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When Bloggers Start Without A Goal In Mind

When Bloggers Start Without A Goal In Mind

Yes, believe it or not, there are bloggers who have jumped into blogging without any sort of goal in mind.

How it is that I know this?

Thanks to the WordPress Reader, I came across a blog from a blogger who claimed that they started blogging without any goal in mind.

Now, I thought that was very interesting because the average personal blogger would have made having fun while blogging their main goal.

There Are People Who Created A Blog Without Knowing What Types Of Blog Posts They Would Be Filling It With

In my mind’s eye, I can visualize someone creating a personal blog and figuring out the details afterwards.

Once they learned to figure out their way around the WordPress dashboard and learn to use the Block Editor, there is a chance of them finding their true calling.

Truthfully, it is always better to have a plan before starting a blog of your own.

However, it is possible to fill in the proverbial gaps as time goes along.

You Might As Well Blog About Your Interests

Dear friend, it is way easier to come up with material for your blog if you blog about your interests; for example, if you have a sincere interest in cooking, your blog could be one that teaches others to prepare food (Which can be done by publishing your recipes).

Now, I would want to believe that everyone is interested in something.

Blogging about your interests would prevent you from leaving your blog without any blog posts.

Find Like-Minded Bloggers To Inspire You

One of the nice things about is that you can find like-minded bloggers via the WordPress Reader.

By the way, if you are someone who is new to WordPress or you have never used the WordPress Reader before, you can learn how to use it by reading Reader by the Support Team (I guarantee that once you have familiarized yourself with the way in which the WordPress Reader works, you will be tempted to use it on a regular basis).

There is nothing that is quite as pleasurable as coming across blogs that you are interested in.

You Can Start With Creating A Simple Goal For Yourself

One of the simplest things that any personal blogger can ever do is create a simple goal and work towards accomplishing it ― one that is easily attainable; for example, publishing a new blog post on their blog once a week.

Truthfully, your goal can be based on anything.

Setting goals for your blog makes blogging interesting.

Tell Others About Your Blog

Provided that you have not chosen to blog anonymously, you can tell others about the new blog that you have created for yourself.

You can spread the good news by:

  • Telling your friends and family about your blog face to face.
  • Telling those who you think might be interested in your blog via email.
  • Telling all of your online friends about your new blog via your social media accounts.

There is a high probability of you sticking to your blogging goal if you tell others about your blog.

Final Thoughts

If you happen to be one of those bloggers who ventured into the world of blogging without any goal in mind, you can:

  • Spend a moment of your time with the intention of figuring out what you would like your blog to be based on.
  • Start by blogging about your interests.
  • Make a conscientious effort to find bloggers that inspire you.
  • Create a simple goal for yourself.
  • Spread the news about your new blog by telling others about it.

I wish you all the best on your blogging journey (I truly hope that it turns out to be a very fruitful one).

And, thank you for reading!


35 thoughts on “When Bloggers Start Without A Goal In Mind

  1. Hello, Renard. You may or may not be talking (writing) about me. But this was the topic of my recent blog post, so perhaps you are! Anyway, I am reflecting on your comments, including the one about telling everyone about my blog. Because I don’t do that either, which is undoubtedly a whole other thing I should reflect on!!

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        1. πŸ™‚ No, it was not you either.

          First of all, I hate the term, “Email Chain” because it sounds a whole lot like engaging in spam.

          Now, you will be emailing your friends and family; the people who you are in constant contact with and you will need to have an email address.

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  2. I did this with my first blog which I called Ramblings. It most certainly was. Now with my current blog, it started as a business and it helped me get work and conference gigs but now that too, is becoming a ramble too as I re-evaluate whether I should change its name (as I’m not interested in it professionally anymore) and just name my blog to my own name. Decisions decisions. The blog has gone full circle.

