“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” – George Santayana

As nature goes through seasons, throughout time, a family experiences phases much the same.

Like the delightful spring season, falling in love, commiting to marriage and the birth of a child are periods of renewal. Feelings of fulfillment.

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Cranes on Your Plate

The stores are glutted with cranberries – Thanksgiving is coming, and if we believe Bridget Shirvell, one of the authors on, cranberry sauce is the only one item on the traditional Thanksgiving menu that doesn’t vary from region to region and from culture to culture. Stuffing is highly questionable, so are pumpkins, and – gasp! – even the ubiquitous turkey. But humble cranberry, or kranbeere, named by Germans settlers because when flowered, it looked like the head of a crane, is always present, either as a sauce or as jelly, either on its sugared own or combined with other fruit or berries.

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