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What Would You Do If The WordPress Reader Stopped Working?

What Would You Do If The WordPress Reader Stopped Working?

Many of us rely on the WordPress Reader to come across the feeds of those bloggers that we are following.

Those of us who are accustomed to using the WordPress Reader also use it to locate new blogs from like-minded bloggers.

If the WordPress Reader were to stop working, many of us would feel as though a part of our lives were ripped away.

While the WordPress Reader might be a bit glitchy at times, I do not think that it has ever been down (But there is a first time for everything).

A Special Announcement From Renard

This blog post ― What Would You Do If The WordPress Reader Stopped Working?, is part of my What If series ― one that was specifically created to let me know what your reactions would be like if you were confronted with a particular situation.

So, without further ado, it is time for us to have fun thinking outside of the box.

You Will Simply Wait For The Happiness Engineers To Fix It

Some people will wait patiently for the Happiness Engineers to bring the WordPress Reader back online (After all, it is their job to fix whatever breaks on WordPress).

While we may be deeply concerned about the WordPress Reader being down, we will continue to blog as normal.

Hey, many of us might even publish a blog post about the WordPress Reader being down.

You Might Do Nothing

If you are one of those people who follow bloggers via email, the WordPress Reader being down is not going to affect you.

It would be like nothing bad had ever happened on WordPress; the only way that you might find out that the WordPress Reader was down is if someone told you about it.

Yes, my friend, it is absolutely true that there are WordPress bloggers that do not use the WordPress Reader.

You Might Utilize Your Printed List Of Favourite Bloggers

My friend, Rory, has a list of favourite bloggers; he can refer to it anytime he wants to know the URL of blogs that he would like to visit for the day.

Many of us have never thought about creating a physical or digital list of the URLs of our favourite bloggers.

Hats off to you Rory for implementing a simple solution to never losing touch with your favourite bloggers.

You Might Use Feedly

I have been using Feedly for many years; I started using Feedly when I was over at Blogger (Blogger did not have anything quite as effective as the WordPress Reader and I used Feedly to follow blogs).

Feedly, in my opinion, is way more reliable than the WordPress Reader.

And, why is it that I think Feedly is more reliable than the WordPress Reader?

It is more reliable than the WordPress Reader because you will always be notified whenever a fellow blogger publishes a new blog post on their blog.

The WordPress Reader, on the other hand, does not always display the feeds of some of the bloggers that you are following (Some bloggers have complained about not seeing the feeds from the bloggers that they are following on their WordPress Reader).

You Would Rely On Your Memory

Memorizing a URL is nothing new (Many people on the planet do it).

Also, there are bloggers who have chosen URLs for their blogs that are easy for people to remember.

Therefore, if the WordPress Reader were to stop working in the future, there are those who would be able to visit your blog as well as the blogs of others by simply remembering those URLs.

You Will Rely On Your Web Browser’s History

Provided that you did not delete your web browser’s history, you can go back and check it out with the hopes of locating the URLs of your favourite bloggers.

The easiest way, of course, is to start typing in the URL in the designated area for website addresses and it would show up before you were able to finish typing the full address.

In a case, such as this one, your web browser’s history will come in handy.

Wrapping Up

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that many of us have become heavily addicted to using the WordPress Reader.

By the way, I am in no way insinuating that you should stop using the WordPress Reader (That would be crazy. Plus I am a fan of the WordPress Reader ― I use it a lot; it is used for the sole purpose of coming across the feeds of those bloggers that I am following and for locating the types of blogs that I am interested in).

If we rely on the WordPress Reader too much, we might find ourselves feeling miserable the day that it actually goes down.

And, even if the WordPress Reader goes down, we can still come across the blog posts of our favourite WordPress bloggers by doing one of the following things:

  • Subscribing to their blog via email.
  • Utilizing a printed list that has the website addresses of our favourite bloggers.
  • Using Feedly (Which will notify us whenever a favourite blogger of ours publishes new content on their blog).
  • Using our own memory to remember the URLs of our favourite bloggers.
  • Using our web browser’s history to locate the URLs of our favourite bloggers.

Please feel free to let me know which method you would use the day that the WordPress Reader stops working.

And, thank you for reading!


71 thoughts on “What Would You Do If The WordPress Reader Stopped Working?

  1. Hi… I have a question pls 🙃on the topic of WordPress but not exactly the reader. I have come across a follower, when I try to view their site it directs me back to my site? Any particular reason for this? Sorry, I know it’s offf your topic 🙈

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  2. I feel like this is a common issue with WP where it stops working, freezes on me, or doesn’t save drafts. My comments don’t always send either, or if doesn’t like things when I try to like a blog post.

