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Renard’s Warning To Humanity

Renard's Warning To Humanity

Since ChatGPT caused a big uproar worldwide, a lot of people have been deeply worried about artificial intelligence stealing their jobs away from them.

Artificial intelligence might be good at the moment, but it is not good enough to replace human writers and bloggers.

Truthfully, I am not worried (Well, at least for now).

Humans Have A Soul

AI writers might be good at churning out articles at record-breaking speed.

However, they are sadly lacking in the experience department.

ChatGPT’s output reminds me of the kind of material that you would see in a boring textbook — the type that makes students yawn whenever they read them.

We human beings (especially bloggers) have a way of infusing our writing with our personalities; thus making our blog posts exciting to read (And that, my friend, may have a lot to do with us possessing a soul).

In all fairness, ChatGPT might be rubbish now, but it could turn out to be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

We Could Step Up Our Game

Instead of worrying about artificial intelligence making the jobs of writers redundant, we should step up our game by improving the quality of writing.

We human beings have the edge over artificial intelligence.

We are psychologically conditioned to adapt.

Also, a lot of us are competitive by nature.

So, instead of competing with our fellow human beings, we should come together with the intention of proving to AI writers that we are better than them.

The problem at the moment is that a lot of bloggers and professional writers believe that we are fighting a losing battle and we should roll over, play dead and allow artificial intelligence to be victorious (I am different; I am not giving up without a fight).

People’s Mathematical Skill Probably Soared Downwards When They Started Using A Calculator

In the old days (before the invention of the modern-day calculator), people were able to do both simple and advanced arithmetic.

Today, many of us are not as skilled in the area of arithmetic (We stifled our development by using calculators).

Now, I am using the calculator as an example of a device that aided in stunting our mental growth.

AI Writers Could Be Contributing To The Downfall Of Society’s Ability To Write Well

If people never learn how to utilize vocabulary, form sentences and write paragraphs, they would end up being clueless as to how to write an article.

Today’s society is very literate (Despite illiteracy being present in certain sectors of society).

Anyway, if we continue to allow ourselves to use artificial intelligence to do basic tasks like writing, our level of literacy could drop drastically in the near future (The last thing we want is a future where almost everyone is illiterate).

Dear friend, we want the levels of literacy to rise, not drop!

The Bottom Line

AI writers may not have a negative impact on society now, but they could impact society negatively down the road.

We need to think about the generations of people that will come after us.

If we become heavily reliant on artificial intelligence, we would be paving a way for less intelligent human beings; to put it plainly, we will end up with a dumbed-down society in the future.


45 thoughts on “Renard’s Warning To Humanity

  1. A.I. is a threat to more than writers. It’s just now finally got people seeing what I’ve seen for years once the people who actually write the narratives find their livelihood threatened. The most recent articles I’ve read say AI is already at the point of self-evolving their coding. There are predictions AI will cross the threshold into truly self-aware by the end of the decade too. Not implausible to me given how fast it’s evolved in the past few years. And yet we continue to give AI more and more control over everything. Mark my words, IF (and that IS an IF) humanity comes to an end, it’s going to be because of either AI or the same blind pursuit of genetic engineering.

    Right now though… It’s looking like best case scenario, AI takes over and treats humanity like the petulant children it acts like. Worst case scenario, we really do end up with a SkyNet scenario.

    Stepping up our game sounds nice BTW, but the tech grows faster than we do.

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  2. Incredible blog post Renard. It is a good warning to all human beings that ChatGPT the chat box and Al generated writing tool is just a tool with no soul and we as Writers can step up our game by writing better than this Al which seems to diminish the importance of human writers with a brain, heart and soul

    Have a great Thursday Renard👏🔥

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  3. Renard, this is such a timely post. Chat bots have been around for a while, but only a couple of days back I stumbled on a forwarded WhatsApp video on ChatGPT. I was both excited and alarmed. I wanted to try it but then images of the “Terminator” made me freeze in my tracks. Thanks for initiating an dialogue around this topic.

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  4. I really hope we win the fight against this. Maybe the creators of AI writers will hear our complaints and maybe make some adjustments so that they don’t end up stealing our jobs. Great post!

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  5. People need to worry less and write more for themselves and use AI as a companion assistant only if required to be utilised.

    The worst that could happen is society allows modern genius technology to run their world – like Smartphone tech. So-called conveniences make me laugh.

    But people are often generically lazy and always look for the easier way out of a problem. The poorer writers will make AI here now rather than here much later.

    We can blame schooling and education or people’s need not to think for themselves anymore because that is too hard. The world and its people get dumber with each new generation whilst the robot geniuses laugh and plan their futures for tomorrow.

    It will be as it always is, left to the blatant stupidity and absurdity of the human race.

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    1. I have to agree. AI, in any form, provides an easy option and a convenient tool/assistant to society. It can effectively carry out routine and mundane tasks already in life and the workplace. Yes, it may steal some jobs and those who are lazy will be quite happy to let it. I can see students using AI to write their assessments – but as the old saying goes – and as was written in another post recently – rubbish in, rubbish out. People will always look for the easy options.

      My belief is for society, workplaces and writing more generally, AI will start to do more and more of the routine boring stuff; it will free us up to engage in other, more innovative and creative work. We need to move and adapt. I guess as a teacher/lecturer, my job is to persuade my students to look past the convenience of AI to write for them

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  6. I Agree. It’s one of the things we can’t change and we should adapt to it. I also agree that it lack experience. I don’t think it will ever be able to put heart and soul into the work like humans do. It won’t be the same.

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  7. Great post and I fully agree with you. Maybe AI isn’t perfected at the moment but someday if will be and that is what is a big threat to humanity. Technology is a great thing if used well but if misused or overused it can become a big problem.

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  8. ChatAI is not accurate. I posted another example just today on my blog. I asked for a recommendation for a reading light. All three recommendations were not reading lights. If AI writing takes over the internet, it will be filled with even more misinformation.

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  9. AI may have its advantages but I feel it can easily be abused and misused. We must ensure that AI advances responsibly and not to the detriment of the human race. We should weigh in on the decisions made by machines rather than humans. The 5 W’s (who, what, why, where, and when) would be helpful in the development of AI to avoid biases and respect human rights. My concern is who shapes and creates AI and what are their motives.

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  10. Since this topic about AI hit the headlines, on more than one occasion I’ve thought about how long it took me to collect 3,000 curated notes in my digital writer’s database. So I performed a test and asked the all-knowing cyber-bot to list the top 100 writing terms and their definitions. Not surprising, AI did an okay job on most definitions, but the errors on some, if used, would prove embarrassing.

    I’ve said it before, but I believe writers using AI face the potential to ruin their reputations. Check out the scandal at CNET to see what can go wrong when AI produces articles with erroneous information.

    In a recent headline, CNET doubled down on the use of AI, and some attribute that decision to their ad revenue model (i.e., more posts = more money). Time will tell whether their strategy produces an increase or loss in readers or as people ditch CNET for more reliable insights.

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  11. Even my 13 year old son has asked the other day, are we devolving. Fast may send us down the rabbit hole of convenience, but it never creates the space needed for soul to find its growth and potential. Thank you for sharing.

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