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This Is How You Write A Blog Post Without Using ChatGPT

This Is How You Write A Blog Post Without Using ChatGPT

Sadly, some bloggers have been using ChatGPT to write their blog posts.


Because ChatGPT can create a blog post faster than any human being can.

Despite ChatGPT’s ability to create a blog post quickly, the quality is subpar in comparison to someone who writes well.

The funny thing is that those bloggers who use ChatGPT do not care about creating high-quality blog posts; all they really care about is getting their blog posts done.

It is as though they are saying to themselves, “To hell with quality. I have managed to write a blog post today.”

Oh, so much for fooling themselves. Quality matters and they did not write their blog post; ChatGPT did!

Those of you who do not use artificial intelligence to create your blog posts from scratch, will know that blog posts can be written without the help of ChatGPT.

As a matter of fact, people have been writing blog posts without the help of artificial intelligence for years.

Guess what?

Anyone can do it; however, it requires putting in the necessary work (And, apparently, people who use ChatGPT to create their blog posts from scratch are too lazy to do the necessary work).

Dear friend, the best way of creating your own blog post is by utilizing your own brain power.

So, without further ado, this is how you go about writing your blog post without using ChatGPT.

Start By Choosing A Topic That You Like

One of the biggest problems around is bloggers going along with a topic because of its popularity (For the record, it is okay to go along with a popular topic provided that you truly like it; the problem arises when you have no interest whatsoever in the topic).

It does not take a rocket scientist to inform you of the fact, that you are going to have a much better time putting together a blog post that is based on a topic that you are passionate about.

When there is no passion involved, resistance grows; thus making the writing process harder than it should be.

ChatGPT is soulless; it does not need human qualities like passion in order for it to churn out a blog post (And, that is one of the reasons why it can create content based on almost any topic).

As human beings (as well as for the sake of content creation), it would be in our best interest to create the types of content that we are truly passionate about.

Research Your Chosen Topic Days In Advance

Despite being familiar with your chosen topic, it would not hurt one bit to research it days in advance.


Because a lot of advancement pertaining to that topic may have taken place over the years. For example, computer science is always evolving (And, if you plan on writing about it, you will want to make sure that the information that you intend on passing on to your readers is up-to-date).

Write The First Draft

Now, the first draft does not need to be perfect. The main purpose behind the first draft is to get your ideas out in printed form.

Believe it or not, there are bloggers who go a few steps further by creating as many as three draft copies of the same blog post.

For the sake of simplicity, you will only be writing one draft copy.

Edit The Final Copy

You can edit the final copy by:

  • Fixing spelling errors.
  • Fixing grammatical errors.
  • Fact checking your post (Which is something that AI writers are horrible at).

A little bit of editing goes a long way and it prevents you from looking like a fool.

Publish Your Blog Post

The last part is the easiest β€” the part that most bloggers enjoy the most; which is pressing the Publish button in the Block Editor.

And, you are done!

You did it without the help of ChatGPT.

Final Thoughts

As most of you already know, it is possible to write a blog post without using ChatGPT.

Blogging the old-fashioned way (using our brain to come up with ideas for blog posts) is worth the effort.

Those who have grown accustomed to using ChatGPT for writing blog posts may think that the old-fashioned way requires too much effort.

Hey, we need to use our own brain to create our blog posts because it ensures that we retain our mental sharpness.

ChatGPT, on the whole, can contribute to future generations of people who are too mentally lazy to write their own blog posts.

So, please promise me that you will create your blog posts using the simple method that I highlighted β€” the one that involves the method of writing a blog post without using ChatGPT.

Thank you for reading!


54 thoughts on “This Is How You Write A Blog Post Without Using ChatGPT

  1. I was actually just wondering about this sort of thing the other day. It seems that AI has already infiltrated other art forms (everything from song writing to painting and digital art) but I hadn’t heard about it being used for blogging. I suppose it stands to reason, everyone wants their blog to be successful and maybe even generate some income, there will always be those willing to do anything to β€œwin.” In my opinion cheating, however it is facilitated or labeled, will always be just thatβ€”cheating.

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      1. sorry for the incognito name/blog up there. I’m new around here and still trying to get things set up correctly. Hopefully I have fixed that…..


  2. A possible future scenario, is when world leaders use A.I to make military or nuclear war threats speeches against other countries … or has it already happened πŸ€”


  3. Those who will use and utilize AI technology will continue to use the technology and old school, and the more conscientious writer will continue to work wordsmithery the old-fashioned way. It’s the way of the world. It’s no different to lazy bloggers who systematically LIKE all posts than those who read the content. But just as many reader bloggers still hit the Like button without reading content – again, it’s the way of the world.

    It reminds me of bot technology in gaming, you still have gamers who don’t rely upon it or cheat with it, but you will always have those who wish to cheat the traditional systems.

