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Never Forget Why You Started Blogging

Never Forget Why You Started Blogging

As bloggers, we must never forget the reason why we started blogging.


Because remembering why we started blogging will fuel our passion to keep on blogging.

It Is Easy To Get Carried Away From Your “Why”

Yes, my friend, it is true about it being easy for some of us to get carried away (Especially when we drift far away from our reason for blogging).

If your main reason as a personal blogger was to have fun and you distanced yourself from it, you are going to feel as though the weight of blogging lies on your shoulders; it would feel like a heavy burden.

Now, to prevent that from happening, I recommend keeping a printed copy of the reason why you wanted to become a blogger (You can even go as far as framing it on the wall in the room where you create your blog posts; it will come in very handy the day when you are feeling a bit down or when you are stuck creatively).

Avoid Doing The Types Of Things That Contradict Your “Why”

Doing the types of things that contradict your “Why” will make you feel miserable to the core; for example, if you are all about telling the truth and being authentic, you will feel like an absolute fraud if you were paid a large sum of money by a brand to review a product that you knew was substandard.

Therefore, for the sake of regaining your inner peace (despite being offered a large sum of money to review a substandard product), you would have to decline the brand’s offer.

Dear friend, if you have intentions of working with a brand, make sure that the brand’s business policies and products are in alignment with your “Why”.

You Are A Living Example To Others

Whether you like it or not, you are a living example to others.

Come on. You should not be surprised by that fact.

If you are all about being authentic, people who desire to display their authenticity will look up to you β€” they idolize you.

So, do not disappoint your fans.

Final Thoughts

People who remember their reason for wanting to blog and do not deviate from their “Why” will last longer in the blogosphere (And that is because their “Why” helps them to be deeply passionate about blogging).

If bloggers remembered their “Why”, there would be:

  • More bloggers who are happy.
  • More bloggers who are authentic.
  • More bloggers who are contented with blogging.
  • More bloggers who are good living examples to others.

So, never forget your “Why”.


61 thoughts on “Never Forget Why You Started Blogging

  1. Another good post, Renard! I have never drifted away from the reason why I run a photography blog but once in a while, I do feel a wee bit burdened. That doesn’t last long though! πŸ‘πŸ»

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  2. I started blogging since I wanted to share my plight as a cancer patient and survivor. The first few years, I was inundated with fellow sojourners and those who wanted to know how I coped with chemotherapy.

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  3. Delightful blog post Renard. I certainly agree with you that the “Why” must always be attached to our foreheads to keep us from drifting away from the goalβœ”

    My goal when I began blogging was to help men dress better and write about what I think about men’s fashion and in real life even if a brand wants to work with me I would gladly take the offer because I have a passion for what I do which is to dress better and to help others dress better so that they dress for successπŸ”₯πŸ‘

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  4. Thank you, Renard, for your post. Yesterday, I completed six years on WordPress. When I joined in 2017, I was blogging in frenzy for a month or so. Then I clammed down due to some personal attacks. Just before the pandemic, I wrote something. Now it’s been around five months that I am writing. I don’t know why I am writing. I guess it’s to make some money while I tell my story and share what’s dear to me. I guess that’s it. It seems financial compulsions are my pressing need to blog. Thanks for helping me to introspect.

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  5. I don’t tend to celebrate the why of blogging, l just tend to do. The moment l stop enjoying the Doing of the blogging is the day l stop. I’ll not question why, l will just do. I suppose l don’t place blogging in the same passion field as say composting or worm farming or even photography, but l do love writing I have more conflicts with the actual blogging but that is purely down to the social side of it.

    Interesting concept Renard.

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  6. I wanted to practise writing but I prefer non-fiction. I guess it doesn’t matter what I write as it’s all practice! I have recently found a lot of fun inserting childish innuendo into it but as yet no one has noticed so probably no one reads it. Genuinely don’t mind about that as it’s all about the writing for me. Good luck with your whys Renard.

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  7. Good points, Renard. Like many aspects in life, once we lose sight of the “why” we started or why we’re doing it……that thing, such as blogging in this case becomes yet just another chore. The “why” is the thing that fuels the engine that keeps us poking away at the keyboard each and every day.

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  8. Excellent, Renard. In storytelling, the “why” is the theme. When bloggers lose sight of why they post, that means they have no significant message to share. Your post was spot on. Thanks!

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  9. Certainly plenty of food for thought here, and I’m thining it’s good to subscribe to your blog since in principle it should give me some inspiration for where to take mine.

    Oddly enough I started blogging way back in 2011, but never really did much with it. I think it’s because I never quite maintained a strong enough sense of the “why”. The “why”, initially, was just to share my random thoughts and occasional rants about life, the universe and everything, but then I got to the point of: does anyone want to hear some of my more controversial opinions? Do I want it to just turn into a political/current affairs blog, which it wasn’t really meant to be even if the news and politics are inevitable in such a blog? Maybe (after I made a post about a certain old anime I watched way back) I should start reviewing things I’d watched or books I’d read?

    This was part of the reason I created a separate blog for my creative writing efforts, too, as I was putting them on the original blog where they didn’t belong.

    Of course losing the sense of what I want to do isn’t the only element with my chronic lack of motivation, but it is worth the consideration.

    Any advice from more experienced bloggers would be, and is always, welcome. (For those who wish to of course.)

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    1. I’d say Renard’s is a good blog to follow 😁. I’d also encourage you to engage with other bloggers. Read articles/posts on the Reader, leave comments. Hope that helps.

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      1. HI Brenda, thanks for you response. I certainly mean to read, comment and generally interact a lot more- if nothing else it might bring me out of my shell a little! Again, sometimes, it’s knowing what to say. But I have tried today. πŸ˜‰

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  10. I certainly think authenticity is key though. Perhaps it’s not worth worrying too much about the opinions of others, except when it is about being any sort of inspiration or having something worthwhile saying. And certainly I don’t think I could ever dream of commercial entanglements of any sort. As a personal project it would just feel wrong.

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