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Why Do People Delete Their WordPress Blogs?

Why Do People Delete Their WordPress Blogs?

Yes, people do delete their WordPress blogs.

And, why would one choose to delete their own WordPress blog?

Well, in all honesty, it is somewhat complicated; different bloggers will have their own specific reasons for wanting to delete their WordPress blogs (Today, I am going to discuss some of those reasons with you).

They Were Not In Their Right Frame Of Mind

People who are afflicted with a mental health condition known as, “Bipolar Disorder” tend to experience periods of depression followed by periods of an abnormally high elevated mood (Think of it as people experiencing a severe mood swing).

If the blogger with that particular mental health condition is in his or her phase of depression, he or she might delete their entire WordPress blog.

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that it would not be the first time that the deletion of a blog was triggered by depression.

They Got Fed Up With WordPress

Factually speaking, some people do get fed up with WordPress.

If you are someone who blogs on WordPress, you will have an idea why someone would get fed up their WordPress blog.

And, if you are someone who does not blog, or never used WordPress for blogging, you might be clueless as to the reasons why anyone would become fed up with their WordPress blog.

Some people got fed up with their WordPress blogs because:

  • They did not like the Block Editor (They refused to use it and they did not want to upgrade their package in order for them to use the Classic Editor plugin).
  • They were constantly being censored.
  • The Happiness Engineers did not fix their technical issue in a timely manner.
  • They were tired of other people plagiarizing their blog posts.
  • They thought that the price of the WordPress plans was too high.

It was as though they became extremely disappointed with WordPress and that the best course of action was to delete their blog.

Their Interests Changed

Some people are known to delete their blogs because their interests changed; for example, they were once interested in video games and now they are interested in philosophy (In a situation like that, a blogger would delete the blog that was based on video gaming and create a new one that is based on philosophy).

So, in this case, it has a lot to do with sharing their new passion with others and wiping their hands clean of their old interest.

They Were Unable To Manage More Than One Blog

There are lots of people who have more than one WordPress blog; some can handle the pressure of creating content for their numerous blogs, while others cannot.

Therefore, if someone is having a very hard time managing two WordPress blogs, they will delete one of them with the hopes of regaining their sanity.

As someone with a single blog on WordPress, I can openly admit to you that one blog can be quite a handful.

They Would Prefer To Delete Their Blog Than Leave It Abandoned

I am one of those bloggers who would prefer to delete their blog rather than leave it abandoned.

When I decided to leave Blogger and come over to WordPress, I deleted my blog on Blogger and created a new one on WordPress.

And, if I were to leave WordPress while I am alive, I would delete Renard’s World.

For the record, it is not mandatory for bloggers to delete those blogs of theirs that they are no longer interested in; it is merely a choice made by those who believe that an unattended blog should be deleted.

Final Thoughts

People do delete their WordPress blogs for various reasons (And, I hope that I have made some of those reasons clear).

No one really thinks of deleting their WordPress blog until they become dissatisfied with some aspect of the service or have chosen to close the proverbial curtains once and for all on the WordPress blog that they had spent very little or lots of time with.


46 thoughts on “Why Do People Delete Their WordPress Blogs?

  1. I deleted some of my blogs because they’d run their natural course. I should really delete two more because they’re no longer active either. Maybe your post is the prod I’ve been needing!

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  2. Right now I manage Medium and WordPress, and it’s a lot of work. I don’t post very often these platforms are always available to use. I don’t have a schedule and that seems to work better for me. I also get bored easily and will jump around during slow seasons.

    Your post came at a good time because I plan on renewing my WP plan later today. I’m going to keep the Premium plan thanks to a great discount I found. With the discount, it’s the same price as the personal plan.

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  3. There must be a myriad of reasons why a blog is deleted. I have seen way too many abandoned blogs on WordPress and am wondering why WP doesn’t delete them after a specific period of time.

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    1. Agreed. I think WordPress should clean out blogs which have been dormant for 5+ years. I shudder to think of my blog just sitting around for decades if anything were to happen to me. What’s uncanny is that I have so many posts scheduled that it’ll likely go on auto-posting for a few weeks, much to my family and friends’ shock

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  4. I have the active, Curiosities blog but the old one I started a few years ago. At appropriate times I’m copying the posta across to Curiosities, then I’ll delete it. As for Curiosities, if the content is useful/helpful to others, why delete it. My thinking is I’m writing, among other things, study skills guidance for students whi h I hope will continue to be helpful. I wouldnt want to delete that

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  5. Interesting topic, Renard – well, you know l deleted the Guy blog last May. It simply no longer reflected who l was as a person. As you would, l opted to delete rather than leave it to float around in cyberspace for X time.

    We have too many people who leave things; l think that is untidy behaviour. As someone commented above, WP should delete these blogs after a set period, maybe 3 – 5 years, because the traffic flow will naturally loosen off.

    YES, there is always the factor of old posts still gaining traffic and readings, but if a blog is unmanned and not maintained, there is a difference between older posts being discovered from the vault to those simply floating unmanned.

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  6. I think there are a myriad of reasons why a person might entirely delete their blog. Without think too much as to why, the first thing that pops into my mind is perhaps the person has changed or they are moving in a different direction and “deleting the blog” permanently is part of the changes and moving forward in their life. But, who knows?

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  7. While deletion is interesting it high lights the whole “Dead account” issue.
    Will WordPress will eventually eventually follow Facebook and Google with an option to auto remove dormat accounts after a set time period. With People literally passing away, the Internet will become a living cemetery. Ooh that’s a bit dark

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  8. I wouldn’t deliberately kill a blog.

