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5 Reasons Why You Must Always Write To Please Yourself


As a blogger, it is imperative that you write to please yourself.

You are probably thinking, “Renard, the blogging gurus have stated that we need to write for an audience and now you are telling me that I must always write to please myself.”

I know that the advice that I am giving you here goes against the proverbial grain.

Okay, I will admit that it may sound a bit crazy; especially if you are a well-experienced blogger.

However, I want you to bear with me for a bit because I am going to provide you with some plausible reasons why you should always write to please yourself (So, read on my friend; I can assure you that it is worth your time).

1.) You Attract The Right Audience By Writing To Please Yourself

Yes, my friend, it is true that you will attract the right audience by simply writing to please yourself.

And, how in God’s/Goddess’s name is that so?

It is so because when you write to please yourself and publish it afterwards on your blog, you will attract those who resonate with your message; for example, if you are into things health-related and you publish health-related blog posts on your blog, you will attract an audience that is into health-related blog posts.

The approach is simple, yet effective!

2.) You Will Not Feel Like A Pretender

Unfortunately, many bloggers have chosen niches that they are not really interested in (They only chose them because they were popular).

For the record, it is okay for you to choose a popular niche once you are genuinely interested in it and you possess a genuine love for it.

People who venture into niches and topics that they genuinely do not give a damn about will eventually find themselves hitting a psychological roadblock (There will come a time when they will tell themselves, “I cannot do this any longer,” throw in the figurative towel and give up on blogging).

Also, blogging about the things that are of genuine interest to you is being authentic (And, when you are being authentic, it would be difficult for you to feel like a pretender).

So, in this case, you are way better off writing to please yourself.

3.) You Would Be Most Eager To Write

If you have adopted the approach of always writing to please yourself, you will be most eager to write (After all, you will be doing things on your terms).

Also, when the time comes around to write a new blog post, you are not going to say to yourself, “Damn, is it that time again?”

Instead, you will happily put that blog post of yours together without any complaint.

4.) Your Blog Would Be Filled With New Blog Posts For A Very Long Time To Come

Provided that you are not murdered by someone, or you lose your life through being a victim of an accident or die from a natural cause, your blog will be filled with new blog posts for a very long time to come.

Yes, once you are alive and you still have the zeal for blogging, you will continue to fill it with the type of blog posts that you love.

And, it all began with you being brave enough to write to please yourself.

5.) You Will Feel A Sense Of Satisfaction

If you have been writing to please yourself and publishing those blog posts afterwards on your blog, you will feel a sense of satisfaction.

You will look back and think to yourself that writing to please yourself was the best decision that you ever made.

And, which blogger do you know that does not want to feel satisfied in the end?

Final Thoughts

As you have learned, writing to please yourself will lead to:

  • You attracting the right audience.
  • You not feeling like a pretender.
  • You being most eager to write.
  • You ensuring that your blog will be filled with new blog posts for a very long time to come.
  • You feeling a sense of satisfaction.

Therefore, where your best interest is concerned, you are much better off writing to please yourself.

53 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Must Always Write To Please Yourself

  1. I agree with you. It makes me happy everytime i write an article for my blog. It doubles my happiness when someone likes what i wrote.

    Its been a trend already specially in making video for youtube, tiktok or any other video platform to make your audience happy but in my case i dont. As educator i do not go to what people want to see on me but instead i go for what they need to know. It does not matter if they will accept and believe in it and what matters to me is that i am able to write it out

    Same thing as doing mantra and words of power. Writing my thoughts does not necessary need other people approval but it is a form of releasing the content of my mind so as my emotion.

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  2. I absolutely agree! If you love what you write you even become better at it. And you attract like-minded people to your blog. Another bonus, you’re more likely to be proud of what you produce.

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  3. There’s a saying: “Dance like no-one is watching.” Maybe we should all try to “blog like no-one is reading.” It’s always a good feeling to read back on your older posts and know that you were writing from the heart, not for other people’s approval. I like reading and commenting on other people’s blogs because responding to something that is already out there can be freer and more spontaneous than creating content. The content that I most enjoy producing at the moment is short story fiction: usually writing prompts and challenges set up by other bloggers.

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  4. I JUST had this convo with a friend who recently returned to blogging. She’s put up TWO posts and someone already told her to write about dating and relationships because her preferred topic (her taste in music) is too niche and “no one cares about that.” I told her to write what feels good (and had a four-letter word for the person who said that to her that I won’t share here lol).

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  5. Incredible topic Renard and I absolutely back it up, writing to please yourself is a good feeling because you won’t be pretending to write about a niche market that you dislike but rather you will write your truly about your favorite niche which for me it is men’s fashion & style thus the audience I will attract are into fashion and style. Also, satisfaction is what I also yearn for because each like and comment I receive makes me whole and it pleases me that my readers love what I write in this platformπŸ’―πŸ’―

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  6. Excellent topic to bring up, Renard! Write what is natural to you and write for yourself, otherwise, it’s challenging to keep up. Plus, it becomes more of a chore and not enjoyable.

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  7. A very thought provoking post Renard…..
    I have always tried to balance writing for myself & also writing for my Followers as my cats. Sometimes tho’ REAL life intrudes as it did this year with the loss of my dear friend Albert & then his Father Albert Senior 10 days later….With events like this to commemorate; I prefer to write as myself; however I think sharing sad stories sound better coming from my cat’s “purr-spective”.
    I will not compromise my blog. It is in my Intro about THE Purrfect Pad that we share about so many different topics; issues; problems….
    Way back in the beginning of our blog it was all ‘sunshine & roses’…sadly those early years are lost (2005-2012).
    Like us, our blogs evolve. They show our personal journeys. I am blessed to have so many share the journey with us & for us to share with all our friends too!
    Thanks for being one of our friends & inspirations Renard!
    Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma

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  8. Well said Renard. People blog for a variety of reasons, ranging from income generation; their job requires them to do it; to blogging simply because you enjoy doing it – it’s a creative release. When you are writing to please yourself, then it will always be fun.

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