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Will Twitter Ever Crash And Burn?

Will Twitter Ever Crash And Burn?

I deleted my Twitter account on Wednesday the 25th of August, 2018.

Back then, Twitter had shadow-banned me for the fourth time and I thought that the most appropriate course of action was to delete my Twitter account (They did not provide me with a reason for my shadow-banning and as far as I was concerned, I did nothing wrong).

My educated guess at the time was that Twitter did not like one of my tweets and that they chose to punish me because of it.

Do I Miss Twitter?

The God’s/Godess’s truth is that I do not miss Twitter.

Also, I have been managing rather well without it.

Hey, that is one less social media account to worry about!

Twitter Is Always Ending Up In The News

Yes, Twitter has been mentioned a lot in technologically-related news all over the internet. For example:

  • Twitter made the decision to place a permanent ban on Donald Trump in January 2021.
  • Elon Musk bought Twitter in October 2022; he rules with an iron fist and everyone goes crazy.
  • Elon Musk reinstates Donald Trump’s Twitter account in November 2022.

This whole drama with Twitter has the potential of becoming the next big movie on Netflix.

Twitter Is Filled With Too Much Noise

On Twitter, it is possible for you to come across:

  • A ton load of hate speech.
  • People complaining about everything under the sun.
  • Useless promotional ads.
  • People trolling each other.

Apparently, the negatives outweigh the positives on Twitter.

Elon Musk Did Some Unusual Things When He Gained Control Of Twitter

Elon Musk has people wondering if he is a madman because:

  • He fired half of Twitter’s staff.
  • He told Twitter’s existing staff to work long hours or leave.
  • He wanted to charge Twitter users the sum of $8.00 monthly for the blue tick (The one that is given to authentic companies and celebrities).

Some people believe that the only thing that Elon Musk really knows about Twitter is how to kill it!

Are There Twitter Alternatives?

Yes, there are Twitter alternatives.

In case Twitter implodes on itself, you can move on over to one of the following services:

Twitter is overrated anyway!

Twitter Might Survive The Turmoil

Yes, it is possible that Twitter could survive in these very tough times.

Take Facebook, for example; it is a hot mess.

Facebook has been around since 2004 (I never believed that it would be still around today).

Therefore, if Elon Musk plays his cards right, Twitter might be around for many years to come.

Final Thoughts

In all honesty, I could not give a damn about Twitter.

I distanced myself from it many years ago and I have no regrets about ever doing so.

If you are a Twitter user, the choice is yours to stay with it or find another social media network; preferably one that is in alignment with your moral standards.

Twitter could weather the storm and come out triumphant in the end.

At, the moment, there is nothing at all desirable about Twitter.

And, countless people from around the world would love to see Twitter crash and burn.


67 thoughts on “Will Twitter Ever Crash And Burn?

  1. I agree with you. At the moment, there’s nothing desirable about Twitter at all. I haven’t logged in to my account in ages. So I couldn’t care less about its future. Only time will tell whether Twitter will survive or not

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  2. It’s unlikely that they will shut Twitter down. I see people panicking on Twitter which is usually a bad sign when people panic. Stay calm.I think that this new update will make Twitter more appropriate because if nothing else, then at least the trolls and people who don’t really care about Twitter will leave. With that being said, if Twitter were to start charging for their services, then I’d be out of there in a heartbeat.

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  3. Been there, done that with most of the social media – or as Billy Connolly described it, the antisocial media. Don’t miss any of these platforms, huge, largely unrewarding time suck that promotes misery to too many people; they should all have health warnings like tobacco. WP is far more civilsed.

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  4. Twitter was going to crash anyway, since it hasn’t been profitable for many years. In fact it’s been losing money since way before Elon Musk bought it, which he did because he thought it could make money, which is what any business is supposed to do.

    But with the Press just using Tweets to create news stories for years now, as if Twitter somehow represents the general population of several countries, perhaps the “collapse” (people leaving, finding other platforms) will cure the practice of such lazy journalism going forward.

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  5. I created a Twitter account last month and made 5 tweets.

    After that, it was sayonara. I didn’t continue using Twitter but haven’t deleted my account yet.

    Really, even Spongebob whom I have been following on Twitter knows how to post toxic stuff.

