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There Are Times When I Think About Blogger


Despite WordPress being a superb place to blog, there are those moments when I think about Blogger.

The first blogging platform that I was ever on was Blogger (I made sure that I deleted my blog on Blogger before I made my way here to WordPress).

Anyway, Blogger keeps popping up in my mind and I believe that I have a few theories on why that is happening.

I Miss The Full Control Of Using Any Theme That I Desired And Customizing It To My Liking

A lot of people are under the misconception that they need to stick with Blogger’s default dated-looking themes.

The truth is that you also have the option of creating your own from scratch (which requires a bit of skill) or using a third-party theme by someone or some company that specializes in Blogger themes.

I always liked using those third-party themes (In my opinion, they were on par with those themes that were available for WordPress at that time).

In regards to fonts, I was free to use any kind that I liked and adjust the size of those fonts in a precise manner.

Hey, not bad at all for a free blog on Blogger, right?

There Is Very Little That Users On The Free Plan Can Do With Their Themes

Here on WordPress, those of us who are on the free plan, are losing more and more control over the way in which our blog looks.

I clearly remembered that in the earlier days of WordPress, those of us on the free plan were able to customize the theme to some degree; for example:

  • Changing a few accent colours.
  • Changing the size of our fonts.
  • Changing our font from one type to another.
  • Changing the colour of the links.

At the time, it was still limited. However, we had more freedom to alter the look of our theme than we do now.

A few months back, I noticed that the images on the newer WordPress themes appeared oversized and that one was unable to customize the fonts on those themes.

Why is WordPress doing that to its users that are on its free plan?

My educated guess is that WordPress wants to frustrate its users into upgrading their plans (They know that WordPress users want to fully customize their theme and the only way to get them to do that is to slowly take away whatever little freedom that they have to do so).

Blogger Provided Users With 15 GB Of Storage

Truthfully, I do not think that I would have been capable of using up all of my storage space on Blogger (Once the photos were less than 2048 pixels in height or width, I had nothing to worry about; it felt as though I had infinite storage).

I have been away from Blogger for years; therefore, I am not in a position to say whether or not things have changed in regards to storage space .

Up to this day, I still think about the storage space that I turned my back on by leaving Blogger.

The 3 GB Of Storage Space On The Free WordPress Plan Is Reasonable

If your blog is one that is based on photography, 3 GB of storage is going to run out quickly.

The best thing for anyone who wants to run a photography-based blog on WordPress is to upgrade their plan (Preferably one that provides them with the amount of storage that they would need).

I started Renard’s World back in 2018 and so far, I have managed to utilize 0.5% of my 3 GB of storage.

How did I manage to keep my storage space so low?

I did it by resizing my images and compressing them afterwards; which reduces the size of them.

Also, I do not think that I am going to be using the entire 3 GB of storage space anytime soon.

I Never Had Any Issues With Scheduling Posts When I Was Over On Blogger

Yes, it is true. I never had any issues with scheduling posts when I was over on Blogger.

The blog posts were always published on the date and time that they were set to launch.

The truth is that I never once expected Blogger’s scheduling feature to fail on me (It probably had to do with me knowing that Blogger is run and owned by Google).

Scheduling Posts Can Be A Hit Or Miss On WordPress

The funny thing is that scheduling my blog posts on WordPress via my laptop computer has worked flawlessly for me.

However, when I schedule my blog posts via the WordPress Mobile App, I run the risk of not having my scheduled blog post published (It is a strange occurrence that happens once in a while).

Now, what about those people who do not own computers and have to rely on using the WordPress Mobile App to schedule their blog posts?

Apparently, mobile users would be doomed; one day into the future, one of their scheduled blog posts may end up remaining unpublished.

Final Thoughts

I believe that it is only natural for me to reminisce about Blogger when WordPress is making changes for the worst or is behaving in a glitchy manner.

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that the only thing that is truly keeping me here on WordPress is its wonderful community (If WordPress did not have that, I would have been out of here faster than a bat out of hell).

Also, it is hard to deny the fact that Blogger is impressive for a blogging platform that provides a free service.


30 thoughts on “There Are Times When I Think About Blogger

  1. Tbh the only reason I haven’t switched to a third party hosting site is because of the WP community. I just renewed my WP Premium plan a couple days ago, all because I had a coupon. Until I can find a good hosting plan that doesn’t overcharge its users after 1-2 years, I’m stuck with WP. It really is the community that keeps us here. Nothing else can truly replace that.

