How Is Your Writing Coming Along?

How Is Your Writing Coming Along?

Writing can be an uphill battle for some bloggers.

Apparently, each blogger has their unique reason for not living up to their true writing potential.

So, without further ado, it is time for us to dive deeply into this intriguing topic.

When You Love Writing, You Are Eager To Write At Any Chance That You Get

Do you love writing?

If your answer to this question is an unequivocal, “No,” I advise finding some other type of blogging to do; for example, photography blogging (Photography bloggers are not obligated to provide written content with their photographs; in a lot of instances, the written content that they provide is something that some photography bloggers have chosen to do out of their free will).

In all honesty, if writing is not your proverbial cup of tea, you are wasting your time writing blog posts.

Why should you continue to punish yourself needlessly?

People Are At Different Writing Levels

Regarding writing levels, there are those:

  • Who are horrible at writing.
  • Who write fairly well.
  • Who excel in the area of writing.

My intuition tells me that there are bloggers who are interested in writing blog posts; the reason they do not do it as often is that they struggle with writing.

The good news is that anyone who is struggling with writing can get better at writing.

Hey, I am not kidding; I am telling you the truth.

Anyone who has a sincere interest in improving their writing should read, How to Become a Better Writer: 14 Expert Tips by Margarita Loktionova.

Maybe, You Are Afraid Of Other People Judging Your Writing

One of the nice things about WordPress is that its community is very kind and supportive. Therefore, they would not mind if you are a horrible writer or a great writer. All they care about is you doing your utmost best (And, they will cheer you on; which eventually leads to you dropping your shyness by the wayside and you writing more often).

Dear friend, the truth is that if you are deeply afraid of what other people think about your writing, you will end up writing nothing!

So, go right ahead and write a blog post.

You are free to proofread it and edit it before hitting the Publish button.

Maybe, You Are Suffering From A Severe Case Of Boredom

If you are someone who loves to write but you have managed to become bored lately, the issue could be the topic that you have chosen for yourself.

People who go along with a niche that they are not truly passionate about will end up becoming bored in the end.

Guess what?

There is a simple remedy for that; you can either choose a niche that you genuinely love or dump the niche altogether and publish miscellaneous topics on your blog.

Dear friend, it is difficult for you to become bored if you are writing about the things that matter most to you.

Another thing that you should make a note of is writing the things that you are sincerely interested in is a form of authenticity (When it comes to writing and blogging, you are much better off being authentic).

Maybe, You Are Plagued By Writer’s Block

Many bloggers have claimed that their number one reason for not posting anything on their blogs was writer’s block.

By the way, if you are currently battling with writer’s block, my blog post, 10 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block, will help you out greatly.

The sooner you start writing, the better it would be for you and your blog.

Maybe, You Are Having A Very Hard Time Finding The Time To Write

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that it is possible for the busiest man or woman to find the time for writing.

Anyone who has a busy lifestyle and would like to get some writing done should thoroughly read, Finding Time to Write: 3 Foolproof Ways to Write With a Busy Schedule by Michelle Renee Miller.

If your blog is the kind that needs articles to keep it afloat, you need to ensure that you have lots of written content available for it.

The Bottom Line

Writing articles for your blog might not always be smooth sailing. As you have learned today, where there is a will, there is a way (In other words, it is possible for you to get your quota of writing done).

I have faith that you can overcome those obstacles that prevent you from writing.

With that said, it is time for you to write something, my friend.



  1. Tangie says:

    Great information, Renard.

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    1. 🙂 Thank you, Tangie.

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  2. Thank you, Renard.

    It’s always nice to read your blog.


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    1. 🙂 You are welcome, Nicole.

      I am pleased to know that you find my blog to be encouraging.


  3. Sadje says:

    If I get stuck when trying to write, there are many prompts to inspire me

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    1. 🙂 That is good to know, Sadje.

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      1. Sadje says:

        Thanks Renard

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  4. Quantez Xihuitl says:

    Thanks for the becoming a better writer tip link, I’ll be looking into that very soon.

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    1. 🙂 You are welcome, Quantez.


  5. Lucy Thomas says:

    Very insightful!
    I do love it when bloggers post their other blogs in their current ones 😁

    As for writer’s block a method I learnt and it’s helped me with many assignments, is to write anything down on a different document, literally anything to get you into that writing mood.

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    1. 🙂 Thank you for sharing that with me, Lucy.

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  6. vesnab7 says:

    “Where there is a will, there is a way. Absolutely agreed!
    Great article, Renard! 👏

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    1. 🙂 Thank you, Vesna.

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  7. It helps me a great deal that the WordPress blogging community is very supportive. I would not have made it to almost 300 posts without that.

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    1. 🙂 That is good to know, my friend.

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  8. Goff James says:

    Writing and reading go hand in glove. The more one reads the more one experiences the writing of others; and, in so doing ones own writing improves. READ WRITE WRITE READ! Have a great day My Friend

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    1. 🙂 Thank you for your valuable input, Goff.

      May you have a great day as well.

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      1. Goff James says:

        Cheers. Stay Smiling.

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  9. justchunty says:

    Thanks for the advice. This helps remove some of the perceived obstacles in my writing process.

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    1. 🙂 You are welcome!


  10. Eugenia says:

    Encouraging piece, Renard. It’s a matter of wanting to write and enjoying it. Reading also helps one get new ideas. I echo, Goff – read write, write read!


    1. 🙂 Those happen to be the first two tips in Margarita Loktionova’s, “How to Become a Better Writer: 14 Expert Tips”; the link was included in the subsection entitled, “People Are At Different Writing Levels.”

      Thank you for your valuable input.

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      1. Eugenia says:

        You’re welcome, Renard.

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  11. Jasmine ♡ says:

    So encouraging, Renard! I love writing. 🤍 I’ve been trying to write more poems lately. I love how you include resources in your blogs for us to further check out !! ☺️

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    1. 🙂 Thank you, Jasmine.

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  12. Hi Renard,
    I find this blog post interesting
    Here are some suggestions for bloggers: —
    1. Who are horrible at writing (write horror stories👻)
    2. Who write fairly well. (Write fairy stories🧚‍♀️)
    3. Who excel in the area of writing. (Oh, so you’re the person who write those innumerable news articles…gets irritated.📰)

    People should write for the love of writing.
    Writer’s block can’t be much stronger than your primary reason of writing.

    Yeah, I agree here, for now:
    ‘Maybe, You Are Having A Very Hard Time Finding The Time To Write’🤯

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    1. 😉 Thanks for voicing your opinion.


  13. I have finally started blogging again and reading this post is motivating for me. Thank you for always having such valuable information.

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    1. 🙂 You are welcome!

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