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The Power Of Spontaneous Writing

The Power Of Spontaneous Writing

In the early days of blogging, bloggers wrote spontaneously.

Today, everything is mostly planned; thanks to content calendars, bloggers can plan out an entire month’s worth of blog posts (They know exactly what they are going to write about and when each blog post is due).

Writing blog posts spontaneously and planning out blog posts in advance both have their advantages.

However, kudos go out to all of the bloggers who write spontaneously.

Where spontaneous writing is concerned, no planning is done beforehand; you either choose a topic out of the blue or go along with a topic that was provided for you.

It Takes A Very Creative Mind To Pull Words Out Of Thin Air

Spontaneous writing is a lot like ad-libbing; instead of using spoken words, you write the first set of things that comes to your mind.

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that a lot of bloggers overthink the writing process; this often leads to them staring at a blank screen and wondering what it is that they should write.

Where time management is concerned, spontaneous writing can be your best friend; for example, creating a blog post from scratch and finishing it in way less time than you would normally do with a regular blog post.

There are a lot of people with creative minds on WordPress β€” mental geniuses who can pull that sort of thing off.

Spontaneous Writing Is A Form Of Great Mental Exercise

All bloggers should do a bit of spontaneous writing once in a while.


Because it would help them to become mentally sharp (And, that, my friend would be a very good thing).

I have done my fair share of spontaneous writing; I would open up a word-processing program on my laptop computer, choose a topic and begin writing (That is something that I still do up to this day).

By the way, you are capable of doing it too.

It should not come as a surprise when I say to you, “The more you do it, the better you get at it!”

The writing is merely done for the mental exercise and not necessarily for the sake of creating blog posts.

However, if you are pleased with the final outcome, you can use it as one of your future blog posts.

Bloggers Who Are Accustomed To Planning Out Their Blog Posts Can Also Benefit By Doing A Bit Of Spontaneous Writing

The first draft copy of a blog post is usually produced via spontaneous writing.

After the completion of the first draft copy of their blog post, the blogger will polish up the blog post nicely by:

  • Fixing spelling errors.
  • Fixing grammatical errors.
  • Fixing punctuation errors.

Thanks to spontaneous writing, they have managed to get their thoughts printed out and the best part of all is that they have a blog post that they can refine later on (All of that, of course, would be done before it is published).

There Would Be No Need For AI Writers When You Have Mastered Spontaneous Writing

Some people play around with AI writers because they are unsure of what they want to write or how they should go about writing their blog posts.

If a blogger can create a rough draft via spontaneous writing, there would be no need for them to use AI writers (Sorry, ChatGPT. You are no match for the mind of a human being who has mastered spontaneous writing).

Artificial intelligence can create a blog post faster.

We, human beings, can create a blog post that is of a higher quality than artificial intelligence (So, please stop believing AI writers can get the job of writing blog posts better than you).

The Bottom Line

By practicing spontaneous writing, you end up:

  • Thinking at a faster rate than you did before.
  • Writing at a much faster speed.
  • Saving time where content creation is concerned.

Spontaneous writing fine-tunes the writer in you.


52 thoughts on “The Power Of Spontaneous Writing

  1. Wow, this blog post it is Spontaneous on its own Renard. Well written blog post buddy and all the points you have written here are valid, true and applicable.

    I too as a Fashion Blogger use spontaneous writing when writing my blog posts without researching but just be a creative and pull words out of thin air which I normally do. For example, I woke up today and the weather outside is very cold, so here is how I am applying spontaneous writing by just not over thinking too much and write a headline like this “Cold weather outfits for men suited for such temperatures” (I JUST CAME UP WITH THAT OUT OF THE BLUE)

    Thank You for arousing the spontaneous Blogger in meπŸ™πŸ™Œ

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  2. I try to write spontaneous all the time. I begin something and never know how it is going to end. It’s the Stephen King approach. Notwithstanding he is in an entirely different league.

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  3. Almost all of my blog posts are spontaneous. I usually write about my life so unless an AI robot is following me around everyday it would be hard for an AI to write my blog posts the way I do.

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  4. I have posts scheduled ahead but if I end up writing spontaneously, I have never tried it the way you describe. But odd times when I have spontaneously written, it may be something I have string feelings on that I have to write to get out my system.

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  5. I guess we can write spontaneously and then schedule it. I tend to do a bit of both … planned writing but if something occurs, and is pushing to be written,I can’t ignore it

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    1. πŸ™‚ Yes, Brenda. The blog post that you created during the spontaneous writing process can be scheduled.

      Also, I see nothing wrong with publishing anything that occurs right away (Especially if it is news-related).

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  6. I remember writing about how blogging has become such an exercise, and how tiring it has become. It took me weeks to write a blog post. WEEKS. Because the post had to be VALUABLE and SEO-optimised and all that jazz. I don’t know when I just stopped being spontaneous and just WRITE, so this is a great reminder. In fact, I just did that yesterday, just writing on the fly my thoughts about Rings of Power. Before, I would’ve waited till I watched everything, researched the right keywords etc. Now, I’m just going to write what I think at the moment and update when necessary. Screw SEO lol

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      1. This is probably not the right place to ask but, do you have a post that talks about how to be discovered on’s Reader? I don’t quite know how it works, or if my blog is being found and discovered on The Reader. I know tags has something to do with it, but I don’t really know what tags to use. Or how much!


  7. Only spontaneous writing works for me. I simply cannot plan out my blogging schedule. I tried doing that once, and now, all those planned blogs are still in my Drafts.
    What do I say?

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  8. I love this post, Renard. I think it reflects the struggle I feel some days about writing. I WANT to be spontaneous and reflect what I’m thinking/feeling/mulling at the moment, but I also value the ability to schedule posts ahead in order to be organized. I haven’t quite figured out the secret sauce to make it all work, but I’m giving it a go! I understand the struggle — from those who can’t help but lean toward spontaneity…and those who wouldn’t think of it – for fear of publishing some schlocky-crappy-icky-not-our-best-work in a post written in haste. You’ve got my wheels turning, Renard! 😊😊😊

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  9. Another excellent post, Renard! I plan most of my posts ahead of time, however, I consider responding to prompts spontaneous writing since you don’t know the subject beforehand. I regularly respond to prompts by Sadje, Reena Saxena, Colleen Cheseboro, and sometimes Rory, I enjoy the challenge of creating a post without planning ahead. My weekly prompt serves the same purpose in getting others to write without knowing the subject beforehand.

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  10. Is it possible to be a spontaneous half-planned Blogger Renard?
    I REALLY like blogging on the weekend….well posting on the weekend.
    Funny thing is I can start writing a post Wednesday. I go with an idea & see where it leads me (or BellaDharma).
    I have to REALLY watch myself to make sure I stay ‘in character’ as BellaDharma in replies.
    And if I blog as myself; I have to check spelling & make sure I am talking as myself.
    So I think I am a fairly flexible Blogger~~what do you think?
    I would value your opinion & thoughts!
    Sherri-Ellen (BellaSita Mum) & **purrss** BellaDharma


  11. Some posts that I have written in an hour and made few revisions have done much better than some well researched and labored-over posts.
    So there is something to spontaneity.
    But I think this only works for certain types of posts.

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