5 Ways To Become A Joyful Blogger


It is a sad fact, that the blogosphere is filled with lots of angry bloggers. We have all seen our fair share of angry rants online from dissatisfied people (Now, even though those people have a right to express themselves via their blog, the anger and the bitterness can be a bit overbearing at times).

From a psychological point of view, most people will gravitate towards the following types of blog posts:

  • Blog posts that make them feel better.
  • Blog posts that provide viewers with solutions to problems.
  • Blog posts that educate them.
  • Blog posts that entertain them.

So, it is no big secret, that the people who publish articles based on the things that were mentioned, receive lots of views from people from around the globe.

And, guess what?

Being a joyful blogger will enable you to publish those types of blog posts with ease. Therefore, becoming a joyful blogger will work to your advantage (And, that is why I am eager to share with you my unique method of becoming a joyful blogger).

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Are You A Temporary Blogger?

A person holding a question mark in front of their face (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

It is a sad fact, that not everyone who starts a blog of their own will stick with it.

I have been blogging for quite a number of years; therefore, I have witnessed many blogs come and go.

A lot of blogs barely make it to their first month in the blogosphere (Some of them are abandoned within the first week).

Many bloggers have learned the hard way, that they need to possess high amounts of discipline combined with blogging skills in order for their blog to survive (And, there are countless bloggers who lack those things).

The good news is that discipline can be developed and skills can be learned (But, the average person tends to shy away from things that they perceive as being difficult).

Blogging may appear a bit challenging for us when we are just starting out; however, those challenges can be overcome and it is those challenges that help us to grow as a blogger.

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that there is really no need for a blogger to abandon their blog whenever they see the first signs of difficulty.

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