8 Things That Newbie Bloggers Should Always Do


Most newbie bloggers use the trial and error method in their fist stages of blogging (That is to be expected, because they are still experimenting with their blog).

Some of the newbie bloggers start off fairly okay, while a large percentage of them continue to make a huge mess with their blog.

There are those times when I wished that people would go through a mandatory training course in blogging — a course that would teach them the basics of blogging. But, in reality, no one is required to take a mandatory training course in blogging and in today’s blogosphere, anything goes.

However, someone needs to point out some of the mistakes that a lot of the newbie bloggers are known for making; I have volunteered to be that person (I can only hope that no one nails me to the bark of a tree for doing so).

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6 Ways To Prevent Blogger Burnout


Blogger burnout is a real thing; it is the main cause of bloggers abandoning their blogs.

A lot of newbie bloggers will start off updating their blogs regularly and as time passes, they find themselves posting less frequently; some even went as far as not updating their blogs at all.

Is blogger burnout preventable?

Yes, it is!

And, I am going to tell you how.

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