    To my surprise, even Quora and Instagram managed to get the infection that Twitter has.

    Without the filter, Twitter will be a space of chaos.

    I’m not a long time Twitter user.

    That’s just my observation.

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    1. 🤔 Sol, I am deeply appreciative of your observation.

      Twitter is already toxic and lifting the filter has the potential to add to that toxicity.

      It is as though they are saying indirectly, “Use Twitter at your own risk.”

      Truthfully, I am not at all surprised that Instagram has the same infection.

      However, I am surprised that Quora managed to become infected the same way that Twitter did.

      The Quora that I knew in the past always maintained a high standard.

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      1. I went to Quora to see if it’s still a good platform to generate traffic.

        It still is, but a different kind of traffic.

        Aside from dumb queries and answers that look like dominating the platform, you’ll also encounter tons of bots and inappropriate content.

        It’s like the A.I. doing the content distribution task for a personal user experience is getting out of hand.

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  6. Twitter is like any social media platform. There is good and bad with it. Will it crash and burn? who knows. I do think that there is much more going on behind the scenes or that what is happening with twitter is part of a bigger movement within the positioning of the “right and “left.”

    Myself – I like Twitter. Sure there is a lot garbage and such. But, I use it to consolidate list of provincial(Nova Scotia and Ontario) news outlets to follow. It works for me because I can get a brief opinion piece from the journalists and/or a news headline that then allows me to click through to a more detailed article online.

    So, as much as Twitter can be positive attributes, it certainly has it’s negative ones. Same thing could be said for WordPress – both positive and negative.

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  7. I had two Twitter accounts that l created in January 2016 which were both for business. However l was so dissatisfied with Twitter as a platform because of many of the reasons you list Renard, that l too deleted my accounts.

    My main account was terminated in October 2017 [a month after l joined WP] and my secondary was closed in January 2018.

    All three WP websites were then housed into the Guy blog by April of 2018. I stopped attaching any social media in May 2018.

    I don’t miss Twatter as l call it.

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  8. I totally disagree with you Renard. I stayed through thick and thin since 2009 and it has always drawn the most traffic to my websites. I was suspended, banned, etc but always got it back. I’m excited about it with Elon in charge. If anyone can turn it around, he will. I love how transparent he is about the changes he is making along the way.
    So far so good but I’m there til the end. Of course, I don’t recommend staying on just one social network, it’s like too many eggs in one basket. There are so many alternatives out there today, which means it will all become diluted and our blogs are still the BEST option for us to get our messages and thoughts out.

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    1. 🙂 Lisa, it is totally okay for you to disagree with me (You are very much entitled to an opinion).

      I have to say that you are quite tolerant and forgiving.

      You were thrown into Twitter jail, served your sentence and regained your privilege to use Twitter.

      I will not allow any social media network to treat me in an unjust manner.

      When I was on Facebook, I was never treated horribly like I was on Twitter (Facebook would tell you what you did wrong if they chose to ban you).

      In regards to incoming traffic, the majority of it came from Twitter.

      It is left to be seen if Elon Musk can transform Twitter into something much better.

      Yes, our blogs are still the best option for getting our messages and our thoughts out.

      These are interesting times that we are living in.

      People want change and hopefully, someone (or a group of people) can create a social media network that reflects those changes.

      Thank you for participating in the discussion.

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      1. That is true, we both are Renard : )
        That’s interesting Renard – I was treated worse on Facebook and rarely use it though I’ve kept my account for business. My page was banned for a blog image for no reason, they did reinstate it later with no reason as to why, etc. I know have clients in the same boat but their pages are not coming back, business pages, in the real estate category. Crazy!
        We sure are in interesting times Renard and where it all goes- I’m not sure. I’m beginning to think all social media may crash and burn in the future.

