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There Is No Embarrassment In Slowing Your Blogging Pace Down

There Is No Embarrassment In Slowing Your Blogging Pace Down

Back in the early 2000s, it was normal for a blogger to publish content on their blog daily.

Today, some bloggers are risking burnout by blogging daily (The times have changed as well as the way in which people write blog posts; the average blog post today is longer and more detailed than the average blog post of yesteryear).

For the record, there is nothing at all wrong with blogging daily; if you possess above-average levels of mental and physical energy, you might as well go for it.

However, if you have noticed that you are seriously struggling to write a blog post daily, you should consider blogging less; for example, blogging a few days a week or weekly.

You Of All People Should Know What Is Right For You

Dear friend, you should not be doing something because everyone else is doing it; you should partake in it because it feels right to you (And, the same thing applies to blogging).

If you usually find yourself drifting off to sleep when you are in the middle of putting a blog post together, you are probably tired or bored (That is a clear indicator that daily blogging is not right for you).

Also, if blogging on the whole has become somewhat overbearing for you, there is a high probability of you being desperately in need of a hiatus.

Burnout Is Preventable

Yes, my friend, burnout is preventable.

If you have been working two jobs, you will most likely be mentally and physically exhausted.

Therefore, throwing blogging into the mix is going to feel like an added burden.

For the record, you can still blog, but you will have to do it in moderation; in a case like this, I would recommend publishing content on your blog weekly or fortnightly.

If you attempt to blog daily while holding down two jobs, you are going to fall flat on your face (Realistically, you do not have the mental and physical energy that is required of you to blog daily).

The Length Of Your Blog Posts Could Be Your Life-Saver Or Your Downfall

Theoretically, you could get away with blogging daily if your posts were in the form of short-form content.

However, you would be asking for trouble by filling your blog daily with long-form content.

Every writer on the face of the Earth knows that it requires way more time and effort to write long-form content.

Besides, most of the bloggers who create long-form content for their blogs usually publish them weekly, fortnightly or monthly (Not daily).

Is The Quality Of Your Blog Posts Suffering Because Of The Very Short Time Frame That You Have Available For Putting Them Together?

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that there are few people who can blog daily without negatively affecting the quality of their work.

Whereas, a large percentage of bloggers would have a very hard time maintaining that all-important high quality.

What every blogger should take into consideration is that when human beings are mentally and physically drained, it requires way more effort for them to create high-quality blog posts.

Therefore, slowing one’s blogging pace down and getting an adequate amount of rest, will work in their favour (They have less chance of jeopardizing the quality of their blog posts if they are well-rested).

Get A Well-Trusted Blogging Friend To Help You Out (Optional)

If your mental and physical energy is a bit low, you can ask a well-trusted blogging friend to help you out (That, of course, will be in the form of being a contributor to your blog).

Do you know anyone who would be willing to be a guest author on your blog?

If your answer to that question is, “Yes,” you might want to work on putting that plan into action.

The Bottom Line

If you end up burning yourself out by creating and publishing more blog posts than average, you may end up resenting blogging.

So, for the sake of remaining in love with blogging, it would be in your best interest to slow your blogging pace down.

There is really no need for you to bite off more than you can actually chew (You will only end up suffering the consequences for it).


39 thoughts on “There Is No Embarrassment In Slowing Your Blogging Pace Down

    1. 🙂 You are welcome.

      It is nice to know that you have found a blogging schedule that works for you.

      Blogging fortnightly should allow you enough time to get other things that are not blog-related done, as well as provide you with a reasonable time frame to put a blog post together.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  1. Thanks for this great post Renard. I must admit I don’t know how you manage it daily. 🙃 I agree also with what you’ve said previously about being consistent. It can take a while for new bloggers to find out what the right pace is for them, but once we’ve established what that is, we should stick to that rather than posting more. I’ve found the buzz from posting can be infectious and polishes you to post more – as you’ve said, that leads to burnout as well as setting unrealistic expectations.

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  2. Thanks Renard for another great post. I blog daily and it is demanding. I reduced the number of post in the past from eight (and sometimes even more) to four. As the number of my esteemed followers increases I find responding to comments (which I think is very important to do) increasingly eats into much of my day. I attempt to devote a couple of hours each morning reading posts and responding. However this does eat into my own creative writing, painting and photography. My posts are short but need a lot working on. It is trying to get the right balance. However reducing the number days posting appears to be a appealing solution and is something I have been considering for some time. We shall see. Happy Day, Happy Blogging and thanks for sharing your thoughts with the Blogosphere.

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  3. Much like life, our blogging life needs to find a balance that works for the individual.

    I think this is especially true for those who hold down a “regular job” outside of blogging. It is easy to get burned out if blogging becomes a challenge from a variety of perspectives. It will be different for everybody, but everybody needs to find that “sweet balance” that works for them and their lifestyle.

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  4. This is all so true. When I started I blogged like a uncontrolled wildfire. 3-5 times a day, all hours into the night and morning. I received a lot of likes and follows which fueled the fire. In under 2 years….burnout. And….the thought well went completely dry. Couldn’t even post a word for 8 years. Now, I blog because I love it. Likes and follows come….or they don’t. Sometimes I don’t post for a week. It’s a much more enjoyable experience for me.

    Great post. Thanks again!

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  5. So true. I’m currently taking a blog break due to feelings of overwhelm and depression. I’m still working on future blog posts but barely, and I’m scheduling them for later when I’m feeling better.

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  6. I have several “evergreen” posts that I update several times a year.
    I write about running races and have several local race directories, so they need to be updated or they become outdated.
    I have other posts that I re-write to add updated material or because they are cringe-worthy.
    On occasion I get un-solicited requests for a guest post. Usually it is obvious that they have not read my blog and propose a post totally unrelated to running.
    How do you feel about guest bloggers? Do they steel SEO or potentially cause other problems?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🤔 If your blog revolves around running, it would be wise to choose a guest blogger who is a runner and has a blog that is also based on running.

      In regards to SEO, no harm should be done if the guest blogger is seen as one of the leading figures in running.

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      1. Unfortunately, at best it may be tangentially related to running. And as far as I can tell none of them are well known runners or write for Runners World etc.
        While I’d like to have more content on my site, I don’t think these offers are worth it.
        It’s amazing how many people write about travel and food/nutrition.

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  7. That was a lesson hard learned. I was able to blog one to two posts daily in the beginning but that became inundating after about a month. I have not fully found a constant pace but have found weekly to two times a week seems sufficient. The biggest lesson I can say that I have learned from the burnout phenomenon is the age old lesson, “it’s not about the quantity, but all about the quality.” Thank you for this reminder.

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  8. Absolutely informative post Renard and it is so true. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from blogging, Christmas time is around the corner and many bloggers also Have families so this is the time to relax. I think writing some blogs a week are fine, I too don’t blog often

    People are different so do what works for you. I myself am energetic but I rarely publish all days, I just can’t, health is also crucial too. There is more to life than blogging daily

    Nice post🙌

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  9. Thank you for sharing this. I’m new to the blogging space, so I feel like I have to write more to get more eyes on my writing. In reality… I just need to make an effort to take more time and care with my writing.

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