 2018, I returned to WordPress and Renard’s World was born.

Today, I am wondering if I would have been better off on Blogger.

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Tygpress Scraped The Living Daylights Out Of WordPress


I was exploring new blogs via the WordPress Reader when I discovered some very bad news.

What was the nature of this bad news?

Tygpress — a scraper site, published a huge quantity of blog posts from many WordPress bloggers (It was done without their consent).

By the way, they stole a lot of my blog posts too (From the looks of things, Tygpress has been helping themselves to all of my blog posts).

The blog administrator of I Do Run was the one who brought this to my attention with their blog post, Please Read — Your Blog May Have Been Harvested!. 

There was no way that I was going to let Tygpress get away with their transgression. So, I filed a DMCA takedown request on Digital Ocean’s Report Abuse section of their website (Digital Ocean is the hosting provider for the unscrupulous blogger that wilfully stole a lot of people’s content).

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