Commenting Policy

A comment bubble that is representative of speech
Comment Bubble (Photo credit: Pixabay)

Many of you know that I love comments; I could be bombarded with a huge number of them and I would respond to them in a timely manner.

Comments do add a bit of life to blog posts.

And, it is customary for bloggers to interact with each other via comments.

But, there are times when things do get a bit out of hand.

Be Polite To The Other Commenters

People do not always agree with each other.

However, it is okay to disagree with what other commenters said in the comments section of my blog in a polite and diplomatic manner.

There is no need to harass another commenter by insulting them via the comments section.

Would you like to be mistreated by another blogger via the comments section?

No, you would not!

So, please do not start a fight with another commenter in the comments section of my blog.

There Is No Need For You To Add The Link To Your Homepage In The Comments Section Of My Blog

A lot of the newbie bloggers have grown accustomed to adding the links to their blog whenever they comment on someone else’s blog post; that is uncalled for because their fellow bloggers can find them by clicking on their Gravatar image (That is provided that they updated their Gravatar Profile).

So, please refrain from adding the link to your homepage in the comments section of my blog.

If you do not abide by this rule, I will edit your commit by removing the link to your homepage.

It Is Okay For You To Add A Single Link That Pertains To The Topic Along With Your Comment

It is okay for you to add one link to your comment; provided that the link is relevant to the topic being discussed. The link can be one that directs the person reading the comment to an article or a video that emphasizes your point.

I am only allowing commenters to add one link because Akismet will direct comments containing two links and more in the designated spam area.

Links that direct the reader to affiliate products are not allowed (That sort of thing falls under the category of “Spam” and spamming the comments thread is forbidden).

Keep The Comments Related To The Topic

I find it a bit annoying whenever someone deviates from the topic (Luckily for me, that is a very rare occurrence).

When people go off-topic, it tends to pollute the comments thread; people who are in the habit of reading the comments section will become bewildered.

The best way to keep your comments related to the topic is to read the blog posts in their entirety (That way, you will truly know what they are about and would be in a much better position to provide a comment that is related to the topic).

Keep The Language Clean

Renard’s World is a family-friendly blog (It caters to people of all ages).

Therefore, the usage of foul language is not allowed in the comments section of my blog.

Intelligent and civilized people are capable of communicating with each other without cussing.

Closing Thoughts On The Commenting Policy For Renard’s World

I do not mind if your comments are long or short (I like comments of any size).

What I do expect of you is to simply abide by the rules that are stipulated within my commenting policy.

Failure to abide by the rules (the ones that were stated in the commenting policy) could result in your comment (or comments) being edited or deleted.