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The Christmas Madness Has Begun

Christmas was never my favourite time of the year (For me, the feeling of dread increases the closer Christmas approaches).

Oh, well, I will keep my fingers crossed with the hopes of the Christmas Season passing fleetingly.

Let it be known to the entire world that I am not a scrooge; I would buy a Christmas gift in advance for someone who believes in and celebrates Christmas but would feel insulted if someone gave me a Christmas gift.

All right, I will admit that my behaviour toward Christmas may be a bit complicated, but I can assure you that my behaviour, in this regard, is justified.

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When Getting Bored With WordPress Puts Bloggers Into Trouble

We bloggers are some of the hardest people to please. There are those moments when we get totally bored with the blogging platform that we are on (That is totally understandable since sameness can eat away at us).

What do we do whenever we find ourselves bored?

We look for something else to do ― mainly something that excites us.

And, sometimes in the name of finding something exciting to do, we register for an account on another blogging platform and begin playing around with it (We do it for a quick adrenaline rush).

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