Renard’s Avatar

I am a quiet, fun-loving person from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago who simply wanted to have a personal space on WordPress to express my thoughts.

I am not a newcomer to blogging. I had other blogs on Blogger and on WordPress; I deleted them and I moved on to a new blogging project — Renard’s World.

I would not be showing any video footage from YouTube on the blog posts that I have personally created (The problem with that is that some vloggers have the habit of deleting their vlogs and it makes a person’s blog look foolish; especially when the vlogger has deleted the source of their YouTube videos).

Instead, I will focus my attention on old-fashioned writing.

These days, it is very rare to come across blogs with only written content.

For the record, there is nothing wrong with a blogger sharing YouTube videos on their blog (They are entitled to do that. After all, it is their blog).

I would also like to add, that I have allowed my guest authors the freedom to embed YouTube videos within their own content (I would not deny them that pleasure; especially if it happens to be part of their style of blogging).

Anyway, the internet needs more long-form content (And I would be posting articles along those lines).

The sole purpose of Renard’s World is to unleash my inner writer and posting YouTube videos would be akin to taking the easy way out (Sorry, no easy way out for me. I love a good challenge).

I am strongly convinced, that anyone can post a YouTube video on their blog (Oh, I overdid the damn thing with my former blogs). But, there are a few people who can follow a writer’s path.

I hereby invite you to read my articles here on Renard’s World.

And, the good news is that I always have a lot on my mind; therefore, you will always have a lot of interesting reading-material to peruse.