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Will People Miss You If You Stopped Blogging?

Will People Miss You If You Stopped Blogging?

Some people believe that due to the high quantity of blog posts being published on a daily basis by other bloggers, no one would miss us if we failed to post anything.

Is it true that no one will ever notice our absence?

Or, will there be those who will notice if we published nothing on our blog?

I believe that both scenarios are correct.

Are you puzzled by my answer?

If by chance, you are one of those people who are puzzled by my answer, I will break it down for you in simple terms (So, read on closely for further clarification).

People Who Do Not Follow Your Blog Will Be Clueless Of Your Absence

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that those people who do not follow your blog will be clueless of your absence (And, since they do not follow your blog there is a high probability of them being clueless of your presence too).

So, in a case such as this one, you are not important to them; you are off of their radar.

Do not worry, my friend; it is neither a good thing or a bad thing.

People Who Follow You And Log Into Their WordPress Accounts Daily, Will Most Likely Miss You

If you are one of those bloggers who blog consistently, you will be missed by those followers of yours who log into their WordPress accounts daily.

For the record, you will be sadly missed even though you do not publish content on your blog daily (Especially on the days that you do not log into your WordPress account).

And, why is that so?

Because there is a high chance of you interacting with a portion of your followers when you are logged into your WordPress account; the interaction would in the form of:

  • You visiting the blogs of your fellow bloggers.
  • You pressing the Like button on the blogs of those who published posts that you enjoyed.
  • You leaving thoughtful comments in the comments threads of those blogs that you are following.

If you are in the habit of doing all of those things, you will be missed whenever you are absent from WordPress.

People Who Follow You, But Hardly Log Into Their WordPress Accounts Will Not Have A Clue

It is a well-known fact that not every WordPress user logs into their WordPress account on a regular basis; there are those who log into their WordPress accounts once in a Blue Moon.

Those followers of yours who log into your WordPress account sporadically, will miss you when you are long gone, or may not even know that you took a hiatus; the funny thing is that many of these followers of yours will be catching up on your posts (After all, that is what most bloggers do when they have not logged into their WordPress account for a very long time).

People Who Follow You, But Are Following Way Too Many Bloggers, May Or May Not Be Aware Of Your Abscence

Those people who have found themselves following way too many bloggers mean well. Their plan is the check out all the bloggers that they are following; they know that they could only visit a small portion of them in a sitting.

Therefore, it may take them over a month before they can actually get around to reading your blog posts.

Also, if by chance they came across your blog via the feed of the WordPress Reader, they will check it out if they have the time.

In most instances, they are quite clueless of whether or not you published anything on your blog.

People Who Follow You And Are Following A Managable Amout Of Bloggers, Will Be Fully Aware Of Your Absence

For the record, a manageable amount of followers is the amount of bloggers that you know without any doubt in your mind, that you can easily interact with regularly.

For some people, a manageable amount might be one hundred followers.

Whereas, for others, that number might be fifty followers or less.

A manageable amount of followers, will of course, vary from blogger to blogger.

Therefore, those who are following an amount of bloggers that they can manage easily, will know if you posted anything on your blog.

The Bottom Line

The truth, my friend, is that there would be those people who will miss you if you stopped blogging.

The same is also true about there being people who will not miss you at all if you stopped blogging.

Where blogging is concerned, we are not always on everyone’s radar.


45 thoughts on “Will People Miss You If You Stopped Blogging?

  1. Good post Renard. You’ve captured the complexity with this issue. There is not one answer and I agree, the people who would miss us if we stopped are the people we’ve been interacting with on a regular basis too.

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  2. I agree with you, Renard, some folks will miss me and others simply won’t. That’s just fine with me but I post no more than 5 times per day, pretty much seven days a week.

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      1. Thanks, Renard. Sometime last year, one of my followers told me that I was posting too often which made it hard for her to keep up with the blog, so I throttled back to 5 or less. That was a good choice!

