This Is What I Learned From Blogging Weekly


On the 31st of August, 2018, I published, I Am Thinking About Posting Weekly (The experience was certainly an interesting one).

A lot of professional bloggers believe in updating their blogs on a weekly basis (And, there are a lot of hobbyist bloggers who believe in publishing content on their blogs on a weekly basis too).

Publishing an article on one’s blog once a week is feasible (A blogger with a busy lifestyle can still find the time to update their blog).

And, this is what I have learned:

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Have You Been Writing A Lot Lately?

Question Mark (Photo credit: Pixabay)

If you are a blogger, there is a very high probability that you love to write.

Some people are weak at writing, others are strong in the area of writing and there are those people who are somewhere in between.

No matter what level you are at writing, you should still continue to write.


Because writing is fun and you are granted the opportunity to get better at it as time goes along. Continue reading “Have You Been Writing A Lot Lately?”

These Ten Things Will Inspire You

These Ten Things Will Inspire You

We all need a bit of inspiration in our lives.

Where there is inspiration, you can count on creativity being close by.

A painter might be inspired by the sight of a tree and as a result of their inspiration, they end up creating a painting of the tree.

It is as though inspiration opens the figurative door for creativity to enter.

So, I can clearly understand the reason why most bloggers need to feel that deep sense of inspiration before they go about putting together their blog posts.

Here are some things that inspire me (And, there is a high probability of some of those things inspiring you too).

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Are We Being Too Hard On Our Followers?

Blue Abstract

There are bloggers who are angry with some of their followers because they are not there for them on a regular basis.

Now, in my case, I am not going to be angry with you if you did the following things:

  • Did not read every blog post that I published.
  • Did not leave a comment in the comments section of my blog.
  • Did not press the Like button on one or many of my blog posts.

Even though I love it when people peruse my blog posts, leave valuable comments in the comments section of my blog and press the Like button on one or many of my blog posts, I am not going to be perturbed by the lack of any of those things.


Because I blog for the sheer fun of it and not for the approval of others.

Therefore, I would not take out my frustration on any of my followers (My followers do not deserve that sort of thing).

After all, I look upon followers as real people and not as numbers.

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I Have Been Thinking About Posting Weekly


When I started this blog in June 2018, I started off posting content on it on a daily basis.

I have made the conscientious decision to slowdown. In other words, I will not be posting as often as before.

Are you surprised about that?

For some of you, that might be jaw-dropping news.

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