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Taking Your Personal Blog In The Direction That You Want

Taking Your Personal Blog In The Direction That You Want

From day one, I have always taken Renard’s World in the direction I wanted (That was easy for me to do because I knew exactly what I wanted; my blog’s tagline made that very clear: “My personal space on the web to post anything that tickles my fancy,” and that granted me lots of wiggle room to play with).

Yes, I am one of those personal bloggers who enjoy dealing with miscellaneous topics on their blog; to imprison myself within a niche would only send me crazy.

Dear friend, if you have not taken your personal blog in the direction in which you would like to take it, it is not too late for you to do it.

Hey, it is your personal blog and you are the one who is supposed to be in control of it.

Do You Know What Your Passions Are?

Most people that I know are fully cognizant of their passions.

Therefore, if you want your personal blogging journey to be pleasurable, you will need to blog about your passions.

If you have a passion for something (for example, books) and you think about it most of the day, it is time for you to blog about it.

Stop Following Someone Else’s Dream And Desire

I have read countless blog posts that pertained to the most popular niches to blog about.

Now, in all honesty, what those so-called blogging gurus wanted people to do was choose one of the popular niches that they mentioned with the hopes of monetizing them to the best of their ability.

Dear friend, it is utter madness for a blogger (whether it be a personal blogger or someone who blogs professionally) to go along with a niche for the sake of gaining lots of popularity and for the dollar signs.

And, why is it that it would be utter madness for a blogger to do that sort of thing?

Because they would be, in a way, selling their soul by not being authentic.

By the way, there are readers who can tell that a blogger is not being genuine and that their sole purpose is to make money and that nothing else matters.

You might as well follow your dream and your desire by choosing a niche that you are interested in.

And, if you are free-spirited like I am, you can say, “To hell with niches,” and blog about things of a miscellaneous nature (Most personal bloggers have the freedom to delve into miscellaneous topics anyway).

People’s Directions Do Change

If your personal blog was laser-focused on a particular topic and you feel that you have outgrown that topic or you no longer love the topic that you chose in the beginning, it is okay for you to change it (That change, of course, is implemented by immediately blogging about whatever it is that you have a sincere interest in).

As a matter of fact, it would be a very authentic move on your behalf, to see to it that your personal blog reflected your new direction.

In all honesty, you might lose a few of your followers for changing the direction of your personal blog.

However, there will be those followers who will stick with you despite your personal blog’s new direction.

Once again, this falls under, “Authenticity” and your personal blog is supposed to reflect your interests.

Final Thoughts

A personal blogger must never be afraid of steering their own blog in the direction that they want.

The truth is that if we are not following our own direction, we are most likely following someone else’s direction.

So, are you taking your personal blog in the direction that you want?


34 thoughts on “Taking Your Personal Blog In The Direction That You Want

  1. The answer is in the title of your post……”Personal Blog”

    As you have written on numerous times in the past, people blog and personal blog for a number of reasons. The term “personal” to me, suggests a reflection of who the person is. As people we grow, change along with the ebb and flow of our lives. It makes sense that a “personal blog” would mirror exactly the same thing.

    As we change/grow – thus our personal blogs would change as well. And that isn’t a bad thing! It’s a reflection of “us” as a person; as people. If our blogs and blogging isn’t really a personal blog…then I think we’re talking about a horse of a different colour here.

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  2. This counters the prevailing idea that we should cultivate our audience or pander to our followers. I agree that is probably the worst thing you can do as a blogger. We should dare to upset them from time to time; stir the pot.

    I’ve always had the problem with niches, that’s how I end up with several blogs – or at least two at a time: the (more serious) niche one and the miscellaneous one. It’s a happy medium (no pun).

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  3. Thanks, Renard! You’re reference to “free-spirited” blogging aligns nicely with what Glen said…about personal blogs evolving, naturally, over time. That makes sense to me. Happy Monday! 😉

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  4. Really great and motivating blog post Renard. I am happy with my blog because I blog about my passions which is men’s fashion and style and I don’t mind sticking to this niche and topic in all my blogging life. I just love clothes and writing👓👒👕

    Thanks for this blog post it keeps me on track 🔥🔥🙏

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  5. I think I just answered your question in my latest post. Thank you for asking it. And thank you for all the advice you give … why is it you always seem to be right? 🤔😂

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  6. You’ve earned a follow, fam. I believe in the same sense of authenticity, that’s why my tagline/URL are what they are. Authenticity and originality are key, in my eyes.

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  7. Well yes, my direction and style has changed a lot.
    Earlier I was blogging for a different results. Now, the reason is different. But, I’m enjoying this. My niche is health and wellness. I believe it’s very difficult niche, but I also believe it’s fun. I like researching and stuff, I love the process. Many people leave the idea of blogging in bit, well I just got started.

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