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Bringing The Fun Back To Personal Blogging

Some of us have blurred the lines where personal blogging and professional blogging are concerned (Over the years, we have managed to treat both the same way β€” in a professional manner).

This dilemma began when personal bloggers chose to raise their standard of blogging (While that is a good thing, some of us took it to the extreme).

Personal bloggers started doing almost everything that professional bloggers did with their blogs.

In order to bring the fun back to personal blogging, we might (or might not) have to shift our focus back to the way personal blogging was done in the past.

There Are Personal Bloggers Who Are Serious About SEO

In all honesty, I see nothing wrong with both personal bloggers and professional bloggers optimizing their blog posts for SEO.

After all, SEO done correctly will help both personal bloggers and professional bloggers to gain visibility on Google and Bing (This, of course, is done with the intention of acquiring a large readership).

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that there are personal bloggers who are hell-bent on mimicking the success of professional bloggers.

So, to gain an advantage, personal bloggers are purchasing their own domains and installing the following types of SEO plugins:

Those plugins tend to take the guesswork out of SEO.

In the old days of personal blogging, personal bloggers never contemplated using SEO plugins; they relied solely on having fun and interacting with a handful of personal bloggers.

And, I have a strong feeling that the percentage of personal bloggers who utilize SEO plugins are far lower than those personal bloggers that blog mainly for the fun of it.

Some bloggers would argue that adding SEO to the mix takes the fun away from blogging (That is probably the case for those personal bloggers whose aim is to keep personal blogging simple).

Most personal bloggers would prefer to write their blog posts and never have to dabble with SEO.

There Are Personal Bloggers Who Are Serious About Spelling And Grammar

Okay, I will admit that I am a bit biased on this one; I believe that all bloggers (personal bloggers as well as professional bloggers) should take spelling and grammar seriously.

These days, personal bloggers have been using the following tools to keep their personal blogs free of spelling and grammatical errors:

Those spelling and grammar software are by no means a replacement for a well-trained human proofreader.

Oh, well. So, much for attending school in our younger days and learning how to spell and use grammar at a proficient level.

There are some personal bloggers who believe that using spelling and grammar software is taking things a bit too far and those people who use those sort of things are Grammar Nazis.

It should not come as a surprise to you that there are personal bloggers who could not give a damn about spelling and grammar (Those people believe that focusing too much on spelling and grammar takes all the fun away from blogging).

There Are Personal Bloggers Who Use Social Media To Promote Their Blogs

Bloggers have been promoting their blogs on social media for ages (And, from the looks of things, that practice is going to continue for many years to come).

For the record, I am not against any personal blogger for sharing the links to their blog posts on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

The truth is that promoting your blog posts on those social media networks is not a bad idea (Especially when you have lots of followers on those social media networks).

It was brought to my attention by some of my fellow personal bloggers that they do not use social media to promote their blog posts because they have not signed up for any of them (Those people also believe that social media takes the fun out of blogging).

Final Thoughts

Some of the people who have personal blogs of their own adhere to the belief that personal blogging should be kept as simple as possible and that the following things ruin personal blogging:

  • Being serious about SEO.
  • Being serious about spelling and grammar.
  • Using social media to promote their blog.

I would admit that personal blogging and professional blogging are two different things.

Also, it is okay for a person to handle their personal blog in a professional manner (That is provided that they do not go overboard with it).

The truth is that personal blogging has evolved and that there is no way that blogging can return to the way that it had been back in the early 2000s.

Despite all of that, personal bloggers are free to keep their blogs as simple as possible.


31 thoughts on “Bringing The Fun Back To Personal Blogging

  1. I use Grammarly, but l have enough sav about me to know what is incorrect, and it is only sometimes suitable for the personal touch of a writer – it can be very clinical. I use it because my punctuation is squiffy. I have slight dyslexia, not so that my letters roll off the paper.

    Still, enough that at times l see numbers in letters that aren’t there or the letters appear differently like ………. ‘teh ltteres appaer dffirently ……… my mind knows what l am writing, my fingers are too fast and sometimes l miss it, so whilst the latter is an extreme case and is rare it still happens, so l use Grammarly.

