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Did You Enjoy WordPress In October?

Did You Enjoy WordPress In October?

WordPress could have been more enjoyable for the month of October.

Now, despite Renard’s World getting lots of incoming views, things could have been better.

Some of you are probably thinking, “Renard, your blog received lots of views, what could be better than that?”

Well, the truth is that it is not all about me; it has a lot to do with my fellow bloggers too.

There Were A Lot Of Bloggers Missing In Action

Those of you who have been following Renard’s World for quite some time would know that I enjoy checking out the blogs of my fellow bloggers.

Guess what?

Some of my fellow bloggers have been inactive; a large percentage of those who have been blogging nonstop since back in August of this year, have not published any new content since.

What in God’s/Goddess’s name could be the reason for their absence?

My educated guess is that they probably burned themselves out (The Blaugust challenge ― the one where they publish content on their blogs daily for the month of August, sucked them dry).

In all honesty, blogging daily is not for everyone; there are those who can do it with ease, while there are those who have a very hard time of keeping up.

Anyway, should one month’s time be enough for a blogger to recuperate fully from a creative burnout?

I would like to think so, but apparently that is not the case.

I was naive to believe that they would take the entire month of September to recuperate and return fresh in October to publish their blog posts.

There Were Those Who Never Left

On a positive note, there is a wonderful set of bloggers on WordPress who show up regularly to entertain us (Thank goodness for that).

If those bloggers did not show up and do their thing, the blogosphere would have been a boring place.

I would like to say to those people, “Thank you for showing up; I appreciate your online presence.”

I Managed To Come Across Some New Blogs On WordPress

It is a well-known fact that people are always creating new blogs on WordPress. However, only a small percentage of those people who created blogs on WordPress will remain active.

How do I come across new blogs on WordPress?

With the help of the Reader, of course.

I have interacted with some of those new WordPress bloggers; they appear to have lots of potential (Longevity, on the other hand, is a different story).

I would like to wish all of those bloggers who started new blogs on WordPress in October, all the best.

I also want them to have lots of fun and not give up on blogging when things get tough.

Blogging will always be challenging and they are quite capable of overcoming those blogging-related challenges.

Final Thoughts

For me, WordPress was fairly enjoyable.

I would like to see the return of those bloggers who were absent since August.

May WordPress maintain its reputation for possessing one of the best blogging communities on the world wide web.

By the way, did you enjoy WordPress in October?


53 thoughts on “Did You Enjoy WordPress In October?

  1. This month it clicked and I’ve come back to blogging with a passion, so for me October was good. Starting to get some traction on my blog which is nice. It’s not why I do it, but good to know I have some listening at least for what I write.

    I’ve always found blogging to be highly habit based. I wonder if that’s where the August bloggers have got to? When a habit is broken, it can be some time before we even realise it, and more to fire up again.

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  2. I did blog a lot in October, but this was a busy month for me so didn’t check up on many. But while waiting for trick or treaters I did check up on a few. Btw very few turned up today!

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  3. What a considerate post.
    October has been a great month, thank you for asking! I’ve also noticed many bloggers missing or on extended hiatus.. I’m not sure what happened but hopefully we’ll see most return after some time away.
    Have a very Happy Halloween!

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  4. I am also not able to post because of my final year exam preparation and I have become busybee Renard. 😊
    My post needs lots of research and effort as it is based on education, still I am trying to get on time..
    You really encourage us to be on track so thanks for that πŸ‘βœŒοΈ

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  5. Not much to say about WP in general, Renard, as I think it’s not the the tool but what we do with it that makes blogging enjoyable.

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  6. I dont think I’ve been blogging long enough to really notice patterns yet but I agree with a couple of comments, and yourself Renard, blogging can be demanding particularly if you need to research. But although I try to keep focused it can be difficult to meet my own deadlines.

    I should say that I’m pleased with the way my blog is developing.

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  7. October was my prep month leading up to NaNoWriMo in November. So I haven’t been posting much. Add that to getting sick left we with 3 whole post πŸ˜…. November will be full writing a novel so weekly updates it is for this month.

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  8. I find I’m quite happy with the number of posts I’ve managed for October, even though I had a two week gap. I have MS, so occasional periods of various lengths of not posting are going to be fairly common. I haven’t really established a regular posting pattern, because it can be hard to predict energy and enthusiasm levels, which will mess with any plans… I’m just pleased when I have enough energy to get a good run on the creativity.

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  9. Hi Renard, As you know I’m on 3 months long break. I have fully utilised the first month of October. I’m doing offline writing, improving drawing, getting social, adjusting according to the winter weather. Most important is that 1) regular college studies, 2) civil service preparation and 3) writing blogs are interconnected, improving my productivity.
    My break is flexible for rare situations. If a blogger is sad, needs help or celebrating b’day, I’ll join them in the conversations. Thank you.😊

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  10. You do such a good job of ‘trend-spotting’, Renard. I’m enjoying reading the comments from other bloggers in response to your post. I still think of myself as a newer blogger – like Brenda said, I don’t notice patterns of posts ebbing and flowing as much as others. I know I appreciate the variety of content addressed in the blogs I follow and I’m grateful to fellow bloggers for doing what they can, when they can, blogging-wise. I know it’s a balancing act for everyone as blogging fun needs to mesh with other responsibilities. Thanks for always being encouraging, Renard. πŸ˜‰

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  11. IMO, October is the doorway to the remaining holidays of the year. Many get wrapped up in planning and shopping and take a break from blogging. Being, October is my favorite month of the year, I am enthusiastic about blogging. I have connected with a few new bloggers because those who like autumn and Halloween seem to find each other. Also, I’ve seen an increase in output from those I follow.

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  12. People come and go Renard, cannot help it. Some may inform us they taking breaks, having personal issues or health wise, like I did. And… as you said earlier in your post, they just went quiet…. Long absence! Some may even quit in silence.

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  13. I enjoyed making a comeback in October. My dad was very sick and passed away earlier this year. It’s taken me a while to get back into the swing. I also discovered some new blogs, like yours, that I enjoy. Here’s to a good November. πŸ‘

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    1. πŸ˜” First of all I would like to give my condolences to you and your family.

      Also, it is nice to know that you got back into the proverbial swing.

      Thank you for letting me know that you have discovered some new blogs and that you enjoy mine.

      I am also hoping for a good November.

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