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Is The Younger Generation Interested In Blogging?

Is The Younger Generation Interested In Blogging?

Blogging has been around for a very long time; it has been a favourite pass time for a lot of personal bloggers since the 90s.

It is 2023 and blogging is still going strong; both personal and professional bloggers are taking advantage of this tried and tested medium β€” one that is often used to disseminate various types of information on the world wide web.

In all honesty, I could see the reason why it would be very easy for someone to wrongfully think that blogging is only for older folks. For starters, blogging has been around for many years (And, some of the younger people may look at it as an archaic form of getting one’s message across).

Some of the younger folks may think to themselves, “My mother was doing that since I was a baby. I am not going to lower myself by blogging.”

For the sake of the argument of youths not wanting to deal with anything that was related to their parent’s time, cars were around when their parents were around their age (The only difference is that the cars that people drive today are more advanced than the ones that people drove decades ago).

The funny thing is that no teenager or young adult is going to turn up their nose at the idea of driving their own car.


Because cars are viewed as one of those must-have pieces of machinery that transport them from point A to point B.

Therefore, blogging (despite being practiced for a very long time) is still relevant today (Corporations would agree with me on this one).

People Of All Ages Blog

Anyone who blogs on WordPress knows that bloggers come in all age groups (The only difficult part is knowing which percentage of them are actually teenagers and young adults).

I came across young bloggers who blog on WordPress (And, most likely, you have too).

Therefore, it would be unfair for someone to say, “The younger generation is not interested in blogging.”

The So-Called Decrease In Attention Spans Theory May Have Something To Do With All Of This

Many of you have heard the popular saying, “Humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish.”

Some people have even blamed TikTok for this.

And, countless theories are circulating on the internet that supports the claim of dropped attention spans.

And, I might as well add, that that there are some theories on the internet that claimed that the decreased attention span of humans is actually a myth (Nadjya Ghausi’s article, Sorry, Goldfish: People’s Attention Spans Aren’t Shrinking, They’re Evolving, supports this claim).

Realistically, anyone who has an attention span that is shorter than a goldfish, should not be able to set up a WordPress blog because it takes more than nine seconds to do so.

Also, if the “Human attention span is shorter than a goldfish” theory is true, younger folks would not have been able to watch, Avatar: Way of Water.

Do you know what the length of that movie is?

The length of Avatar: Way of Water is 3 hours and 12 minutes long.

I will admit that the younger generation is quite fond of bite-sized information (And, the manner in which some of the teenagers and young adults create blog posts reflects that fact).

Now, they may have engaged themselves in that type of behaviour because they have heard over and over, “No one has the time to consume long-form content.”

Hey, if you are a young content creator and that message has been drilled into your psyche, you will keep blog posts, videos and podcasts as short as possible.

The Bottom Line

Yes, it is without a doubt, that the younger generation is interested in blogging.

The real issue here is that blogging involves a lot of hard work and some of those young folks are not too keen on doing the hard work that is required of them to have a successful blog.

On a positive note, there are many young folks who are doing a splendid job where blogging is concerned.

Anyone who tells you, “The younger generation is not interested in blogging,” is either lying to you or spreading a rumour that they heard from someone.


37 thoughts on “Is The Younger Generation Interested In Blogging?

  1. I’d say *as a group* they’re more interested in platforms like tic toc where they don’t have to write, and can be in the video, which in turn increases their recognition (real or otherwise). That takes all of 5 minutes. MUCH less time than writing and editing a solid blog post. Then you have “news” outlets like Daily Dot that do nothing but recap Tic Toc stories, thus encouraging the narcissism.

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  2. Interestingly, all the young people I know (16-22) have no interest in driving, thanks to the ubiquity of Uber. πŸ€” I haven’t encountered too many young bloggers, but I think different personalities are attracted to different platforms. Those who are overwhelmed by the content overload on Tik Tok or the shallowness of Facebook, I suspect, may find themselves setting up shop on WordPress.

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  3. Excellent post Renard. It is an argumentative one and in my own view the younger generation being us are keen in blogging , I mean reading an article filled with pictures on the web pique our interests as young people but the work that goes around curating such detailed articles is enormous thus some aspiring young folks may tap out.

    Truthfully anyone can blog whether young or old but it is a lot of work and devotionπŸ‘

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  4. I think the younger generation wouldn’t mind blogging. I’ve seen quite a few young bloggers here, including myself. To me, it just comes down to what a person prefers and doesn’t prefer. An older person might prefer and like TikTok, a younger person might not prefer TikTok, like me

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  5. I have a teenaged “guest blogger” who shared a school paper on my blog. He enjoyed seeing his work “published” so much that he wrote a few more articles just to see his name and photo “published” online for something other than some silly “look at me ain’t I cute” Tiktok video, but for some things that matter to him. He may never come to have his own blog, but he is learning to express himself and explain his ideas in ways that others appreciate and enjoy.

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  6. Good post Renard!
    From my observations here on WP, I’ve seen MANY younger people 18-28 yr demographic) start a blog & sadly abandon them within 6-12 months.
    I was Following at 8 younger bloggers. They just all drifted away. Some in University; some working; some who knows?
    I REALLY enjoyed their posts as it kept me in touch with the young ones & their perceptions of
    their’ world….
    I hope they return to blogging one day!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen (BellaSita Mum) & **purrss** BellaDharma

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    1. πŸ™‚ Thank you, Sherri-Ellen.

      I hope those young ones return to blogging soon (And, even though the younger ones whom you spoke of do not return to blogging, there will be others who will take their place).

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        1. Renard the Universe heard you…well one person in the Universe! My friend Andrew just posted a new poem he wrote! It has been 4 months since his last post! Worth the wait!
          Funny how you blogged about younger generation & Andrew returned,….magic! πŸ˜‰

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  7. I’ve encountered a lot of younger bloggers many of which are students and write to improve their writing skills. Others are into current music and current trends. It’s interesting to read blogs from a younger person’s point of view. (18 to 25 years old). I hope they stick with it.

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  8. Hey Renard, I’ve been seeing stuff from Jetpack saying to try the app—has the time come to switch over? I remember you wrote a post about thr WordPress app going away at some point (I downloaded the Jetpack app at that time anyway but haven’t used it).


    1. πŸ™‚ Hetty, the WordPress Mobile App is not going away. They are merely removing the Jetpack features from the WordPress Mobile App.

      The Jetpack Website Builder App works fine (I have been using it since August).

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  9. Cars are perceived by youngsters as coming of age. Attention spans are shrinking, and that has been supported by a number of studies, but blogging is a production, rather than a perception skill, so it shouldn’t be affected, and it isn’t. You are right – there are many younger bloggers.

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