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  3. I think I started with a clear purpose attached to my blog but I was actually mapping out an idea for a new post as I’ve realised that my purpose has changed and the focus has changed since I started in June. I started to write about my visits to historic monuments etc and cafes. It was intended as a way of keeping my on track but I’ve extended a lot from there and the blog itself has become a primary goal rather than simply as a means of recording my visits. I guessmy point is that even if we start out with a goal, we can change as we grow; finding our blogging identity. I wouldnt change what I’m doing now, but I need to get back to my visits etc as theblog itself replaced that goal

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  4. I can’t help but relate to “fill in the proverbial gaps as time goes along”.πŸ˜‚

    I used to do blogging for a cycling niche, but that wasn’t really ‘blogging’ but more like doing affiliate marketing.

    It sucks when your interest as of the moment is everywhere and just observing.πŸ€”

    But ultimately, these things too.

    1. You become a hot mess.

    2. You start making up stuff as they go along.

    3. You end up with a blog full of randomness.

    4. You become a magnet for drama.

    5. You start to think they are better than everyone else.

    6. You get really egotistical.

    7. You become really self-absorbed.

    8. You start to think they know everything.

    9. You become really annoying.

    10. You end up with a blog that no one reads.

    Can I just eat your brain🧠, Renard? There’s a lot of valuable stuff in there that would help me.


    I wanted to blog about different egg recipes. 🍳 I just can’t find my audience.

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  5. I’ve always believed blogging to be a good enough goal in itself. A bit like Descartes: I am, therefore I write. πŸ™‚

    New year’s will soon be upon us and it’s the time for resolutions, meaning reflecting on past goals and making new ones. In life, goals are forever changing. Maybe bloggers will throw the idea of rules and conformity into the bin, and be more daring, controversial and inventive. Who knows?

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  6. Encouraging blog post Renard. As a Blogger when I started my blog about men”s fashion and style two years ago I had no goal on the onset as I was still new but after some time later 2020 I wanted my blog to help men dress better and inspire them to see clothes as a tool to succeed. Also, I am grateful for the friends I met before I started this blog who have helped me find my calling as a Writer and I love to write by the way be it fashion, soccer or my thoughts I love the old pen and paper method.

    New bloggers should check this blog post outπŸ˜ŠπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

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  7. I feel it helps to have a goal or some idea of what one wants their blog to reflect upon. This may not make sense but having a goal gives the blogger something to write to, meaning try to adhere to an idea. If that doesn’t work then consider switching gears and finding a new subject. Your posts about blogging are very helpful, Renard.

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  8. Great post today Renard! I had a good laugh as I was one of ‘those’ bloggers….
    I got online in 2000 & my friend set up my 1st email account. . Had to go to Library to access it & I started following 6 Bloggers. I did that weekly trip to Library for 5 years. And I admired the people who blogged.
    AS you know, I finally got my 1st laptop named “Baby” in August 2005 & the rest they say is “HISSTORY”!
    I had the name picked out for the blog. I had lots of ideas but not an actual goal….Funny thing is, the words started flowing as my Siamese cat Mingflower talking about Ebony Bunny who lived in our backyard! And then I would blog as myself a week later & it all just sort of evolved.
    I’m sure you’ve read the BIO I have here on WP. My goal became to tell my cat’s stories of us from their purrspective. I’ve stayed true to that oal….
    Funny to think back to that time when I had a name for a blog but no goal or real direction & here 17 years later I’ve shared the blog with Mingflower; then NYLABLUE, then Purrince Siddhartha Henry an now BellaDharma. And introduced people to so many of our animal friends from all over the world.
    That is the MAGIC of blogging isn’t it Renard? To create somethin unique to each of us & then share it with the world!
    {{hugs)) Sherri-Ellen (BellaSita Mum) & **purrss** BellaDharma

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  9. Now this is an interesting one. I would have to say yes and no. My only goal was writing about movies everyday. I hoped I’d still be doing it 5 years from now and here I am. I just don’t know how long I will be doing it and if there’s an end in sight.

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  10. My goal and writing style was very different last year when I first started.
    I first thought to share fitness blogs. Then I changed my writing style a lot. I made things more relaxed and added more me in my blogs. I have learned from many good bloggers and adapted accordingly!!

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