Do You Still Have The Same Beliefs About Blogging?

Question Mark
Question Mark (Photo credit: Public Domain Pictures)

As a blogger you will need to have a very strong belief in your ability to blog (And, if that belief is lost, it is going to affect your blogging for the worst).

Did your belief change for the worst since you started blogging?

Or, did your belief only changed for the better when you started blogging?

Dear friend, the very act of blogging in itself can make us question whether or not we can keep up with the pace in which we have chosen to publish our content.

And, our beliefs do waver in the area of blogging; which is the reason why we need to pay close attention to them.

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6 Things That Baffle Me


Have you every wanted to solve a mystery so badly that you stayed up all night trying to figure it out?

I have!

And, a lot of those mysteries cannot be answered by search engines (I did a thorough search and I came up empty).

Do I need to buy myself a copy of The Egyptian Book of The Dead in order for me to get the answers that I am looking for?

Do I have to join the Illuminati in order for me to get my questions answered?

Okay, maybe not; but I am willing to go that far.

I can just hear the ominous-sounding music playing in the background.

Anyway, here are some of the things that have left me baffled for quite sometime:

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