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More than just a positive mood, happiness is an inner feeling of well-being that encompasses living a desirable life, one with the wonder of purpose and deep contentment.

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Why Blogs Get Low Engagement

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One of the hardest moments for me after I hit the publish button is The Wait….

Waiting…. to get some sort of feedback that someone out there, read what I chose to share.

When someone asks me who I write for, on my blog, I say that I write for myself, but that’s not entirely true. I also write to be read by others and that someone finds it worthwhile, to stop by my blog.

Blogging Gurus will tell you how you must not get too focused on your analytics; the traffic and statistics of it, lest you become side tracked with the Ego-metrics i.e. seeking validation by the number of views and hits your site gets. One of the reasons some bloggers stop blogging or even delete their sites altogether is that after the work they put into their blog; finding far less than expected responses.

This is also why you need to have a strong reason for WHY you blog.

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