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When Blogging Advice Is Treated Like A Religion


Many people who take blogging seriously tend to treat blogging advice as though it is some type of religious dogma.

The funny thing is that a lot of the blogging advice that is given to us by blogging gurus via the internet is heavily biased.

Hey, I am totally serious; I am not kidding.

People are being brainwashed (And, I am going to tell you all about it).

Most Of The Blogging Advice On The Internet Is Geared Towards

Yes, it is true about most of the blogging advice being geared towards users on (The self-hosted version of WordPress).

Therefore, in regards to using religion as an analogy, is the top blogging religion.

Professional bloggers were taught that is the Content Management System to use if they are to be truly considered as serious bloggers.

For the record, is a lovely option because it has the most plugins available.

And, a person on has more freedom to customize their blog to their liking.

People Who Were Not Using Were Made To Feel Inferior

If you have ever read blogging advice from a lot of those so-called blogging gurus, they would speak highly of and talk about as being an inferior choice.

A top blogger (whose name I am going to omit) said that creating your blog on (the WordPress-hosted version of WordPress) is a mistake and that if you want to own your blog, you should create one using

What that idiot failed to realize is that according to’s Terms of Service, people who blog on own their content.

The only setback, in my opinion, is that blogs on can suffer a horrible fate for violating’s Terms of Service.

It is as though some unseen force has put on a high pedestal (And, it is time that some rouge entity broke that high pedestal down).

Many of the so-called blogging gurus have inadvertently disrespected those who blog on:

  • Blogger
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Ghost
  • Medium
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

The truth is that is not the only Content Management System on the world wide web (Yet, it is treated as though it is the greatest gift from God).

Who Really Profits From Those Who Use

Truthfully, those who profit from those who use are:

  • The companies that make WordPress themes.
  • The companies that make the paid versions of WordPress plugins.
  • The web hosting companies that people pay to host their WordPress blogs on.

Everything about is a huge money-making scheme (And, the users of have been inadvertently used to help fuel that empire ― one that revolves solely around the paid services of Is Trying Its Best To Be Appealing To Business Customers

Now, I can understand Automattic’s reasoning for wanting to appear more appealing to business customers because, in the past few years, those prophets have rallied the business community towards using for their business.

Therefore, in an attempt to undo the damage that was caused by those so-called blogging gurus, has been marketed by Automattic as a place where professional bloggers can come and set up shop.

I do not think that it was ever Automattic’s intention to have perceived as being inferior to (That damage was done throughout the years by those influential bloggers who believed that was the superior option).

The Majority Of The Blogging Advice On The Internet Has Been Tailored For Professional Bloggers

Let it be known once and for all, that I have nothing against, professional bloggers. They deserve to have the right type of blogging advice for them.

What is unfair is that blogging advice that suits the needs of personal bloggers is seldom highlighted (It is almost nonexistent on the internet).

Come on! Personal bloggers are bloggers too!

The Bottom Line

As a personal blogger, you cannot rely on the internet for blogging advice.


Because the majority of it was created mostly for professional bloggers that use

My intuition tells me that the reason why few people make an effort to provide blogging advice for personal bloggers is that personal bloggers are not viewed as being real bloggers.

Hopefully, things should change for the better in the future.


32 thoughts on “When Blogging Advice Is Treated Like A Religion

  1. Amazing blog Renard as usual. My input here it is that blogging advice should be directed to everyone who has the will and firepower to be a Blogger, I am also on your side that advise should be given to personal bloggers too instead of professional bloggers. Pro bloggers are needed to guide those new bloggers, honestly, is a good platform , my own blog is also there on this platform but I prefer , it is not like putting the blogs on a pedestal but it is what I prefer as a pro blogger too. One thing I love about is the themes that the companies design which are paid for by these pro bloggers, I once tried the Jetpack plugin to boost my website performance and web hosting. Lastly, the blogger gurus who act as religious gods are great advisors but at the end of the day, it is up to that type of blogger to decide whether he or she will follow that advise or notπŸ’―πŸ’―

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  2. Not a pro and obviously don’t do what the pros do on my blog. I kind of question when someone goes from far less followers than a non pro like me to an astronomical pro number of followers overnight. I am finding some followers on my site that start a word press page, but never make a post. Are these even real people? Frankly I don’t understand all the things some of the pros push.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. πŸ˜„ It is as though those pros are in their own world. In most instances, you have to be blogging for a long time to wrap your mind around their message.

      I have also come across WordPress pages with no blog posts on them (Only the owners of those blogs can tell us the reason why they have not posted anything on them).

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  3. Renard as a rogue 😝
    Seriously though, I agree with what you’ve said. I know in education we are encouraging students to express themselves in all sorts of new ways, including blogging. There should be information on the Internet for everyone.

    I read in another blog that some people/friends have started a blog simply so they could follow others

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  4. Whilst the cms has more options, you are far more responsible for your security updates.
    Unless you are aware of issues your content is more vulnerable to mischief.


    1. πŸ€” Actually, it is the other way around. is the one with more options and it is also the version of WordPress in which the user is responsible for their own security updates.


  5. I could so relate to this. Almost every advice out there chooses over And as for advice for personal blogging, you’ve got me covered πŸ˜‰

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  6. Good work renard, I just know one thing all of us shouldn’t poke one another personally. We all are a team and should be considered each person worth more than ourselves.

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