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2023 Is A Challenging Time To Be A Blogger

2023 Is A Challenging Time To Be A Blogger

Blogging may not have the appeal that it once had in the past; but despite all of that, there are a lot of people who still love blogging.

In my case, I have been in love with blogging since 2008, and to be honest, it does not look as though I am going to fall out of love with blogging anytime soon.

However, the sad truth is that there are a lot of bloggers out there who are thinking twice about blogging; one part of them wants to give up blogging, while the other part of them wants to continue blogging.

Today, we are going to explore some of the things that can make blogging challenging for them in 2023 (Hopefully, we will be able to make sense of the madness).

Many Have Complained About A Drop In Their Traffic

Truthfully, there could be many reasons why a person’s blog is no longer receiving the high amount of traffic that it once received in the past; such as:

  • A high level of competition from other bloggers (The blogosphere is saturated with bloggers who blog about the same types of things as they do).
  • A change in Google’s algorithm (There is nothing much that they can do about that).
  • A large portion of their followers no longer read their blog posts (They might have a large follower count but only a small portion of their followers interact with their blog).
  • A change in Facebook’s and Twitter’s algorithms (Which, unfortunately, can lead to people interacting less with the links to their blog posts on social media).

What I have learned over the years is that our website traffic fluctuates; one moment it is high and the other moment it is low.

So, do not stress yourself out if you have noticed that your number of views has spiralled downwards. Just have faith knowing that those views will go back up again.

If you are a professional blogger, a drop in traffic is a cause for concern because it places your livelihood in jeopardy.

And, if you are a personal blogger, no real damage is done (Most personal bloggers blog for the fun and if they acquire views from what they have published on their blog, it is seen as a bonus and not as a right to be read).

Now, with that being said, there are those personal bloggers who will feel badly if their blog’s traffic is dismal.

And, why is it that they would feel that way?

Because they feel as though people are no longer interested in their blog posts (When that happens, they may be tempted to give up on blogging altogether).

The greatest challenge of all is to keep on blogging when one’s Stats indicates that one’s blog is performing poorly.

Some Have Given Up Blogging For Vlogging And Podcasting

Content creators want to go where their potential audience is.

For some people, vlogging might be their new pet project; their target audience might be a younger crowd.

Whereas, some people might venture into podcasting because talking on a microphone requires way less effort than writing a blog post.

If you have a blog and you are thinking about branching yourself off into vlogging or podcasting, you may want to consider embedding your vlog or your podcast into your blog (Think of it as a way of growing your audience without abandoning your blog).

Some Believe That It Is Impossible To Compete With AI Writers

AI writers can create blog posts way faster than we human beings can.

However, that does not mean that AI writers can outperform us where writing high-quality blog posts are concerned.

In my blog post, This Is How You Write A Blog Post Without Using ChatGPT, I referred to ChatGPT as being, “Soulless” (And, it is the truth. Artificial intelligence has no soul. Therefore, it has no experience whatever in understanding things from a human perspective; which places it in an impossible position to write like a real human being).

Big deal! AI writers are here to stay!

Human beings are currently here and as a member of the human race, I will continue to display the inner beauty of my soul via my blog posts.

I would have said, “Eat your heart out AI writers,” but the truth is that AI writers do not have a heart either (Damn! AI writers have no heart or a soul).

AI writers might be the talk of the town, but flesh-and-blood bloggers are really the star of the show.

If some bloggers want to use AI writers to create their blog posts, they are free to do so.

I, on the other hand, will use my God-given talent to create my blog posts.

Some Bloggers Lose Hope When They See That Their Well-Written Blog Posts Are Bypassed For Poorly Written Blog Posts By Others

Some bloggers who take a lot of pride in their writing may think to themselves, “Why the hell am I wasting my time to create quality blog posts when everyone is pressing the ‘Like’ button on rubbish?”

Oh, that can be heartbreaking for bloggers who hold such high standards.

If you have utilized the WordPress Reader a lot, you would have encountered well-written blog posts that no one interacted with and poorly written blog posts that had lots of likes and comments.

The blogosphere can be a strange place (Especially in 2023).

Final Thoughts

Despite the type of challenge that you are facing as a blogger, you should weather the storm.


Because no one stays down forever.

You will rise again, my friend.

So, never give up hope.

