This Blogger Loves Linux

Tux the Linux mascot (Photo credit: Pixabay)

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that I have no regrets about jumping on the Linux bandwagon.

I have been using Linux for approximately three years.

My Linux journey began when I decided to rid myself of Microsoft Windows.

I did not like the direction in which Microsoft had headed (They turned a lot of their products into a subscription model).

Also, I felt that Microsoft did not have my best interest at heart.

Most of the computer malware on the world wide web was designed to affect Microsoft Windows.

And, Linux is way more secure than Microsoft Windows.

The crazy thing about Windows is that you do not own it, despite buying a legal copy of it; it is actually leased to you and Microsoft has full control over the operating system; they can change your settings anytime that they want to.

It really made no sense buying a copy of Windows 10 Pro and not being able to own it and I disliked the idea of Microsoft changing things on my computer.

With Linux, you are in full control of everything and the distribution of Linux that you downloaded on your computer is yours. Continue reading “This Blogger Loves Linux”


Which Electronic Device Do You Blog On?


I am fully aware of the fact that people use the following electronic devices to blog on:

  • Smartphones.
  • Tablet computers.
  • Laptop computers.
  • Desktop computers.

However, I do not know which is the most commonly used electronic device that my fellow bloggers blog on.

Can you help me out with that?

I would really like to know which one of those electronic devices that you use the most for blogging purposes. Continue reading “Which Electronic Device Do You Blog On?”

My Laptop Computer Was Repaired Today

Laptop Computer

It has been a while since I carried my laptop computer to be checked by a service technician.

The last time a service technician saw my laptop computer was when I had Windows 8 on it (At the time it was cutting off without warning — power vacated the laptop computer at intervals; I eventually found out, that the problem was not with the laptop computer; the issue was with the power supply cord).

Today, I sent the laptop computer to the service technician to have the screen replaced. He looked at my laptop computer, opened it up and said, “I have the size screen for it,” and he also mentioned something that pertained to having the right connection for it.

The service technician lent me his Toshiba Satellite laptop to use while my laptop computer was being repaired (And, that was because I told him that I needed a laptop computer to blog on in the meantime). Continue reading “My Laptop Computer Was Repaired Today”

Can A Smartphone Handle All Of My Blogging Needs?


Since I published, My Blogging Experience On A Smartphone back in June 2018, I have been using my Android smartphone to compose the draft copies for my blog posts (It is thirty percent of them; but this is still good, because I have been getting some practice).

To be quite honest with you, I prefer to compose the drafts for my blog posts on my laptop computer and there is no way on God’s green Earth that I am going to give that up completely for doing the actual blogging process on my Android smartphone.

I have fellow bloggers who only use their smartphones to blog and they are doing just fine (I believe that if their smartphone were to die on them, they would quicker go to the store and buy a new one instead of using their laptop computer or their desktop computer).

Familiarity breeds comfort — they are comfortable using their smartphone to blog much in the same way, that I am comfortable using my laptop computer to blog.

For the sake of versatility, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and I used my smartphone for blogging purposes (There are those times when I wished that someone emptied a bucket of icy-cold water on the top of my head for wanting to carry out this experiment).

The biggest irony of all is, that I was very comfortable with the idea of blogging on my BlackBerry smartphone back in 2012.

Today, I am a changed man — I use my laptop computer for the purpose of blogging and I only practice doing what I normally do on a laptop computer on my Android smartphone, so I would not be left hanging the day that my laptop computer chooses not to come on when the ‘Power’ button is pressed.

So, here are the results of my interesting experiment. Continue reading “Can A Smartphone Handle All Of My Blogging Needs?”

6 Things To Do When Your Internet Speed Slows Down


We all know that technology is not reliable one hundred percent of the time; it works well in some instances and at other times, it either functions poorly or not at all.

On Friday the 20th of July, 2018, my internet access was compromised; some of the websites that I tried to access either loaded slowly and there were those websites that refused to load (To be quite honest, that did not go down well with me).

This was not the first Friday that the internet was problematic; it misbehaved on a vast number of Fridays in the past.

The problem is usually resolved within a few hours or within half a day’s time.

“Why did my internet have to go at a snail’s pace at the same time that I wanted to do a bit of blogging?” I asked myself.

And, one of the biggest ironies is, that this sort of thing tends to happen a lot when the internet bill is paid.

I might have accepted the throttling of my internet service if the bill was overdue. But, my account was up-to-date; therefore my internet should have been moving at the speed of lightning.

I gave a loud sigh and turned off my computer; I would turn it back on when I believed that the problem was resolved.

I instinctively knew that my Internet Service Provider was having some major technical issues on their end and as a result of it, all of their customers were severely affected.

When one is experiencing internet-related issues, they have to find innovative methods to spend their time (And, I am going to highlight a few suggestions). Continue reading “6 Things To Do When Your Internet Speed Slows Down”