Should You Be Dealing With Multiple Topics On Your Blog?


Currently, there are a lot of bloggers who deal with multiple topics on their blog (It is a common practice among bloggers in the blogosphere).

Now, I would like to state that this article is not one that is for or against people posting vast topics on a single blog.

However, it is one that examines the potential pros and cons of posting multiple topics on one’s blog.

So, without further ado, let us delve deeply into this interesting topic. Continue reading “Should You Be Dealing With Multiple Topics On Your Blog?”


A Loyal Blogging Community Is Priceless


There is nothing quite as nice as bloggers who are there for each other.

A group of bloggers who constantly support each other are referred to as, “A tribe.”

Are you part of a special blogging tribe?

Well, if you have a blog on, there is a very high chance of you saying, “Yes!”

For the record, blogging tribes are not exclusive to bloggers; they can be found among a lot of the other blogging platforms on the world wide web.

I have noticed that a lot of women with vegan blogs on Blogger are part of a blogging tribe — a loyal group of bloggers who are always there for each other. Continue reading “A Loyal Blogging Community Is Priceless”

These 7 Things Can Ruin A Blogger


Blogging can be most fulfilling for a blogger once it is done correctly.

However, there are those people who sabotaged their blogs along with their blogging career by doing things that were very stupid and by not considering the consequences of their actions.

Dear friend, the things that you do in the blogosphere can either make you or break you (Which is the reason why you should always make a conscientious effort to be an exemplary blogger).

Some bloggers have fallen by the wayside (And, they were unable to regain what they once had — the respect of others).

There are things that can ruin a blogger permanently and I am going to tell you what those things are. Continue reading “These 7 Things Can Ruin A Blogger”

How Many Blogs Can You Manage?

Hot Beverage

It is no big secret, that there are people who manage more than one blog (Whether or not, they are managing those blogs of theirs well is, a separate story by itself).

The truth is, that some people are good at managing more than one blog, while others are not.

At one point in time, I used to manage a blog on WordPress and a blog on Blogger — my first WordPress blog and my second blog on Blogger.

How did it go?

Oh, it went well at first.

After three years had passed, I ended up deleting my first blog on WordPress (At the time, I was mostly using it to promote my blog on Blogger; which was done by sharing the links to my blog posts on Blogger on my WordPress blog).

I ended up staying with my second blog on Blogger for quite a very long time (It lasted for five years).

For the record, I do not believe in leaving blogs unattended; which is the reason why I delete blogs when I no longer want anything to do with them (Besides, there are too many abandoned blogs in the blogosphere and I was not going to add mines to the huge collection of abandoned blogs in cyberspace).

Renard’s World is my fourth blog (my second WordPress blog) and at the moment, I am very happy with it.

I have no intentions of setting up another blog, because I want to focus all of my attention on this one.

Out of curiosity, are you managing more than one blog at the moment? Continue reading “How Many Blogs Can You Manage?”

7 Reasons To Take Time Off From Blogging


To be very honest with you, all bloggers need some time off from blogging.

And, I do not have to tell you what happens to a blogger when they refuse to take time off from blogging.

When some bloggers do not take time off from blogging, they end up becoming:

  • Tired
  • Frustrated
  • Uninspired

Is that you by the way?

I hope not!

My time off from blogging is approximately 13 hours.

But, in your case, you could take 13 days off from blogging or any amount of time that is most appropriate for you.

Now, I would like to point out, that you should always inform your readers about your planned hiatus; they deserve to know how long that you plan on staying away from your blog.

And, why is it that we should always inform our readers about our planned hiatus?

Because, we do not want any of our readers to think that we have abandoned our blog.

These days, it is way easier to lose readers than to attract them; which is why they should be kept abreast of the amount of time that we plan on staying away from our blog.

So, let us check out some reasons why we should take time off from blogging. Continue reading “7 Reasons To Take Time Off From Blogging”