Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, is a major source of economic activity. Yes, of course I am referring to Valentine’s Day! Lovers take advantage of this day by expressing their affections with chocolates, flowers, special greetings and gifts. This is the perfect time to tell your partner what’s in your heart and perhaps, even profess your love for them.

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These 5 Shows Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Have you ever watched a show and wondered what type of message that its creator wanted to portray to his or her viewers?

If you are fond of deciphering the true meaning of the shows that you watch, you will most likely watch them to the very end.

At times, the plot is obvious and at other times, you are left in a complete state of bewilderment; it is as though the creator of those shows wanted you to figure out what they were about on your own in spite of the details being a bit hazy.

Hey, I watched my fair share of shows that left me with me with giant-sized question marks in my mind and today I am going to share five of them with you.

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