    Even in regret, it’s healthy to be reminded of one’s past mistakes. I think so anyway.

    I’ve not counted but the web probably contains blogs of mine in good double figures. There’s only one which was deleted and not by me. I can’t remember what the host platform was called because I tried to search for cached pages on the “WayBack Machine” (a fun search engine which finds lost websites from the past) but it doesn’t come up. It was around 2004. Anyway, long story cut short, the host decided to leave the hosting business and reset their servers. They gave good notice beforehand but I forgot to download – I was on a blogging hiatus at the time – and I kind of kick myself now because I’m interested in what my younger self was writing about.

    I appreciate some people suffer mental health issues and have reason to do so but deleting a blog feels like burning old photographs of family and friends. No, it’s not my thing.


    Renard, you know WordPress in and out. I’m looking at a new blog and it seems the old free themes have been replaced by new ones customisable through the new site block editor. It’s a bit of a nightmare! If learning the post block editor was bad enough for some bloggers, this site block editor will finish them off.

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    1. 🤔 Ian, do you mean that you are looking for a new blogging platform?

      If it is simplicity that you desire, I recommend Blogger or Substack.

      From the looks of things, WordPress will only become more complicated as time goes along.

      The full site block editor requires patience and the willingness to learn to do things differently.

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      1. No, not a new platform, a new WP blog.

        Though in frustration, I went back to Blogger to see if it was simpler but they wanted my mobile phone number for verification and I’m not giving them that! They’ll want my bank details next.

        In short, I’ve a new idea for a blog so I tried out a theme on an old blog I use only for the purpose. of testing, and customised it to my liking. But when I created my new blog and unique domain name (free wordpress), I couldn’t find the theme I’d been working with. There are only these new “site block editor” designs listed now.

        It appears you build these much like Wix or Weebly websites. It takes a lot of time and I don’t find the UI intuitive. I looked at tutorials but these are over an hour long and too much talking and not enough illustrative steps. I could do with an IKEA assembly style instruction page! 😁

        I’m still giving it a go, see if I can work things out. I feel for new bloggers coming in and not wanting the hassle.

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  9. Yes,, deleted blogs multiple times. I am probably mostly point one. blasts of creativity, this is the best feeling ever, people seem to be enjoying it, it’s growing well, it’s fun… bang… I hate it all, I’m so stupid, it’s so stupid, it has to go… DELETE… Ooo… I feel bad about that now I’m better, perhaps I’ll create a new blog… Repeating since 2013.

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  10. I’ve deleted blogs because my interests changed. However, before I deleted them I copied/pasted what I wanted to reuse into a word doc. If something happens to me, I don’t want my blog sitting out in the blog world and not being tended to. I have assigned another blogger as an editor on my blog to take it down should I not be able to carry on. And I am also the editor of her blog.

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  11. Interesting point of view Renard! If you were unwell or end of Life; I would be sad you deleted your entire blog. I mean it still bein here would help your Followers cope with ‘losing’ you in our lives.
    I respect whatever choice you would make; but personally I would be sad to wake up one day & you went **POOF** & were gone!
    I have a fellow Blogger who knows my password & if something happens to me, she can post on my behalf. Something to consider.
    I know a few people on WP who DELETED their blog by ACCIDENT!!! Not funny! I have almost done that a few times because the DELETE button was somewhere it really should not have been! FRUSTRATING!
    As for our blog; I do review posts from time to time & delete posts that are not as ‘important’ as other posts; mostly to give me a bit more space!
    Ok I’ve gone on enough!
    Kind regards, Sherri-Ellen aka BellaSita Mum an **purrss** BellaDharma

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  12. Yeah logical reasons here Renard. I deleted a site here I created for this guy who promised to pay but never did. Anyways, deleting a blog is needed if your blog seems pathetic to you or the interests changed for example, being interested in art then start an art blog but along the way you change and want to start a music blog so better delete the blogs then because you no longer love art😂😂 . As for me I will always love fashion and style because it is who I am in real life, I love clothes and when I am not dressed well I feel like I am not myself, the love for clothes has grew on me, it is in my blood and will always be in my system🔥🔥🔥👏👏

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          1. Is it appropriate to update older blogs? Or should I write again about them? I know there’s a lot of scope to write further with the topic, but I wanted to know if I should discuss things again with a new blog?
            I’ve seen people, resharing their old blogs, is it good? It is advisable?

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            1. 🤔 As a matter of fact, it is okay for you to update your older blog posts (Google loves that sort of thing).

              Now, you could write about those topics that you have dealt with before, but from another angle.

              In regards to resharing blog old posts, you can share them via links instead of reblogging. For example, via a blog post that discusses past blog posts for the month.


              1. Ohhhh that’s an interesting idea.
                I shall try it 😀.
                I do share old blogs if I’m discussing on similar topic.
                I will try to make it more attractive that people will read those old blogs automatically.
                I would love to read more of your blogs. Please don’t mind the notifications 🙇🏻‍♂️

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  13. I think the biggest reason many people tend to delete their blogs (entirely) is because many of them believed it would be easy way to make money and it’s not really an easy way. It takes time and consistently and most of all, it’s very competitive market in blogging.

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  14. Man I really got caught up with work and other struggles and really was tempted to give it all up. But then I saw how I put in a lot of effort in the past and it would be a waste to throw it all away. I’m planning to write more articles if I can! Check out my latest article too!


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