Will The Linux Desktop Ever Become Mainstream?


Most tech-savvy people are aware of the fact, that Linux powers the majority of the servers on the world wide web (The Information and Technology experts use them because they are highly reliable).

However, when it comes to Linux on the desktop, the usage is dismal in comparison to Windows and macOS; it is as though a large percentage of people do not have faith in using Linux as their daily driver.

Now, I cannot blame people for their unwillingness to try out Linux, because most people are comfortable using operating systems that they already know.

At the moment, there are lots of people who do not know what Linux is (And, you cannot inveigle people to utilize what they are unaware of).

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In Defence Of Linux Mint

Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition (Photo Credit: Linux Mint)

At the moment, there are people who would like to see the Linux Mint project come to an end.

To be most straightforward with you, I hate it when a distribution of Linux goes into oblivion.

On Tuesday, the 21st of May, 2019, the developers of Antergos mentioned via a blog post of theirs, that they would be ending the Antergos Linux project (The hearts of the people who used that distribution of Linux was broken that day).

In reality, there is a huge number of Linux distributions out there (And, a percentage of them will meet their untimely demise).

However, in regards to Linux Mint, I believe that it would be around for a very long time (In May 2019, the Linux Mint team received $24,149.00 in donations from 868 people; which is proof that there are people who love Linux Mint and would like to see it prosper).

I view Linux Mint as a wonderful distribution of Linux and I am going to tell you the reasons why.

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