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  2. I enjoyed this post a lot, Renard, I started on Blogger too. It was great to use any theme I wanted and be able to alter the CSS and other templates used by the developer? I enjoy figuring out codes/coding for websites. WordPress has very slowly closed its metaphorical fist on its users in terms of storage and other basic functions. I call this Greed. One may be much better off by using a host of their choice to host their website outside of the .Com side.

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  3. I have started with Blogger too! It was many years ago and I was not so committed but I remember was easier without so many glitches…WP I think is ok until you just do your posts but when you want to make changes to your website is way too slow…it took me 2 days just to create a page 😓 My only reason of staying with WP is the community as well!

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    1. 🙂 Thank you for letting me know that you began with Blogger.

      The choice is your to go back to using Blogger if you wish.

      Let us hope that WordPress changes for the better and that you never have to make the switch.

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  4. I left Blogger in 2004 ‘n have never looked back. Three blogs on now wid just two active ‘n other ‘semi-retired‘. Started a new Self-Hosted WordPress blog @ Hostinger recently – a 4-year plan (paid in advance) that was right around $107 total w/ a coupon code discount. That one renews in 4-years @ around $335 for 4-years (paid in advance = about $84 a year). It has “100 GB SSD Storage,” but that probably covers the entire blog (??). Purchased a new “Multipurpose Blog WordPress Theme” for $29 after I grew tired of searching for a free theme, and have been customizing that wid free plugins of my choice. No WordPress community (which I was never interested in anyway) ‘n you pretty much need to be able to figure out any developing or programming w/o “Happiness Engineers” … or look for help on the internet or at Fiverr. I don’t even remember what Blogger was like or offered, other than they were just too political for me… 😉

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  5. I was on Blogger from 2005 to 2011. I enjoyed being able to insert html code hacks to customise the look of my blog. Appearance was important to me as a content creator.

    However, in those times you would go directly to a blog rather than view lots of blogs via a reader. I tend not to want to do that as much now. Newspapers and magazines look very similar for good reason: consistency in appearance doesn’t stress out the readership needlessly. The same ought to apply to blogs, imo.

    I did go back a couple of years ago, just to see. And it’s not the same platform. More so, I don’t trust Google with my personal data. At least on WP they’re not after my personal phone number, bank details, where I go every day, what I’m thinking and my hat size and inside leg measurement. They sell it on to third parties; why else would they want it?

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    1. I’ll add that I also think WP want us all to commit to a plan and the free plan is merely to get us inside the door.

      As for customising themes, I feel there’s a move towards more customisation through the new theme block editor, for free plan blogs. However, it’s not for the faint hearted nor for those who haven’t any IT savvy. In short, a good idea poorly realised.

      Maybe it’ll be improved in time but I’m not holding my breathe for it.

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    2. 🤔 Ian, I would not deny the fact that Google is storing everything that it can about people and using that information to advertise products to them.

      However, in regards to a free blog, Blogger provides way more flexibility than WordPress.


  6. I never tried Blogger, but I follow a few from there. The reason why I moved from was because of the lackluster themes. I tried several FSE themes and as you mentioned, the images are oversized and I wasn’t happy with how they looked.

    I have two blogs, one on the Premium plan and the other on the Personal plan, and for now, that will have to suffice. I like to use images so the Free plan wouldn’t work for me. will soon be launching its Twenty Twenty Three Theme so hopefully, there will be some improvements.

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  7. Well Renard after reading this blog I think I might have to rethink abandoning the Blogger Pro App but honestly, when I first laid my eyes on the app I wasn’t impressed with the features, it seemed lousy to me compared to it is just an amazing app , I enjoy the community Here and commenting on other bloggers post. I have made friends here on this platform such as yourself brother😊🙌🙌

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    1. 🤔 In regards to mobile apps WordPress is way better.

      If you are blogging via a computer, you should have no problem at all using Blogger

      Yes, the WordPress community is one of a kind and is the reason why most people stay with WordPress.

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  8. You could always run a second blog for a while and see what happens, Post a link on WP. Gmail is free and web based, so it won’t compromise your machine. Blogger works fine on Firefox on my machines. I think it 15gb across your Google account.

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    1. 🤔 Hell no! I am not running a second blog; this blog of mine is already a handful (Thanks for the suggestion, Neo).

      Yes, you are right. The 15 GB is used across one’s Google account.

      Thank you for reading and commenting, my friend.

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