Are You A Brave Blogger?

Question Mark
Question Mark

Currently, there are a lot of newbie bloggers (and veteran bloggers too) who worry about what other people think about them.

By the way, are you one of those bloggers?

If you have answered, “Yes, ” I want you to know that worrying about what other people think about you is an absolute waste of your time.

And, why is it that worrying about what other people think about you is a waste of your time?

Because it is not possible to please everyone.

In reality, the things that you post on your blog is not going to resonate with everyone.

Dear friend, this is the truth:

  • Some people are going to dislike your blog posts.
  • Some people are going to love your blog posts.
  • Some people are going to remain neutral towards your blog posts.

The most important thing is publishing the things on your blog that resonates well with you.

And, if you have answered, “No, ” you might as well give yourself a proverbial pat on the back because you are already aware of the fact that it is impossible to please everyone.

So, my friend, you might as well be a brave blogger and do you. Continue reading “Are You A Brave Blogger?”


Facing The Challenges Of November

Facing The Challenges Of NovemberNovember is an interesting time for all bloggers; it is the time of the year that shows them what they are really capable of doing (or not capable of doing) in the blogosphere.

During this time of the year, a lot of bloggers are known to take some time off from blogging (A hiatus helps them to maintain their sanity in the high-paced world that they live in).

Most workplaces are usually busier than average for the month of November (And, the breakneck pace continues all throughout the month of December too).

In reality, a large percentage of bloggers have a daytime (or a nighttime) job and at times, they find it somewhat difficult to devote their time to blogging after a hard day’s (or a hard night’s) work.

Lucky are the ones who blog for a living because they get to devote all of their time and their effort into blogging.

On a very positive note, there are people who manage their time well — people who will always find the time to compose a blog post after they worked arduously at their place of employment.

Are you capable of facing the challenges of November? Continue reading “Facing The Challenges Of November”

Are You Blogging For The Right Reasons?

Question Mark

To be most straightforward with you, every blogger on the face of the Earth has their own reason (or reasons) for blogging.

Could you remember what it was that motivated you to blog?

Well, in my case, I do (And, it is something that I would never forget).

I simply wanted a space on the internet to express myself (And, a blogging platform turned out to be the ideal medium for that).

Since there are various types of personalities, people without a doubt will possess various reasons for starting a blog of their own; so without further ado, let us explore those possibilities together. Continue reading “Are You Blogging For The Right Reasons?”

These 7 Things Can Steal A Blogger’s Joy

Brown BoardUnfortunately, there are lots of things that are capable of robbing a blogger of their joy.

Do you know what happens to a blogger who has their joy stolen?

They end up losing their zeal to blog (And, that is a bad thing because the blogger could end up abandoning their blog).

So, without further ado, let us explore some of the things that could steal a blogger’s joy. Continue reading “These 7 Things Can Steal A Blogger’s Joy”

Will Your Blog Be Around In The Next Five Years?

Question Emoji
Question Emoji (Photo credit: Pixabay)

A lot of us who started blogs of our own never contemplated blogging on a long-term basis.

As a matter of fact, a large percentage of the bloggers in the blogosphere, handle their blogging affairs, one day at a time.

The sad truth is that business-related bloggers are the only ones who have planned to blog on a long-term basis (That is to be expected since business-related bloggers have set long-term goals for their blogs).

Unfortunately, a lot of personal blogs are short-lived (Many of them are abandoned within the period of three weeks or less).

These days, a personal blogger can refer to their self as being, “Lucky, ” if they have managed to experience their first blogging anniversary.

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that many blogs will come and go (That is the way in which the proverbial cookie crumbles in the blogosphere). Continue reading “Will Your Blog Be Around In The Next Five Years?”