WordPress Made Me Dwell On Blogger

A WordPress user thinking about Blogger

Those of you who have been following me for quite some time would know that I used to blog happily over on Blogger (I ended up deleting my blog because I grew tired of it).

Also, I was no stranger to WordPress (I started a blog on WordPress back in 2012; it was also deleted).

I knew that WordPress was modern and I was anxious to find out if they made any changes (The best way of finding that out was to create another blog on WordPress).

In June 2018, I returned to WordPress and Renard’s World was born.

Today, I am wondering if I would have been better off on Blogger.

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Why Are You Following My Blog?

Question Mark

For the record, I am deeply appreciative of all of my followers (The genuine ones, of course).

Having followers will make any blogger feel as though they have not wasted their time publishing blog posts in the blogosphere.

However, followers are human beings and some of them are genuine, while there is a portion of them with some type of hidden agenda.

Have you ever thought about the reasons why people have followed your blog?

Well, I have and that is the reason why I have asked, “Why are you following my blog?”

And, most of you who have followed my blog and are reading this, will no doubt, tell me the reasons why you have chosen to follow Renard’s World.

So, let us get down to business!

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