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Will Blogging Ever Go 100% Mobile?

Will Blogging Ever Go 100% Mobile?

At the moment, many bloggers do their quota of blogging on the following electronic devices:

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptop computers
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

Bloggers can use any electronic device or a combination of electronic devices to access their WordPress accounts.

But, will things change in the future?

Now, that is a very good question.

Let us both explore the possibilities.

Desktop Computers Are Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Now, I am in no way hinting that desktop computers will be in use in the year 2050.

The point that I am highlighting here is that desktop computers are general-purpose computers; they are used for many things; such as:

  • Online banking.
  • Video production.
  • Music production.
  • Photo editing.
  • Streaming movies online.
  • Video conferencing.
  • Writing resumes.
  • Accessing WordPress.

That, my friend, is merely a small example of the things that we can get done on a desktop computer.

Besides, a desktop computer is a powerhouse in comparison to all of the other electronic devices.

Manufacturers like Dell, HP, Apple and System76 all make desktop computers. If the market was headed in the direction of complete mobile systems, those manufacturers would not waste their resources creating desktop computers.

However, thirty years from now, desktop computers might be a faint memory.

The children in the future might wonder, “How in God’s name people got things done on that archaic electronic device that was known as, ‘A desktop computer’?”

Laptop Computers Are A Favourite Among Many Content Creators

Everyone knows that laptop computers can perform the same tasks as desktop computers.

Therefore, laptop computers are still relevant; they are still needed for doing things both online and offline.

The laptop computer is my favourite electronic device to blog on because I can use it in any room of the house (In all fairness, I can use my smartphone in any room of the house, but there is nothing that compares to the tactile feel of a physical keyboard on a laptop computer).

Despite testing the beta versions of the Jetpack mobile app on my Android smartphone, I would feel miserable if I were unable to use my Linux-powered laptop computer to create blog posts (So, in my case, I have grown accustomed to blogging on both my smartphone and laptop computer).

I would also like to add, that electronic manufacturers are still making laptop computers (If they were to phase out, they would not waste their time manufacturing them).

Like the desktop computer, the laptop computer might not be in existence thirty years from now.

The Smartphone Is Well-Known And Well-Used Worldwide

Almost everyone knows what a smartphone is.

Also, almost everyone owns one (The people without a smartphone are usually those people who have made a conscious decision not to own one).

Smartphones are usually cheaper than desktop computers and laptop computers.

However, the craziest thing is that there are smartphones that cost way more money than a desktop computer or a laptop computer.

So, that means, there are smartphones available for both the rich and the poor.

Anyway, lots of bloggers from around the world use their smartphones to blog.

The screens on modern smartphones have gotten bigger (They have more screen real estate).

So, that means that people can stop saying, “How do they type their blog posts on such small screens?”

Smartphones are also getting way more powerful; each year they are being created with powerful Arm processors.

Therefore, thirty years from now, they might be a force to reckon with.

The Tablet Has Its Place In The Future

The last time that I used a tablet to blog was many years ago (Those were the days that I used to blog over on Blogger).

Truthfully, blogging on a tablet is not bad; it has a much bigger screen than a smartphone; thus having ample space for a virtual keyboard on the touchscreen (That makes typing less of a hassle).

I would not mind getting myself a Linux-powered tablet to blog on.

WordPress users would be pleased to know that they can use the Jetpack mobile app on their Android tablet and their expensive Apple iPad.

Now, if I had the choice of using a smartphone or a tablet to blog, I would choose the tablet.


Because it has a much larger screen real estate and due to the larger virtual keyboard, it is easier to type on.

A tablet comes in handy when you are too lazy to leave your bed and you do not want to walk all the way to your home office (the room in which your desktop computer is in) to create a blog post.

By the way, if you are an adventurous Linux user, you can install Linux on a Microsoft Go (Simon Bisson’s article, How I Put Linux On a Microsoft Surface Go β€” In Just An Hour, will teach you how to go about making that possible).

Now, if tablets become more powerful and faster in the next thirty years, there might be no need for desktop computers and laptop computers (And, that might be the time when blogging 100% on mobile will be a reality).

Final Thoughts

The only way that blogging will be done strictly on mobile devices is if electronic manufacturers no longer make desktop computers and laptop computers.

Both smartphones and tablets are getting more powerful each year; therefore, in thirty years’ time, there might be no need for manufacturers to continue making desktop computers and laptop computers (When that time comes, anyone who is a blogger would be doing all of their blogging on mobile devices).