I will admit that blogging successfully in the year 2023 is going to be challenging; especially when:

  • There is a noticeable drop in your blog’s incoming traffic.
  • Vlogging and podcasting appear to be way more appealing than blogging.
  • Blog posts that are written by AI writers are on the rise.
  • Some people are choosing to interact with blogs that contain poorly written blog posts instead of wanting to interact with blogs that have lots of well-written content.

Dear friend, you might feel as though you are fighting a losing battle, but in regards to blogging, I am kindly asking you to not give up the fight!


50 thoughts on “2023 Is A Challenging Time To Be A Blogger

  1. I enjoyed reading this, Renard, well written and said. Honestly, the traffic on my site hasn’t changed much for some time now! I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. 😬

    Liked by 2 people

    1. πŸ€” Hmm. If the traffic has not changed much in a while and your Stats are high, that could be a good thing.

      Hey, even though you might be doing poorly in the Stats department, you should continue publishing those wonderful blog posts of yours.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you so much, Renard! I actually have few followers but honestly, that doesn’t matter. I love sharing my work with people no matter where they are. Stats? The site says almost 306,000 but some of those are bots. It’s all good!

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  2. Hey there, Renard. I love this post! All the points you made were quite valid. Furthermore, I enjoyed seeing you state that you ain’t going anywhere, when it comes to blogging. You’re here to stay. I am too. I haven’t blogged as long as you — only since 2018 — but I absolutely love it and wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I wasn’t blogging. Once a writer from the heart has had a taste of the blogging life, it’s definitely hard to go back. And, I absolutely finding blogging therapeutic. It’s my healing and relaxation zone, so I definitely don’t want to give that up. The benefits of therapeutic writing is what I’m focusing on in 2023. So, the blogosphere will just have to get used to me being around, because I’ve put up residence and don’t intend to move anytime soon. Keep up the great posts, Renard. I truly enjoy your encouraging content.

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  3. People need to stop worrying about AI Writers and remember why they chose to blog in the first place, which, for many, was a personal non-business decision.

    Any year could be a challenging year for bloggers. In truth, they might find themselves restricted by time and other life commitments. I have noticed that my time is not as accessible as it was. I managed to get two posts written yesterday for today, and l was very busy yesterday.

    Still, Monday and Tuesday, whilst busy days, are slower in consideration from Wednesday to Sunday, which is always outside. But l will have to find the time to write the remaining posts for the week l want to write or have the bare minimum, and if the latter is the case, that’s the way of the world.

    Only some people can be a vlogger or a podcaster, l had visions of being the latter, and only yesterday, I sold the gear l had bought in 2020 to a chap who was going to start streaming for local radio. He was never a writer, he told me, and more of a social speaker and l thought that explains a lot. I have always been focused on something other than being a social speaker, and that was more of a community writer.

    Yes, AI writing is increasing, but people need to stop worrying about it and embrace the uniqueness of who they are as humans. It boils down as it always has, people will read what people want to read, and even in blogging terms, audiences will gather to listen, voice opinions, and read what appeals to them.

    AI or humans. It matters not. People will only read what they want unless they are part of a community like WP, where they know the writers. Otherwise, external to an internal community, they are just reading content and often don’t give monkeys about what they are reading, just that it meets their desire or the search for information.

    When l read content outside of WP, if it is not written well, l move on. If it doesn’t read right, l move on; if it doesn’t make sense, l move on. If a robot wrote what l wanted to read logically and it fuelled my data and information search correctly, who cares if it is AI-driven or human components?

    Most content searches now are for information. We want the a, b and c of something answered. Most personal bloggers writing in response to writing prompts outside of community arenas are not read by Joe or Josephine Blogs anyway. There is no interest. Posts like yours, Renard, will have more searches to them as they will, for the better part deal with a reader’s curiosity more and provide a more worthwhile read.

    Is blogging dead? No, but statistics will peak and trough. Some years will be worse than others, and then, like a ’70s pair of flared trousers, it will come around again in popular trend with a few updated tweaks and improvements. The same applies to blogging. Swings and roundabouts.

    The biggest question we all need to ask ourselves is why we blog first and what we ultimately want to achieve with and by the action.

    But also, if bloggers want to survive, they may need to embrace components of the modern world, improve their writing skills and grammar, write and read more, and, more importantly, learn to understand that there will always be challenges with everything we humans try to do.

    It comes down to whether a person is challenged-oriented or not. I have met many over the last year alone that don’t seem to be and are looking for the easy way to everything.