    Whether people like it or not, more innovative technology is on the way, and we must learn to live alongside it, utilize it sensibly or fight against it should that moment arrive.

    But whatever happens, you can’t stop it from advancing – there will come a time when humans will soon see that; as someone also recently said and used Jurrasic Park to emphasize the point, just because we could should we have?

    More and more writers and bloggers alike over the coming years will utilize more and more components of AI tech. The real problem will be how much they allow themselves to be manipulated by the tech itself and if they’re savvy enough to stop it from draining their brains.

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  4. One of the joys of blogging, Renard, is having a seed of an idea, then researching and crafting a post. Those of us who love writing will continue to foster our passion and work out how AI can become a useful tool like Scrivener, for example. Do you think, in the future, WordPress will alter their algorithms and treat ChatGPT posts like spam?

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  5. Why should not we coin the term “ever fashioned way” instead of old fashioned way? We love to write blog posts by using our brains in old fashion way. Nothing is more satisfying than creating something, be it a piece of writing or a drawing.

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  6. Splendid and graceful blog post Renard. On a Monday morning this blog post has inspired and motivated me in a huge way because this week I need to craft new blog posts and I use the old fashioned way which is the “Pen and Paper” method whereby I sit on my bed, write some topics my mind comes up with that day I want to blog. I really love the advice here pushing us to be energetic and not lazy by using our brains to think and write a blog, do research in advance (which I always do in my chosen niche which is Men’s fashion & style which is always evolving) , editing is also key and lastly the best feeling in the world it is to press that “Publish” button on the block editor.

    Bloggers let us not use ChatGPT it will make our writing hard and we will adopt laziness yet we should be passionate about our blogs and we have a soul yet the ChatGPT doesn’t! πŸ™Œ

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  7. I’ll stick with the old fashioned way. I read something recently (a post by another blogger) where they shared their info and then shared what an AI had come up with. Apart from having factual inaccuracies, I also found its tone condescending – I guess it wouldn’t last long as a blogger 🀣

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  8. I agree. I’m a novelist, and unfortunately there a lot of authors in the community using ChatGPT to write flash fiction, short stories, and even specific scenes. I don’t get it. Part of what makes you stand out as an author is your voice. A.I. can’t replicate that (Well, yet I guess). So why eliminate the one thing that distinguishes your brand as an author. It’s like leaving your signature off a piece of art.

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  9. I developed my imagination through my years growing up as an only child. I created many activities for myself and never had a boring moment. At the age of five, my parents bought me paper and paint tubes because I wanted to be an artist and I had many lovely creative moments. Now I continue always having new thoughts and ideas for my online blogging and other postings and sometimes there are so many ideas I keep notepads all around me to jot things down. Therefore, no artificial intelligence can intrigue me because I have enough innovation and creativity. I hope you have a wonderful new week. BTW we have met online previously a long time ago and I wonder if you remember and if you remember another online friend we had who posted about things going on with him and his life but lost contact with him also some time ago.

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    1. πŸ€” I believe that most children have a good imagination (It is an innate ability of theirs).

      Like you, I also created many activities for myself and was never bored.

      Having notepads readily available to jot your ideas down is a very good thing.

      In my case, I do find artificial intelligence intriguing (I want to know if it is at a stage where it can wreak havoc on society).

      Yes, you and I have interacted in the past.

      Unfortunately, I am not in a position to say what happened to an online friend that we communicated with in the past due to the fact that many bloggers come and go (Truthfully, that could be anyone).

      May you also have a wonderful week!


  10. I read a post recently – can’t remember where – and it was odd. I was pretty sure it’d been written by an AI – perhaps ChapGPT. I showed it to the other people in the house at the time. What caught my attention was the tone. It read quite juvenile, for all that it had a mature and sophisticated vocabulary.

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  11. The fun part in blogging is the creative process. It reminds me of a short story of Roald Dahl. I guy invents a machine that can write any genre of book. They buy out all the famous writers and publish machine produced books under their name. I found it a horrid idea then, but when I read it ChapGPT wasn’t around yet. Science can create monsters.

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  12. I write what makes me happy, then I edit it, check the preview, edit it some more, check the preview again, more editing. Then I schedule the post, and even go back to it later for more additions and edits, until it then goes out into the world with love and blessingπŸ’š

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    1. πŸ™‚ Thank you, Richard.

      I am not a fan of ChatGPT and all of the other AI writers because it contributes to mental laziness; for example, bloggers using it to write an entire blog post instead of writing their blog post for themselves.

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  13. Perhaps the advent of AI will force people to think about their motives for blogging in the first place. To me, AI and using your brain aren’t mutually exclusive; AI’s just another tool, like a super-reference book that can act as a catalyst for ideas. But it shouldn’t be allowed, I think, to cheapen the journey. You’d just cheat yourself the joy od discovery.


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