What Would You Do If Your Blog Post Went Viral?

Question Mark
Question Mark  

Most bloggers dream about their blog posts going viral.

But, what would your reaction be if one of your blog posts actually went viral?

Would you cry?

Would you laugh?

Would you jump up and down like if you were a very happy three-year-old?

I guess, that your reaction will be dependant on your personality makeup.

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Would You Recommend Blogging To Others?

Question Mark
Question mark (Photo credit: Pixabay)

I am sure that some of you came across people whom you thought would make great bloggers; it could have been the following people:

  • Your nephew.
  • Your friend.
  • Your sibling.
  • Your spouse.
  • Your colleague.
  • Your neighbour’s child.

When you saw what they were capable of, you thought to yourself, “Hey, this person should give blogging a try.”

Every so often, I would come across someone who has the potential to be a great blogger.

What about you? Did you ever come across anyone whom you thought would have done well in the blogosphere?

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