In Praise of Cabbage and Salt

Confucius and Cato the Elder had three things in common: both of them bequeathed us lots of wise and inspirational quotes, both of them loved cabbage fermented with salt, and both of them had no idea it was called sauerkraut. To be fair to both distinguished ancient dignitaries, during their lifetimes, and for many centuries afterwards, nobody called this simple, yet exceptionally healthy dish by a German name. Perhaps it is because in 200 B.C.E. the Romans were too busy fighting the Punic Wars and hadn’t gotten around to Germany just yet.

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Should You Use Surgery To Look Beautiful?

Cosmetic Surgery
Image by Catalina Rojas from Pixabay

Plus points about you

  • You are intelligent and talented.
  • You are beautiful always. None prettier than you.
  • You are confident about your body, your face, your appearance in general and colour in particular… because your body is rightfully yours, which you agree as your birthright.
  • You are aware that the way you appear is not at the mercy of others’ opinions.
  • You are not in the habit of comparing yourself with others.
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