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5 Reasons Why I Have Not Given Up On Blogging

Renard's Secrets For Being Motivated To Blog

I happen to be one of those bloggers who are highly devoted to blogging (If you are a follower or a regular visitor to Renard’s World, you probably know that by now).

And, I have been around long enough to see many bloggers come and go (It is the going part that aches me deep down in my stomach).

As far as I am concerned, if you are in good health, alive and fond of blogging, there is really no need for you to give up on it.

Anyway, today, I am going to share some of the things that keep me motivated to blog.

1.) I Have A Genuine Love For Blogging

I have a genuine love for blogging; I have been doing it since 2008.

Besides, if I did not have a genuine love for blogging, I would have been one of the blogosphere’s faded memories ― someone who fell by the wayside.

I am a natural-born writer and blogging is a medium that allows me to express myself via my writing and share it with an online community.

Only a crazy person would want to stifle their self-expression.

And, it does not take a rocket scientist to help you to figure out that if you have a genuine love for blogging, you will most likely continue blogging.

2.) The WordPress Community Is Supportive Of Each Other

Almost everyone who blogs on WordPress would agree that the WordPress community is a supportive one.

We support each other by:

  • Reading each other’s blog posts.
  • Leaving genuine and thoughtful comments in the comments section of the blogs of our fellow bloggers.
  • Pressing the Like button on those blog posts of theirs ― the ones that we thought were great.

When bloggers are there for each other, it is hard to give up on blogging.

3.) I Made A Promise To Myself To Always Be There For My Readers

Yes, my friend, I really made a promise to myself to always show up for my readers (I do not believe in breaking promises; therefore, I am going to do everything in my power to keep that promise).

By the way, if you wish, you can always do the same; make a promise to be always there for your readers and keep it (It will help to inspire you to not give up on blogging).

Also, your readers would appreciate it dearly knowing that you are there for them.

4.) I Like To Challenge Myself

Believe it or not, I do enjoy a good challenge (And, my guess is that some of you do too).

My challenges are in the form of:

  • Coming up with new content to publish on my blog on a regular basis.
  • Writing articles when my surroundings are noisy and writing when the temperatures are extremely hot (Both of which are highly challenging).
  • Seeing if it is really possible for me to write a blog post with the limited time that I have available.
  • Coming up with innovative ways to improve my blog.

When I overcome my challenges, I feel as though I have the power within me to accomplish anything that I set my mind on (It is a very nice feeling).

5.) I Want To See How WordPress Is Going To Evolve In The Near Future

Now, in order for me to find out how WordPress is going to evolve in the near future, I have no choice but to keep on blogging as I always do (That simply means sticking with WordPress).

Also, I am deeply curious by nature; I have often wondered:

  • Will WordPress ever increase its storage space at no additional cost?
  • Will WordPress ever start making better themes?
  • Will WordPress ever allow visitors to edit comments in the comments sections of other people’s blogs?
  • Will WordPress ever replace the human Happiness Engineers with artificial intelligence?

Truthfully, I would like to be around whenever any of those things happen.

Wrapping Up

The methods that I use to inspire myself to keep on blogging are simple (They are so simple that even a novice blogger can implement them with ease).

By the way, I would not mind knowing the reasons why you have not given up on blogging (That, of course, can be done via my blog’s commenting section).

And, thank you for reading!


42 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Have Not Given Up On Blogging

  1. I am extremely “new” to blogging (I’ve tried to start several times and failed), so I want to make sure I maintain a consistent schedule. I also want to use this as an opportunity to become better at writing and to be able to express myself with writing. Hoping to find ways to post daily! Glad I found your page, thank you!

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  2. Words? Songwriting is my artistic expression through lyrics. Journal writing is ‘for yourself’ to express for cathartic and holistic well being. Blogging is for whatever your interests (in any subject field), writing about them and sharing. If someone reads your blog? Then continues to visit and exchange ideas. Then you, as the blog writer, become more informed too. Even if you can count found acquaintances on one hand.

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  3. Excellent points Renard.

    Blogging can be in a sense, whatever a person would like it to evolve into. Blogging(using the WordPress platform for example) gives one the flexibility to navigate and move their blog in a manner that is or certainly should be satisfying to them. If blogging is something that a person(including myself) enjoys and makes it part of their day – then go for it. It is everything you said and more.

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  4. Giving up hadn’t occurred to me. And I’d say interacting with and becoming part of the blogging community certainly does help. I haven’t made a promise to be here for my readers – at least not consciously, but I know I feel an obligation to not let them down. More than anything, I love writing and blogging gives me an outlet. Right now, blogging is something I can see me doing for a long time to come. Actually I feel excited about blogging, about the things I want to do and share over the next week or so. I guess so long as that excitement and passion are there, I won’t stop

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  5. You mean a visitor being able to edit their own comment left on another’s blog, Renard?

    It’s an interesting thought as I’m sure the content of the comment belongs to the commenter under most copyright law. Even though it’s on another’s blog. So you could delete this comment but you can’t copy and paste it elsewhere without my permission! 😆

    I like writing, I think of it as an essential skill and a progressive one. I keep it going here because I don’t know of any more convenient and free of charge place to save it than WP at the moment.

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    1. 🙂 Yes, Ian. I am referring to a visitor being able to edit their own comment that is left on another person’s blog.

      Many visitors wished that there was an edit button available.

      Lots of visitors have made typos in the comments and there was no way for them to fix those typos.

      Third-party commenting systems like Disqus allow all commenters to edit their own comments.

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      1. I can tell you a lot about perfectionism. It’s an insecurity issue.

        We’re human, we’re fallible. Embrace the mistakes, don’t hide them. (Actually, I believe the only person who cares is the one making the typo; no one else gives a tick).

        If it means we’ve unintentionally caused offence, it’s better to apologise in a further comment than cover it up. 🙂

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  6. My reason for blogging is that I feel deeply I have something to say. While it’s always lovely when someone wants to read it, my primary reason for blogging is to say it… To have it said.
    …even if no one reads it…, as often is the case 🙂

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  7. Blogging has become part of my life. Demanding at times. Exhausting at times. But the flame never dies. WordPress is a great place to be, even with the occasional glitches. I just love visiting, reading and sharing other bloggers wonderful posts. There are so many gifted and talented bloggers out there in the blogosphere. I just wish that it was possible to visit them all. Have a great day My Friend.

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  8. Thought provoking post Renard. Great to read about the valid reasons why you enjoy blogging. I agree completely with the first point that You have a genuine love for blogging since you have been writing for years plus it is your God given gift. I also believe that blogging is my talent and skill, I enjoy learning more words, writing new content and designing my frames and cards that show the message of the blog, usually when I talk of an outfit, I make it a priority to include an image to support my content, if I say for instance “The purpose of a well dresses man”, I wrote this post last year and I am still creating new content that my readers will learn from and be inspired to take action in the form of dressing sharp whether casually, formally or fashionable 🔥👌👌

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  9. Hi Renard, Your words show me the positive side of almost everything in this world.
    It makes me happy go through this post, realising our similar interests.
    3rd and 4th point matters much to my blogging.

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  10. I totally AGREE with what you wrote in this post Renard!!
    AS you know, blogging has been a part of my world since August 2005…..this became my outlet to express myself & be creative.
    And to make friends from all over the world…..
    Plus WordPress is ‘my home’; I would not want to ‘relocate’ 😉
    😉 Sherri-Ellen aka BellaSita Mum & **purrss** BellaDharma

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