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5 Things That Bloggers Should Do When They Are Not Writing Blog Posts

5 Things That Bloggers Should Do When They Are Not Writing Blog Posts

All bloggers know that they need to do more than simply write blog posts โ€” the types of things that will ensure that their blog runs like a well-oiled machine.

Hey, have no fear, because the suggestions that I am about to share with you are easy to implement.

So, let us get right into it.

1.) Keep The Electronic Device That They Blog On In Tip-Top Shape

It is a well-known fact that bloggers use the following types of electronic devices to blog:

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptop computers
  • Tablet computers
  • Smartphones

Therefore, it would be in a blogger’s best interest to know how to keep them in tip-top shape (Failure to do so could lead to the electronic device that they blog on behaving in a problematic manner or not functioning at all).

Bloggers should know how to:

  • Perform security updates on their chosen electronic device.
  • Clear the cache on the web browser of their chosen electronic device.
  • Protect their chosen electronic device from malware.

If you do not know how to do those things, you should look them up on Google and Bing.

Bloggers must never forget that they cannot blog if their chosen electronic devices are down (So, please treat them with extra care).

2.) Spend A Bit Of Their Time Checking Out A Small Portion Of The Blogs That They Are Following

Whether we like it or not, we need to make the time to visit the blogs that we are following.

Besides, what is the sense of following blogs if you have no intentions of visiting them?

I recommend checking out a small portion of the blogs that you are following because it would be way too time-consuming to visit all of the blogs that you are following on the same day (Especially if you are following a large number of blogs).

To make the experience of visiting blogs an easy one, you can spend approximately thirty minutes of your time checking out a small portion of the blogs that you are following.

It should not come as a surprise to you that the people you are following appreciate the interaction. They love it when:

  • People read their blog posts.
  • People press the Like button on the blog posts that they genuinely liked.
  • People leave thoughtful comments in the comments section of their blogs.

Always remember, that what goes around, comes around.

When you show your followers a bit of love, they, in turn, will send that love right back to you.

3.) Come Up With New Topics For Their Blog Posts

The truth is that once you have a blog (whether it be a personal blog or a professional blog), you will need to come up with new topics for it.

The sad truth is that there are bloggers who have a very hard time coming up with topics for their blogs.

If you are one of those bloggers who have trouble brainstorming new topics for your blog, you should read, 10 Ways To Come Up With Topics For Your Blog.

Dear friend, the sooner you come up with new topics for your blog, the sooner you will be able to work on them.

4.) Work On Creating New Blog Posts

If your blog has a lot to do with you presenting articles, you will have to do lots of:

  • Writing
  • Proofreading
  • Editing

And, if your blog is one that is photography-based, you will have to go and take lots of photographs of:

  • People
  • Animals
  • Trees
  • Plants
  • Places
  • Things

When it comes to the creation of blog posts, there is always lots of work to be done.

5.) Respond To The Comments That Were Made On Their Own Blog

One of the best things that you can do when you are not writing blog posts is to respond to the comments that were made on your blog.

Most bloggers hate it when you do not respond to their comments (And, that, my friend, can lead to some of your fellow bloggers leaving fewer comments or none at all).

So, never take those comments in your blog’s comments section for granted.

If you are fortunate enough to receive comments on your blog posts, you should be grateful, because there are bloggers who do not receive any sort of comments in their blog’s comments section.

Final Thoughts

To recap, bloggers need to do the following things when they are not writing blog posts:

  • Keep the electronic device that they blog on in tip-top shape.
  • Spend a bit of their time checking out a small portion of the blogs that they are following.
  • Come up with new topics for their blog posts.
  • Work on creating new blog posts.
  • Respond to the comments that were made on their own blog.

Thank you for reading!


31 thoughts on “5 Things That Bloggers Should Do When They Are Not Writing Blog Posts

  1. Perhaps simply turning your blogging device off and go out the door and do something that doesn’t remotely resemble blogging.

    Have coffee/lunch with a friend; go for a long walk along the ocean(that’s what we do); go experience something to stimulate your mind(like an art gallery or a museum); go see a movie. The list is endless.

    When we get out and and live life away from blogging we can come back to it refreshed; new ideas and ready to go at it with a renewed vigor. Often walking away from our devices for a day or an afternoon can be the best medicine ever.

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  2. Thank you so much for always providing quality tips and wisdom for bloggers, my blog and writing skills have grown so much and i have a plethora of creative ideas following your advice! I am glad I discovered you!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, they should be out enjoying themselves. However, the choice is theirs to do those things that I mentioned before or after they enjoy themselves.

      Thank you for participating in the discussion.

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  3. Marvellous blog post Renard. I definitely agree with all the great tips here and as a Fashion Blogger I do love taking time reading and responding to comments from other bloggers because it is showing class. You know when it comes to fashion the best way to write great fascinating posts it is by showing class and doing this in a fashion manner

    Also, Fashion Bloggers have this task of coming up and generating new ideas or content as well as research new topics which drives me to the point you made about “Bloggers coming up with new topics for their blogs” . I do ensure I create new topics for my Mens fashion and style blog and I use the old fashion way of pen and paper to jot down my thoughts๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ™

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