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  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Renard. Ten two-letter words sum it up: If it is to be, it is up to me. Bloggers never know where the thought ripples flow once they post, but it can make a difference, even life-changing!

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  5. 2023 will be as challenging for a blogger as the blogger makes it or let’s it be challenging.

    Every decade or at least each year has something that presents itself as challenging to the blogging world or that the blogging world perceives as a new challenge. Not being a professional blogger or someone whose livelihood is derived from blogging, I don’t see this year much different from any other year, at least at this point. Traffic and stats, have a place for sure, but I don’t really have the energy or desire to invest time and effort in understanding how SEO and all that stuff works.

    I guess like other people have mentioned in these comments, if blogging brings you great joy and you’re happy doing what you’re doing and all is great – then there shouldn’t be any big issues here.

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  6. Great article, Renard. I blog for fun and don’t focus too much on my followers or views. Followers especially as you can have tons of them and none could even read your blog. Engagement is always a better metric.

    As you said, traffic comes and goes, it rises and it dips. What worked for me was making sure my blog posts are on Pinterest. Every day, my blog posts are pinned on Pinterest and I get most of my traffic from Pinterest these days.

    This is especially nice because a lot of my older content is what draws people in and then I get a spike in my newer content (that I have not yet put on Pinterest).

    I do feel sorry for those who make a livelihood from blogging though

    Liked by 2 people

    1. πŸ™‚ Thank you, Ari.

      You always strike me as the kind of person who blogs for fun.

      I also agree that engagement is the better metric.

      Pinterest is great for gaining traffic to n e’s blog (I think it does better than Facebook where free traffic is concerned).

      I believe that those who blog professionally have plans in place; for example:

      β€’ Advanced SEO techniques.

      β€’ A social media manager to post on social media on their behalf.

      β€’ A YouTube channel (Which helps to drive traffic to their blog).

      When one has chosen to blog professionally, they have no choice but to go all the way out.

      In regards to personal blogging, most personal bloggers will continue to do what they have always done.

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      1. You are so right, if blogging is a profession you really have to stay hot on all the updates to SEO etc. I could never blog professionally, it takes way too much time.

        But I’m always impressed with those who do it as a profession.

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  7. Thanks Renard for another great post. In blogging there are always ups and downs, good days and bad days. If one has lost the joy of blogging one is in the wrong place. Blogging is all about doing what one enjoys, interacting and sharing with other bloggers, reading other writers’ posts, learning new things and not worrying about stats. Have a great day my Friend.

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  8. Your post is wonderfully written and most encouraging, Renard. I agree with Sadje that if we aim to write for others, then we can easily be disappointed. There will always be challenges for bloggers as with everything else in life. The beauty of blogging is we can share our thoughts and creativity anytime and most anywhere. When I write, I don’t think of stats and likes, I write what I enjoy.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. πŸ™‚ It is nice to know that you are not giving up the fight, Divya.

      It is hard to deduce the number of people that have left WordPress.

      What I do know is that people are joining WordPress all of the time.

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  9. An interesting debate! I think people should be free to choose the medium that they feel best enables them to express themselves, whether that is a blog, vlog, podcast or other. However, the key factor for success is having interesting and good quality content, that is well composed and expressed. If you don’t have this, simply moving to another format will not make up for it.

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  10. Amazing blog post Renard. All I can say it is 2023 is still starting and I am not going to jump the towel because of the recent Al Writers app and the popular ChatGPT that seems to have taken over writing and creating by force.

    Being a Blogger means a lot to me and some days life is hard I lose the drive to blog due to bad news affecting my family and the issue of data, life Renard is unpredicted even in blogging.

    Despite the podcasts and vlogs when I am a planning to publish a blog I write and use my God given talent along with my brain to create my own content and not be dependant on All Writing or ChatGPTβœ”

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  11. Thank you for this post and many of your other posts which keep us motivated as a blogger. I did give up on blogging briefly because I wanted someone to read my posts and click the like button every now and then so I know my work is being consumed. This despite me being a personal blogger, doing it for documenting my journey! I did turn to Instagram where I could get quick likes and followers. I still have my insta handle which I update regularly, but I have grown as a person and I hope this stint at blogging continues for a long long time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ€” Well, to be honest, I was never really into microblogging.

      However, those who are into microblogging can use Tumblr (Which is part of the Automattic family).

      There will always be those who would prefer microblogging over traditional blogging.

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