    I don’t use SEO yet, and l don’t use Social Media, but even when l do, it’ll only be image-based social media.

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    1. πŸ™‚ Most bloggers (personal and professional) in this modern-day era, are known to use Grammarly.

      I would never discourage anyone from using it.

      As you have pointed out, you have legitimate reasons for using it.

      In the early days of personal blogging, it was rare for personal bloggers to use spelling and grammar software (And, there are the purists who believe that we should stay away from those things).

      The truth is that the world has changed a lot since then and spelling and grammar checkers are must-have tools for bloggers and writers.

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      1. Very true. I even studied a proofreading course in 2014, which took a lot of work.

        I have noticed that many professional blogs/articles and even news articles don’t use proofreading features considering the amount of tiny errs l see, and they should.

        I think any professional document should be proofread, but in today’s age of quick and ready journalism and writing, many do not.

        I want what l write to be read, and if that means using what is required to make it cleaner reading, then that is what is needed to be done.

        I am not the grammar police, but l find it annoying to read a document with many errs within. Some, one or two, is forgivable, but many are not.

        Two examples come to mind – earlier this year, l bought two books – one of gaming for gold [it’s a Wow thing], and the author didn’t know the difference between the words weather and whether and kept using them wrong! The first page had something like 56 mistakes, and that was a published book!!?

        The second was a worm-farming book which was no better it was almost like the writer got his dog to write it and then just hit publish on Amazon.

        But l also think that the convenience of writing a book and self -publish now with no policing or spell-checking moderation is simply allowing for poor behaviour.

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        1. πŸ™‚ Your point is most valid, Rory.

          In regard to news articles, they have to appear before the editor before they are published. If spelling and grammatical errors sneak past the editor, he or she needs to be fired.

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  2. I dont use any grammar/spellchecker software but if I were unsure about something I would check. I wouldn’t condone anyone who did though. If a post is badly written, where its difficult to follow, I would give up reading.

    I don’t use social media much, so wouldn’t use it.

    I consider myself as a personal blogger but do have some ‘professional ‘ themes so will probably dabble with SEO at some point because I want my study skills and HR related posts to reach and help as many people as possible

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  3. Good question Renard.

    Perhaps one should look at the defintion of “fun.” Between two bloggers, how they define fun might be entirely different. SEO, grammar plugins and promotion of your blog on social media might be deemed “fun” for one blogger – but not so much fun or important for another.

    I suppose it comes back to – what do folks see their blog and blogging as being?

    I know several artists who are what we might think as professional. They aren’t. They’re just really good at it. To them it’s a hobby or creative adventure that they take. For some it’s an emotional creative outlet. Over time they’ve found their niche and have developed excellent techniques. And above all it is fun for them.

    I see it no different in a way than someone who plays golf on the weekend. They may be really, really good at it. They enjoy it….it’s fun for them. What people do with their own personal blog in terms of promotion, SEO, grammar checking is up to them. Not sure there is a right or wrong answer here.

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    1. πŸ™‚ That approach of yours is an effective one.

      I believe that you can find the right spelling of a word with the help of Google.

      Thank you for participating in the discussion, Arlene.


  4. A refreshing blog post Renard. I have to say if fun is no longer served in the table of blogging we might as well stop blogging.

    Fun makes blogging interesting and yes we need to be serious about it but having fun is one way to be serious and chilling at the same time.

    Just like this quote “Play hard and Work hard”. I want bloggers to have fun just like attending a fun event where people are over the moon about being there and being blown away by the performances of artists and singers.

    Also, its December the season of fun so have fun bloggersπŸƒπŸ’ƒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘“

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  5. It’s the community that’s makes blogging fun to me. I agree, as it has been stated, grammar is important – if you are serious about being understood. I stay on the personal side. I like the organic growth of my blog within the community, so I don’t put emphasis on SEO. I share on FB because it’s automatically done for me when I post. I also send links to friends of specific post (mine and others I follow) for encouragement, a good laugh, or even a possible solution to an issue they are dealing with. Honestly, I experience joy in helping others – sharing a good blog is a fun and easy way to do so. The fun is in the doing. Bless you brother!

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