As someone who enjoys using their laptop computer for their computing tasks, I hope that my prediction never comes to fruition.

Do you think that blogging will only be done on mobile devices in the future?

Please feel free to let me know what you think about all of this via my blog’s commenting section.

And, most importantly, thank you for reading!


45 thoughts on “Will Blogging Ever Go 100% Mobile?

  1. I sincerely hope not. Mobile devices are great, but I have difficulty using my iPhone or iPad for blogging because where I write posts is just not usable in my opinion. The way these devices render my site makes it unusable for a few reasons. Hello MacBook.

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  2. I don’t think so.
    The web version of WordPress provides more features while creating a blog for example creating reusable blocks and creating posts for sharing the blog on social media at once and many more.
    Mobile screens have gotten bigger but, it’s still not that big to use the web version on it comfortably.
    I prefer using a tablet or a laptop for blogs but most of the time I use a smartphone, because it’s always with me, lol!

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  3. I blog mostly on mobile phone, as well as other things like emailing online banking and doing general searches. But I hope laptop doesn’t disappear because I still use that for things like YouTube for bigger screen and things related to my work because what I need to do for that I need bigger screen for.
    I also find filling in online job applications easier on laptop than mobile.

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  4. Hard to say l guess. 2050 isn’t that far from where we all are today – 27 years and that is into the future. I read an article the other day that said traditional blogging by 2055 will be outdated as more people will become influencers and only use vlogging and podcasting for their social communication and that writers in the more conventional sense will become more of an elitist concept. More and more people will be using more of a hand held system like an iPad or wrist console like the console on Fallout 4.

    So is the future of blogging smaller? I think so. I think that desktops will not be as popular as they are today and that we will see slimmer and faster laptops and that they will become the new go to desktop.

    Do l think that blogging will only be done on mobile devices – yes, just not as we might visualise it today. I don’t think desktop computers will be dead, but they may not be in every household being used on a personal basis as we an ageing population use them.

    Computers are not becoming obsolete but ironically humans are.

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  5. I’ve chimed in on mobile blogging a few times in the past. A Desktop or laptop is just much easier to use and typically faster also. Better layout control and features AT PRESENT as was noted in an earlier reply also. Trying to blog on a smart phone just isn’t for me.

    Certainly not going to hate on anyone who does though. Different strokes for different folks. πŸ™‚

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  6. I have an external keyboard that attaches to my tablet and yes, it would be my preferred option when writing/working on my posts. But I am on my phone reading and responding to your post, Renard.

    I think the future will see hybrid devices. We have been given a MS Surface Pro at work so we can be mobile. It is a computer, and when on campus we can use docking stations to access full sized screens, keyboards etc; but elsewhere we can use it as a tablet. When I was looking for a new tablet, I wanted to pick something with the power and flexibility of the Pro … my new Galaxy Tab can and does deliver. That said, I’m going old school later and work on my old laptop

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  7. I can see smartphones and tablets becoming the preferred devices for blogging. I have a tablet but I use it only for reading and never thought about using it for blogging. At least it has a larger screen than my smartphone. I prefer to use my laptop for everything from paying bills, researching, watching videos, and blogging.

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    1. πŸ™‚ Devang, I prefer to use my laptop to type articles; I find it more convenient.

      In thirty years, our favourite device for blogging might not be around and blogging would have transitioned to 100% mobile.

      Thank you for participating in the discussion.


    1. πŸ€” Hmm. That is most interesting.

      Does it have something to do with you being more comfortable blogging on a mobile device?

      And, do you think that blogging will ever go 100% mobile in the future?

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      1. I started blogging on my phone. I used to commute a long way to work (riding the subway) it was a perfect time/way for me to blog. I got so used to blogging that way that I just continued :). I like the portability of using a phone or ipad.

        I think many things are changing, but hopefully we’ll always have a choice. I wonder if phones will eventually become obsolete too? I hope people will continue to blog, vlogging seems like such a different medium.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ™‚ I know of a lot of people who do the same thing as you.

      From experience, I can say that there is more freedom in using a laptop computer to blog.

      In regards to editing photos (those that you intend on uploading to your blog), the process is faster and less cumbersome on a laptop computer.

      You and I might be quite efficient at using a laptop computer to do those things, but I am sure that there are bloggers who can do the same (with ease) via their smartphones.

      Thank you for participating in the discussion, my friend.

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