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  3. I follow bloggers on WordPress via email. But there are some I use the WordPress reader for to visit blogs and see their latest posts, which is mostly those who blog several times a day.

    Although not on WordPress as a blogger myself, I wouldn’t like to think of the reader going down as it helps to find potential new blogs to read.

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  4. I am not sure if mine is working properly…? Also my last two posts only have been seen by two people… Don’t know why? I don’t mind if I don’t get likes if I know it had been read…, what’s causing it that no one reads it? Is it something to do with Reader?

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        1. 🤔 Likes usually have a much higher ratio than comments (approximately 65% higher) because it is easier to press the “Like” button than to leave a valuable comment.


  5. Hey Renard 🙂

    Thank you for the mention.

    Mm, an interesting topic.

    I wouldn’t be phased by the Reader’s loss, although l understand why many rely on its function. I used to have the same feature on the Guy blog, and at its height, it numbered 80 or so blogs or a typical monthly reading list. This is fine if you are okay with exclusive reading only from a fixed list of writers per month. Currently, my list is only set to 30 specified blogs, although that is set to increase to 35 by the end of the year.

    But if, as you explained earlier this month if you wanted to read from a daily eclectic literature mixture, then this system might prove too awkward to maintain daily and not offer enough variety.

    RSS Feeders are convenient and save time, without spam and formatting, and promote increased productivity. Still, there are disadvantages to the time spent on creating a colourful artistic blog, which is lost – yes, l know your art is your wordsmithery, my friend.

    Still, sometimes others spend time tweaking and twerking their themes in addition to their written content. Content theft is, at times, easier on the Reader than in other locations, and it can make readers lazy. There are always pros and cons.

    I don’t know what the chain reaction of the WP Reader might be if it was to either break down, get hacked or disappear. The ramifications of everything might affect everything else in WP, and the platform might have to close down whilst repairs are made. Meaning there are no winners anyway.

    Have a great Tuesday 🙂

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  6. It would depend on how long it was down. I wouldn’t worry, I can remember all the blogs I like to visit regularly so I could simply google them if necessary. If it went down, I might be hopeful it’d come back better than before!

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  7. To me the WP Reader is the driving force of WordPress. I know some feel disappointed that readers rarely visit their actual sites and therefore miss much of their hard work and the extra feature on their site. But WP Reader keeps WordPress alive. Every single day it is easy for me to access new posts published by the WP users I follow, and it is easy to like and comment in the Reader. It saves a lot of time (rather than waiting for sites to load, which seems to take ages on my dinosaur of a laptop).

    I suspect that if the Reader “broke”, then I would just wait for it to be fixed, because it is very unlikely I would be visiting all the sites I follow to find new content from them.

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  8. Without WP Reader, WordPress as a platform becomes something significantly less desirable. The ability to write, create and post is in many ways tied to being able to read and interact of those posts that show up in your reader feed. Or the ability to search out new bloggers and topic through the reader search function.

    It seems to me that if the WP Reader function found itself in a period of “not working” – the the folks at WordPress would be working diligently to correct it. I think the posting and reading are far too closely connected. So….I’d just wait for the experts to fix it.

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  9. Also, I love the options you have stated here Renard especially the remembering the URL’s of other bloggers and doing nothing because it is up to the WordPress engineers to fix that problems thus our hands are tied as bloggers, our job it is to blog and write. The glitches and errors are the issues that the engineers of this app must fix🙌

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  10. I use my email for WordPress notifications. However, I use the reader every now and then; if something is not working, I will contact the WP Happiness Engineers. I feel the more people report the problem the better the chance they may do something about it. Plus, others like the reader. It’s not ideal but it has its benefits.

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  11. Late to the party I know, but…

    The Reader has never been a factor for me. I have email notification for new posts of people I follow. I’ve typically found new people to follow via the replies to people I already follow, AND I have a personal dislike of the reader because it’s the most common option used by people who don’t really care about a blog’s content and only want to trade likes to feign popularity.

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    1. 🙂 That is provided that your favourite blogger is on social media.

      Believe it or not, there are some WordPress bloggers that do not use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etcetera.


    1. 🙂 That would be a brilliant approach.

      The Happiness Engineers should be able to get the WordPress Reader back up and running.

      Thank you for participating in the discussion.


  12. I would continue posting and I would reach out to fellow bloggers via their likes and comments (meaning from the notifications, I would click on the URLs of those who liked or commented on my blogs and read their posts from there. And I would wait for the problem to be fixed as well.

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    1. 🙂 Well, in your case, you have nothing to worry about if the WordPress Reader stops working.

      You have email notifications to let you know whenever a blogger that you are following publishes a new post on their blog.


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