Do You Ever Ask Others For Help?

Question Mark
Question Mark

Karen was frustrated with her WordPress Mobile App; her Android smartphone froze every time she tried to press the ‘Like’ button on someone’s blog post. “Come on!” She shouted at the top of her voice

Her boyfriend, Harold stopped what he was doing in the kitchen and walked as quickly as he could in the direction of the living room — the very room that his girlfriend, Karen was in. “What is all of this commotion about?” He asked.

“Oh, Harold. This damn WordPress App is driving me crazy,” Karen said, shaking the Android smartphone ferociously in her left hand.

“Okay, Karen. Please describe to me the problem you are having,” Harrod said in a very calm-sounding voice.

Karen’s face was red with anger. “The WordPress Mobile App keeps freezing whenever I try to press the ‘Like’ button on someone’s blog post.”

“May I have a look at your phone for a moment?” Harold asked.

“Sure,” Karen said; she handed her smartphone to her boyfriend.

Harold fiddled with Karen’s Android smartphone for a few seconds and said, “Damn! This thing is slow!”

“Yes, that I do know,” Karen said in a tone of voice that was combined with sarcasm and anger.

Harold noticed that his girlfriend, Karen had utilised all of the space on her Android smartphone. Apparently, Karen did not transfer the edited photos to her computer; as a result, the WordPress App was unable to update.

“Any progress?” Karen asked.

“Yes, my love. I am going to transfer all of these photos to your laptop, because they are taking up too much space on your phone,” Harold said; he attached the USB cord to Karen’s laptop and he inserted the USB C connector to her Android smartphone.

Approximately one minute after, Harold removed the USB cord from the laptop and he also removed the USB C connector from Karen’s Android smartphone. He updated the WordPress Mobile App via the Google Play Store. He handed the phone back to his girlfriend, Karen. “Try it now,” he said.

Karen’s frown was replaced with a smile. “Sweetheart, it actually works. You’re a genius!” She gave Harold a hug and then kissed him.

“Next time, ask for help, my love,” Harold said.

Karen’s face was fixated in the direction of the screen of her Android smartphone and she was pressing the ‘Like’ button on a blog post that she read.

Harold quietly made his way back into the kitchen and continued where he had left off — he could finally resume making that vegan sandwich of his. Continue reading “Do You Ever Ask Others For Help?”


Are You Afraid To Share What Is On Your Mind?

Question Mark
Question Mark

Daniel sat in a lonely park bench. He was enjoying the view of the pigeons and he was also enjoying the cool evening breeze.

An elderly man walked in front of the bench that Daniel was comfortably seated on and said, “What is this world coming to?

Daniel looked at the elderly man and smiled politely and said, “Good evening, sir.”

The elderly man pointed frantically to one of the headlines in the newspaper that he was holding and said, “Police should kill all of those bandits. They do not deserve to be tried in court.”

Daniel instinctively knew, that the elderly man was fed up with the rise in the crime rate.

What the elderly man was unaware of was that Daniel was once a bandit. He had robbed a few stores when he was a teenager.

When Daniel entered into his early twenties, he made the decision to change his life around. He got himself a job and he started going to church.

Daniel listened to the elderly man’s words attentively. He wanted to tell the elderly man that he was wrong, but he chose to remain quiet.

The elderly man grinned and said, “Why can’t they be law-abiding citizens like you? Have a nice evening, son,” and walked off.

A part of Daniel knew, that he should have told the elderly man that he was a former bandit and that he had changed his life around. He also wondered if the old man would have changed his mind about the police killing all bandits with fatal gunshot wounds. But, it was too late for that, because the elderly man already went his merry way. Continue reading “Are You Afraid To Share What Is On Your Mind?”

7 Ways Bloggers Can Overcome Their Depression


Currently, there are lots of depressed bloggers in the blogosphere; I am not too surprised about that, because bloggers are human beings and human beings do get depressed at times.

The good news is, that some of those bloggers are getting professional help; they are either seeing a well-trained psychologist or a psychiatrist with the intentions of getting rid of their depression.

Now, I am not a doctor. But, even though I am not a doctor, I do know of seven effective methods that bloggers can use to overcome their depression.

Do you want to know what those seven effective methods are?

Well, of course you do!

So, without further ado, let us find out what they are. Continue reading “7 Ways Bloggers Can Overcome Their Depression”

6 Types Of People That Drive Me Crazy


If I were to ask you, “Are there certain types of people that drive you crazy?”

You would most likely say, “Yes!”

Do not worry. You are not alone; we all are driven crazy by certain types of people — people whom we would rather avoid at all cost.

And, I am going to tell you about the types of people that drive me crazy. Continue reading “6 Types Of People That Drive Me Crazy”