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  3. Youโ€™ve made some nice points here, Renard. โ˜บ๏ธ Iโ€™m the type that definitely notices when someone hasnโ€™t posted for a while or havenโ€™t been interacting. I do miss seeing them around and hope theyโ€™re doing okay- I know life gets a bit hectic at times or they need a break. ๐Ÿ’— Itโ€™s nice when others truly care about your presence. โ˜€๏ธ Though youโ€™re right, itโ€™s not always that way. Esp if they donโ€™t really know about your blog or donโ€™t really check wordpress much- I agree!

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  4. I write out of a compulsion as if I have no choice and blogging I find to be my outlet. I doubt they would miss me but not as much as I’d miss the connections made. ๐Ÿ™ Faux

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  5. It’s a good post with valid points, Renard. While my last reply on the subject of bloggers leaving was fairly snarky and a bit of hyperbole, the core issue remains the same. People leave WP because community support is lacking, and getting less all the time. I’ve tracked stats on several blogs for 3 years now. Even blogs like yours and Sheree’s get less than 1% of the total followers hitting “like”. Far less actually reply.

    All “write for yourself, not others” (heard from all of the ‘successful’ bloggers) tells people is to write in a notebook and forget online… we can’t be bothered. People come to WP to exchange ideas, get constructive critiques, etc… The community is going to continue to shrink if it fails to do more than pay lip service to the idea of supporting each other.

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  6. This is true that if one follows too many bloggers, itโ€™s likely that the absence wonโ€™t be noticeable immediately. But soon enough we will note if a regular blogger is away from their blog

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  7. Quite a delightful and amazing blog post Renard. The answer to this question varies and depends from Blogger to Blogger.

    As for me, I will miss the blogs I follow that I am not seeing any fresh and new blogs from the Bloggers of that site, I miss some of the bloggers I follow and I see some are no longer blogging daily as they used to. These points you made here are very true and on point.

    I will miss you Renard if you stopped blogging, you here on WordPress are one of my best friends and we both love blogging alike plus you inspire a lot of new bloggers to start a blog and be consistent โœ”๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ”ฅ

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  8. I hope so. See I do post regularly, I’m sure fellow bloggers would at least question why I’m not around. There are many bloggers I know who disappeared and I do in fact miss them. So I hope someone would feel the same for me.

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  9. Well said Renard! Even I had this question in my mind this morning. I feel like following too many bloggers resists you from interacting with everyone and the absence of one of them for a short while goes unnoticed, but in the long run we definitely notices their absence.

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  10. A good question to see on a Sunday morning. I would like to think that if I was to leave the blogging world for good, that there would be some sort of memorial ceremony to remember my passing. Not my physical passing, but my exit from the blogosphere.

    Seeing as that would be unlikely to happen, I think that some folks wouldn’t notice at all; some would wonder “where is that guy” and others might have a deeper level of “sorry he isn’t here, but wish him well.”

    A positive view or way to look at it is, the blogging community is like a large group of friends. Some hang around forever and you see them regularly; while others have changes in their own life and they need to move on. Regardless of where bloggers fit on that scale, our interactions with them – either long term and still happening or a shorter term – leave a mark in our life and with any luck a very positive and enriching mark.

    The blogosphere in a way is a microcosm of life. People enter and exit our lives continually. Sometimes they are friends for life; other times just friends for a season; others are simply acquaintances we’ve made along the way.

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  11. I miss those that I follow and are no longer blogging for one reason or another. I feel like I am losing a good friend. I remember when I took a hiatus from posting my weekly prompts, a few let me know I would be missed and they were happy when I returned.

    I know if you stopped blogging, you would be sorely missed by me and many others.

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  12. A very matter of fact and self levelling blog

    I started my blog as a scream into the void whilst traversing very dark memory post traumatic recall

    I think it’s always best to maintain the original reason behind our initial reasoning to push our words into the blogosphere.

    Anything else that transpires from integrity, honesty and creativity is a bonus

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