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Do You Love Your Own Blog?

Do You Love Your Own Blog?

Loving your own blog is normal; I can assure you that loving your own blog is not narcissistic.

As a matter of fact, every blogger is supposed to love their own blog.

Today, I am going to give you some plausible reasons why you should love your own blog.

Your Blog Is A Reflection Of Yourself

Yes, my friend. Your blog is a reflection of yourself; you have made that known by publishing the types of blog posts that are of interest to you.

Should you feel ashamed of having a blog that is a reflection of yourself?

Of course not!

As personal bloggers, we are all encouraged to blog about the things that are closest to our hearts.

You can think of your blog as a creative extension of yourself.

Do you love yourself?

Those of you who are happy (and not depressed) would have answered, “Yes!”

Therefore, since it is normal for you to love yourself and since your blog is indeed an extension of yourself, it is absolutely normal for you to love your own blog (It is logical too).

We Tend To Focus Our Attention On The Things And The People That We Love

It is a known fact, that we tend to focus our attention on the things and the people that we love; for example:

  • Our beloved family.
  • The house that we live in (Provided that it is a beautiful house).
  • The genre of books that we like to read.
  • The genre of television shows and movies that we like to watch.

Dear friend, if we tend to focus our attention on the things and the people that we love, there is a very high probability of us focusing our attention on our blogs if we truly love them (This often leads to giving them the attention that they deserve).

If You Love Your Blog And No One Else Loves It, All Is Still Well

People who love their blogs fill them with content because they love them.

If other people come across their blogs and love their content, all is well.

Also, if other people come across their blogs and hate their content, all is still well.

And, how in God’s/Goddess’s name could that be so?

It is so because those bloggers have made it a priority of theirs to love their blogs; the people who love or hate their blogs are merely spectators.

The truth is that those bloggers will continue to blog once they possess the love for their own blog.

People Who Love Their Own Blogs Seldom Abandon Them

If you truly love your blog, the last thing that you would ever want is to abandon it.

After all, a lot of love went into creating content for it.

The only way that those people are separated from their blogs is because:

  • They died.
  • They became chronically ill.
  • They no longer have internet access (They will be back, of course, as soon as they regain internet access).
  • They no longer have an electronic device to blog on (They will regain their blogging, of course, as soon as they acquire a laptop computer, desktop computer, tablet computer or smartphone).

People who love their blogs do not give up on them willfully.

The Bottom Line

Dear friend, you should love your blog because:

  • Your blog is a reflection of who you are.
  • Loving your blog puts you in the state of mind to truly focus on it and appreciate it dearly.
  • You will not feel hurt if someone does not love your blog because you know to yourself that loving your own blog is what truly matters.
  • You will not willfully abandon your blog.

So, do you love your blog?

I hope that your answer is, “Yes!”


69 thoughts on “Do You Love Your Own Blog?

  1. I love my blog, but unfortunately WP does not. You’re right about everything you said, we write about what we love (or we should) and it’s not something we can just walk away from. πŸ˜€

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  2. Excellent post Renard!
    I can answer your question in 3 words: “I sure DO!”
    I Love THE Purrfect Pad from the say I did my 1st stumbling bumbling post til now…
    The ONLY way I stop blogging is death or debilitating illness! I would never abandon my blo for any other reason!!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen aka BellaSita Mum

    Pee S: Mistur Renard as lon as mee iss here BellaSita Mum ISS bloggin~~~mee has ALOT to say!!!
    Mew mew mew BellaDharma

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  3. I like my blog, but I’m not super involved with it like I used to be. It’s there because I can’t bring myself to delete it. I feel obligated to keep it at this point, so I will be renewing the WP plan this year.

    I know I should keep blogging but I seem to have lost my β€œwhy.”

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  4. Yes Renard, every blogger loves his/her blog and wants to see it grow over time. Because our blog is a platform to express ourselves and connect with other like minded people on the web. So, it’s quite natural to love one’s blog irrespective of the claps and comments from others.

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  5. You just made me feel so much better about myself! Lol, seriously! Well said though because why would you put tome and effort into something you loathed. I know I wouldn’t. I just wish people loved my blog as much as me, lol. One day. Maybe one day.

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  6. I think those of us who write and post as a “personal blog” – inevitability begin to reveal “who they are”; our style; desire; pain; successes and such regardless of what we ultimately post. Our personality of “who we are” shows forth in everything that we do – whether it is blogging or some other facet in our lives.

    In many respects, our blogs become this archival history of our growth over time – or it certainly can be. As we grow, mature and experience the bad/tough times, as well the good/triumphs in our lives, our blogs and what gets posted often reflects where we are in our life at any one point in time.

    Having said all of that, a ton of effort goes into putting together a post and “hitting enter” even if it is only once a week. Often it takes a healthy dose of both courage and fear to “hit enter” and let the world into our sacred space.

    We should be proud of what we do and what we give to the universe through our writing and posting. Something I truly believe is that the arts, whether it be writing/blogging, visual arts(such as painting) or one of the many other art forms takes tremendous courage.

    As someone who paints, it is easy to finish a painting and simply put it in a corner of your house and have no one ever see it. Posting pics of it online or allowing others to see it – exposes our inner self(all the good and bad bits) to the world to see.

    Art always reflects the artist’s innermost being. Blog – be proud and love it.

    A quote – “the making of art is not what the final piece looks like or sounds like, not what it’s worth or not worth, but the newness that is added to the universe in the process of the piece becoming itself”

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  7. Yes yes and Yes – I do love my blog and always trying to improve it. But, I have been too AWOL from it – clearly I am still alive, and have internet access, I am not chronically ill – but I am a carer of someone (well they aren’t chronically ill – but need support). I cant explain my AWOL ness – I dont want to say I have abandoned by blog – because I have not. But it could be said I have. But, I am working hard to get back to my blogging joys.

    I conclude – Hell yes I love my blog and I love the community too

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  8. I like my blog. I try not to get too personal on it because I’m not one to blast myself online. I need to write more. That’s my only problem.

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  9. Yes I love my blog and Im enjoying every piece of what I write even though english is not my first language but Its incredible feeling to write what you love and experience, what is inside your heart while help others. 😊

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  10. The bit about abandoning your blog related!

    I’ve thought about whether I should ditch it to focus on other writing projects, but it’s been such a big part of my life it feels like giving up a family member!

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  11. I really do love my blog. It’s as deep, diverse, creative and complex as I am. And it doesn’t preclude me from working on other projects. In fact, it’s a warmup, a constant well of motivation. The blogosphere is a sanctuary. Thanks for posting this and getting us all thinking on it!

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