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  9. I’m on twitter, but also on fb and instagram. I generally have my best experiences (positive and often genuine social interactions etc) on instagram. However, while I agree there tends to be a lot of hate and agro on Twitter, that’s not all there is. There are some lovely people and ’communities’ on there too. For me, I’ve connected with more photographers as well as people with similar taste in music as me on there, than on other social media. There are positive things, such as for example ’Tim’s listening party’ which has prominent musicians commenting live (through tweets) on a chosen album of their’s, while all listeners/attendants to the Twitter party play the album wherever they happen to be (of course it’s possible to catch up afterwards, or read tweets without listening to the album, too). And on a more serious note, there area lot of people tweeting about rights for disabled, patients in mental health settings etc, and these people are connecting with each pther as well as with lawyers, politicians etc to generate change. I’ve not seen that on other platforms.
    So, while I’ve sometimes felt I ’hate’ twitter and have then stayed away from it for periods of time, I do see positives. Hopefully Musk will calm down a bit and let people just get on with using it, rather than him interfering and changing things too much x

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  10. Ah, Twitter! If a person doesn’t try a bitter fruit, how are they to appreciate fully the sweetness of an apple? Or, as in the art of war: know your enemies better.

    I don’t know what the msm is in your part of the world but here it can’t be trusted anymore. Biased, censored and at best it’s secondhand hearsay. With Twitter, you get a view straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. And it’s often off-guard without a filter, so we know what the politicians, the powerful business leaders, and other so-called elites are really thinking and what they’re up to.

    I mean, it’s no good as social media; it’s a waste of time debating with these people. But it’s essential (for me) to know what they’re up to, and what the masses believe. History has warned us of that: turning a blind eye to emerging events.

    If it disappears, it’ll be for the same reason WP, or any social media platform disappears. It won’t be worth the investment the owners are putting in.

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  11. I’m not closing my Twitter account yet. I find it entertaining and fun. My followers are cat lovers, poets, and writers. Elon Musk seems to be very transparent in his goals for Twitter and tweets frequently. I’m undecided whether I like him or not. With that said, I am not going to leave a social site because I don’t the owner or because a politician was reinstated. I have never been treated rudely on Twitter but if I was I would probably have a different attitude.

    Another alternative to Twitter is MeWe, especially for those that like cats, music, and poetry.

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  12. I hope so, it’s such a rotten platform. I tried it years ago and found it to be totally pointless unless you are there to spew hateful politics and more. And that guy Musk eas it? Bought it! Fool…

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  13. I don’t think we will see Twitter crash and burn. These sites provide a platform for masses of people who desire a spot in the lime light – positive or negative. It’s this demented craving for attention that drives these sites. No matter how thoughtless or absurd the comments – as long as it gets a response, the junkies are happy. I will note that even the self proclaimed “protectors of democracy and truth” can’t help themselves – they engage with fools and end up looking foolish. Can it be used for good? I believe so – but of course that’s another whole discussion. Bless you brother!

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  14. Hello Renard…I enjoyed this post!
    I have NEVER had a Twitter account & from all the negative I’ve read over the years, I figure I am not missing a thing!
    My only ‘social media’ other than here @ WP is Facebook. I DO like FB as I can connect with so many past bloggers & present ones & all my IRL friends. FB is like one-stop shopping 😉
    Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma who refers to FB as “FaceBake” ROFL 🙂

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  15. Hey Renard. I’ve never had a twitter account, never really used it or looked at it either. In a general sense, it doesn’t hold any appeal so don’t see my position changing any time soon.

    That said, with my interest in HR and how employees are treated, Musk’s approach to people management has caught my attention. Sad to say, but he makes an excellent case study of how not to treat people … I can see what he’s trying to do, but not how I’d treat people

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  16. Great post Renard about this social app knows as Twitter. Honestly, I hate this app and I might have used it but it is just boring that’s why I deleted my account early this year, I see Twitter as irrelevant and there is just so much noise there such as hate speech, vulgar language and improper tones amongst celebrities.

    In the future, this app may be not exist at all looking at how it is but you may never know. Instagram is the best social app ever and there is no hate speech there🙌🙌

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  17. Ugh, I think all this hubbub about Twitter is just that. I don’t think it will disappear. But if it did I would be a teeny tiny bit sad. I’ve really enjoyed my time there; it’s useful as it’s pretty popular in my field of academic biology. I keep up with papers and I have made networking connections. A lot of other academics are checking out mastodon but I refuse. Although I am curious about some of these alternatives you mentioned. Not that I will join any. If Twitter goes so will my social media usage.

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  18. What do you think of Mastadon? I’ve heard a lot about it but have never checked it out myself. I have noticed lately twitter has actually been sending more traffic to my websites which may be a good things. I think it was my 4th highest source of traffic last week.

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