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Are There Good Writers On WordPress?

Are There Good Writers On WordPress?

Yes, there are good writers on WordPress (You just need to know where to find them).

Now, it may be easy for one to think that WordPress does not have any good writers when there is a very high percentage of bloggers who are atrocious at writing.

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that WordPress has bloggers at all writing levels; they range from horrible to superb.

On a positive note, many of us here on WordPress do not care about whether or not bloggers write well.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who are deeply appreciative of perusing high-quality content.

Some Bloggers Have Claimed That People Bypass Their Well-Written Blog Posts

One of my fellow bloggers has complained about people not appreciating her well-written blog posts.

She went on to say that most people do not read and what they really want is bite-sized content.

She also blamed TikTock for the drop in attention spans.

As someone who uses the Reader to find new blog posts from bloggers, I have seen well-written blog posts with no likes or comments.

And, I also came across poorly written blog posts with tons of likes and comments.

Any new blogger who sees that kind of thing might refuse to produce high-quality content (Especially when their main goal is to get people to read their blog posts and get some likes, comments and followers).

There Is No Incentive On For Good Writing

If bloggers are noticing that poorly written blog posts are getting viewed the most, they are not going to bother themselves with creating high-quality content. They may choose to dumb things down by dropping their standard for the sole purpose of being relatable to those who want or are accustomed to reading substandard content.

On Medium and Vocal Media, writers are encouraged to create high-quality content.

After all, high-quality content gets the most views on Medium and Vocal Media (And, many of them make money off of their writing).

Therefore, high-quality content on those platforms is incentivized.

Whereas on, anything goes.

Professional writers would quicker gravitate towards (the self-hosted version of WordPress) because they know that they can monetize their blog from day one.

You and I both know that it is up to the blogger on to create high-quality content if they want to (And, thankfully, there are those who do).

The good news is that has professional writers; many of whom have authored books.

And, has fabulous writers who specialize in a niche.

Some Of The Good Writers Are Putting Their Work Behind A Paywall

There are bloggers who would publish content on once in a while; they would prefer to get paid for their writing; hence the reason for putting their content behind a paywall.

In addition to blogging on for free, they make a livelihood off of their writing by publishing their content and placing it behind a paywall on:

  • Medium
  • Vocal Media
  • Substack
  • Ghost

Talented writers need to eat too; which is why I am not against them for getting paid for their work.

If You Think That Lacks Good Writers, Be One Of The Bloggers That Contribute High-Quality Content

Instead of complaining about not having any good writers, you can do your part by publishing high-quality content on your blog (That way, you will be doing your part in lifting the standard of writing on

Dear friend, you have a choice; you can be part of the problem or be part of the solution.

As the old saying goes, “The ball is in your court.”

The Bottom Line

There are lots of good writers on WordPress (You can find them on the Reader of the web version of WordPress or the Reader of the Jetpack mobile app).

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that there are lots of bloggers who blatantly refuse to go through the trouble of writing high-quality content (And, that is their choice β€” one that we need to respect).

Unfortunately, not everyone is receptive to high-quality content on; which is a fact that we also need to accept.

On a positive note, there are those people who love spending their time perusing high-quality content (And, that is the reason why some bloggers on would spend a lot of their time creating and publishing it).


44 thoughts on “Are There Good Writers On WordPress?

  1. Strangely enough with the onset of AI, it’s enabling me to produce higher quality content. I have ADHD, plus I’m fly-by-pants writer, so I have multiple ideas and articles going The trouble putting them into a cohesive hole. With AII can set up my outlines meta text and basic paragraph summaries. This gives me an ability to focus on research, Is interviews, Is adding a personal touch and polishing up the editing. The AI helps build skeletons articles, allowing me to concentrate on providing quality information, and Add grammarly into the mix to catch any major errors, and I’m set. Just a few weeks ago I was in a panic, feeling desperately in need of an assistant or intern to help me sustain consistent, well-researched polished work.

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  2. Great article. I love finding high-quality content or even just passionate content. It doesn’t have to be created to a high standard as every writer is at a different level, but I love reading pieces where the writer is passionate about something.

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  3. This is definitely an interesting topic to think about. We are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of blog posts, so it makes sense that some would be poorer quality than others. I know I’m critical of my writing, but I enjoy putting it out there in hopes that I can improve. Thank you for sharing this insightful post! 😊

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  4. I try to produce quality work, but I think that’s driven by my own standards. I guess, if we’re going to be driven by stats, we need to ask what we’re trying to do and our target audience. Ikn9w I’ve felt it necessary to shorten and simplify my work to make it more digestible for a society with an ever decreasing attention span.

