WordPress And Their Glitches

We WordPress users (the ones that use WordPress.com) have encountered some rather interesting glitches (If you are a WordPress user and you have not had any experiences with glitches, they will be on their way to pounce on you in the near future).

From what I have gathered, these technological hiccups do not last long and they tend to surface when the Happiness Engineers are doing upgrades.

However, glitches are annoying nonetheless.

Today, I am going to highlight a few of them; some that you have probably experienced and others you have not experienced as yet.

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Being There For Our WordPress Family In Times Of Need

We WordPress bloggers like to view ourselves as one huge blogging family in cyberspace (That is a good thing because it places us in a position to interact with each other).

So far, I have interacted with the following types of bloggers on WordPress:

  • People who are deeply devoted to Linux.
  • People who are into preparing recipes from scratch.
  • People who are fond of photography.
  • People who are deeply enamoured with poetry.
  • People who enjoy sharing their short stories with everyone online.
  • People who love to create long-form content.
  • People who are into things of a spiritual nature.
  • People who enjoy making sense of the world around them via philosophy.
  • People who are quite fond of publishing blog posts — the ones that fall within the psychology category.
  • People who love to share blogging tips with their viewing audience.
  • People who share their love for the arts and crafts via their blog.
  • People who are into music.

If you truly made the time to explore your WordPress Reader, you would have discovered that there are blogs for everyone to enjoy (If you have not explored your WordPress Reader, I strongly suggest that you go through the various tags via the Add a tag option in the Tags section; it will contribute towards the expansion of your WordPress family).

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