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  5. There are lots of GOOD & GREAT writers on WordPress!
    Renard you are one of the higher quality writers in my opinion. I like your style & your content.
    I know equally talented writers who blog about other topics. So for me it is hard to compare.
    I feel blessed to know so many good & great writers here. Helps mee to keep up my standards. I admit not every post is 100%. I do the best I can. And I ALWAYS keep it real.
    I was re-reading NYLABLUE’S early posts when we arrived here in 2012…..
    Do you know you have followed The Purrfect Pad since I joined here? WOW! Am I a GREAT writer…I do not think so. I think I am a good writer & I strive to be better….
    And you have played a BIG past in inspiring me over the years!
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma

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      1. That’s right Renard……I thought you had a different blog.
        And I lost touch with you & a handful of non animal bloggers & I missed all of you so much. I only found you….like it was meant to be!
        Thank you for your posts & friendship!
        ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

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  6. Interesting topic Renard – l don’t focus on bloggers’ writing per se, but on the content. I can forgive errors as we all make them, but a continuous stream of typos puts me off as it makes the reading flow harder to navigate. Too many, and l leave a post alone and find something else.

    I am more focused on topics and read only from selected content writers. Only some people are into what l am into in the same way as l am, but l am into more eclectic tastes than even some of my readers are. I spend fewer hours viewing the Reader for new writers as l tend to read from a slowly increasing directory, but still, l only read from thirty-five writers over ten days. That is up five from the last time l mentioned the directory here two months ago, so you can see the pace l introduce myself to newer writers. Strangely enough l follow very few gardening only business blogs as hey bore me.

    Am l a good writer? I can hold my own on a range of topics. My punctuation is pretty shite, though, which is why l use Grammarly – because l am not so much rubbish at punctuation, l am lazy with my punctuation – so when l see it visually corrected in front of me, l know when l wrote it there would be errors.

    In truth, most of the problems in WP are not from poor writers but poor punctuators.

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  7. There are other reasons, rather than TikTok, that have caused shortening attention spans. Sadly, this process is irreversible; however, there are plenty of quality blogs out there for our serious reading enjoinment. Yours is one of them, of course.

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  8. This is a good post will some well thought-out points. I agree with all of them. It’s difficult finding good writers or people who vibe with your style. I realized late last year that a personal solution is to simply continue writing as I have — ignoring algorithms and such, whether people find my blog or not is an entirely different matter — but if they do, they’ll see the work I’ve put in.

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  9. IMO, there are good writers and there are exceptional writers. Good writers are those that put out decent content with not much depth but they try. Exceptional writers, such as yourself, go the extra mile with interesting content, perfect grammar, and well-structured articles. If I come across a blog post that rambles on and on with no paragraphs and breaks, I pass. I don’t like to be critical of others’ work but I am a critic to the extent that my time reading a blog post is well spent.

    From my point of view, bad writers are those that just share words with no passion. It shows when a writer doesn’t put their heart and soul into their work. Plus, not everyone is cut out to be a writer, however, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try. Practice makes perfect, as they say.

    Writing is an art and there should be as much care in penning words as in any other form of art.

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  10. My friend Renard, what I am sharing is not directly tied to the theme of this post, but in line with the overall arc of your care and concern for bloggers. A while back you raised a question along the lines of: if you could change something in WP, what would it be. I offered my perspective on links and images in comments, which kind did not go over well with one of your readers. That said… I’m writing and responding to the same question now… It’s a bit if a tale, so I hope you will have time to bare with me πŸ™. In December, a blogger (I know they were from England) shared their favorite books of the year. One if these books really intrigued me and at the time, I thanked them, and let them know I had ordered it. Because it is a small press run being sent internationally, it took awhile, and only today, has this wonderful book arrived. So… This is why I am writing you. I know of no way to track my comments on others blogs. I might be missing something, but it would be joyful to let this blogger know the book they recommended has arrived and, again, back to the earlier point I tried to make, even post a photo of it. I think there is great potential to make the comment field in WP super productive, but not so sure as all the comments we offer seem to disappear down the proverbial rabbit hole. Not sure what I am saying makes sense, but I offer this long winded reflection, expecting that next month, I will likely not be able to find it again.


    1. πŸ€” The easier thing would have been remembering the person’s website address and the title of the post that you commented on.

      Unfortunately, you are on your own with that one.


            1. Guess what, searching the author and book title did not help at all. Many hundreds of sites that we’re not the needle in the haystack. But! Searching my name, the author, and the book title! Bingo! Top search response. Hah! Thanks for your sage advice.

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  11. That’s true, people don’t really read long-form, high-quality blog posts these days. They prefer short-form blogs, which often copy-paste the content from google.
    Sometimes putting so much effort into writing a high-quality blog and getting nothing in return feels like a waste of time!!

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  12. Incredible blog post Renard. You really love writing I can see that and looking at the years you have spent as a Blogger since 2008 (I was still a boy in Primary School) you are one of the most talented , smart and impeccable Writers here on WordPress. You inspire me every time I read your blogs and I have noticed that you are closing in on reaching 8 thousand followersβ­πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    In the future, be ready to read quality content from my blog ‘MENS FASHION & STYLE BY MTHOBISI” and lately I have written quite enticing blogs worth your time especially if you are a manπŸ™Œ

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