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Do You Blog Solely On A Mobile Device?

An Interesting Question

In the past, some people mentioned to me that they only access their WordPress blog via their smartphones.

And, there were those WordPress bloggers who told me that they do all of their blogging via a tablet computer.

A lot of those people had me wondering, “Is blogging on a laptop computer or a desktop computer going to become scarce in the future?”

Laptop Computers And Desktop Computers Will Always Be Around

For the record, laptop computers and desktop computers will always be around.

How do I know this?

Because Microsoft and Apple are known to launch their new line of laptop computers and desktop computers annually (And, once those electronic devices are being made by those two tech conglomerates, people will buy them).

And, there are companies like System76; their specialty is making desktop computers and laptop computers that run Linux.

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that laptop computers and desktop computers are the best tools for:

  • Music production.
  • Video production.
  • Creating websites.
  • Writing codes on.
  • Writing novels on.
  • Creating office documents.

Now, in the proverbial sense, that is only a drop in the bucket in regards to what people can actually do on a laptop computer or a desktop computer.

Some People View Blogging On A Smartphone Or A Tablet Computer As Being Most Convenient

Most people will carry their smartphones with them whenever they are on the go.

And, there is a handful of people who carry their tablet computers everywhere they go.

Therefore, the people who have those electronic devices with them can blog whenever as well as wherever inspiration strikes.

There Are People Who Prefer To Do All Of Their Blogging On A Mobile Device

Despite some people having a laptop computer and a desktop computer at their homes, they prefer to use their smartphone or their tablet computer to blog on.

Hey, I can totally understand their reason for using a smartphone or a tablet computer to blog on while they are on the go.

However, when they are at home and they have a laptop computer and a desktop computer at their disposal, I would expect them to use one of those two electronic devices to blog on.

My educated guess is that it may have a lot to do with the convenience of having the WordPress Mobile App installed on their smartphone or their tablet computer.

The Hardcore Computer User Will View Blogging On A Mobile Device As Being Strange

As someone who prefers to do their blogging on their laptop computer, it would feel entirely strange if I turned the table around and decided that I would do all of my blogging via mobile instead (If I did not own a laptop computer, I might have gladly done all of my blogging on a smartphone or a tablet computer).

The truth is that those of us who use laptop computers and desktop computers to blog on, love the tactile feel of a keyboard (The only way that one is going to experience a tactile feel while typing on a mobile device is via the use of a Bluetooth keyboard).

Final Thoughts

For the record, I do not look down on anyone for using the WordPress Mobile App to do all of their blogging (People have every right to use it; much in the same way that I am entitled to use my laptop computer for creating and publishing blog posts).

What I am curious to find out is if people who use their computers to blog on are in the minority and if those people who do all of their blogging via the WordPress Mobile App are actually the majority (That is one of those mysteries that I would like to solve once and for all).

So, what I would like you to do, is to tell me which type of electronic device that you blog on.

Is it the desktop computer?

Is it the laptop computer?

Is it the smartphone?

Or, is it the tablet computer?

Please let me know what your choice is via my blog’s comments thread.

And, thank you for reading!


111 thoughts on “Do You Blog Solely On A Mobile Device?

  1. I occasionally use my phone but usually I’ll use my tablet but as a computer with an attached/connected keyboard. It’s not Bluetooth and it sits the same way as a laptop. I agree, I do like the tactile touch of the keyboard. I could use my computer but it’s convenient to set up the tablet. Maybe it would be different if I had a desk rather than at the kitchen table. But even for work now we have been issued with a Surface Pro so I’m getting more used to the portability. I would say my tablet has quite a big screen

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  2. I’ve noticed that I do 50/50. I use both my phone and laptop when blogging and reading blog posts. I start my posts on my phone in the wordpress app and then finalise it on my laptop. I do prefer my laptop and extended screen for this purpose because it gives me a better view of how my post is going to look.

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  3. 95% of the time, I blog on my phone. The main advantage is that it is easier to upload photos or screenshots from my device. The block editor still won’t let you upload pictures from Google photos on the free version. Grammarly is harder to use in WordPress on my desktop compared to my phone. Even with the paid version, there is no way to adjust the sensitivity of the suggestion bubble. Which is irritating when you have a gaming pc/mouse and it moves away faster than your reaction time. While I can download and upload the same pictures from windows, it’s another step. Or distraction. I get too distracted by my games or streaming on PC to blog. Since I work full time, sometimes inspiration hits at lunch or on break and I can write then because of WordPress mobile.

    The one advantage that the non mobile,free, WordPress has is the subscriber block.

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  4. Never. It is way too difficult to blog from my device except for replying to comments. The interface is still way too quirky to be usable for running a website.

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        1. πŸ€” From the looks of things, it seems as though a lot of WordPress bloggers use their smartphones to blog on; some of them do it exclusively while others blog on both their computer and smartphone.

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  5. As you know, Renard, I’m one who blogs almost exclusively on my smartphone, an iPhone. There are only a few things I use my laptop for, and so it sits idle for days on end. But my iPhone is always with me and, except when I’m asleep, always on. So that’s the device I use for all of my WordPress activities. The iOS app is not perfect, but it meets my fairly simple, straightforward blogging needs.

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      1. I have not tried blogging on an iPad. It’s too big. It won’t fit into my back pants pocket. πŸ˜† As to whether or not I think that the majority of WordPress users blog on their smartphones, I’d say many have on occasion, but not, like me, exclusively. I’d guess that most use laptops or desktops.

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  6. The electronic device that I use to write blogs on is the smartphone also know as the mobile device. This for me Renard makes blogging so convenient and much more easier plus comfortable. The truth is that I definitely love smartphone for my blogging because the device is portable and smaller than a laptop which can be easily carried anywhere compared to a laptop that is much bigger and needs a bag to carryπŸ™πŸ™πŸ’―

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  7. I use my laptop. I’ve tried the phone and iPad, but feel I have less control of image sizes, etc. It does come in handy in a pinch. I sometimes use the phone for quick edits/corrections I noticed after publishing a post.

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    1. πŸ€” If one does not have a laptop computer or a desktop computer and would like to blog, they can:

      β€’ Borrow a friend’s laptop computer.

      β€’ Go to a friend’s house and ask to use their desktop computer.

      β€’ Use their own smartphone or tablet computer to blog.

      Thank you for your question and do enjoy the rest of your day.

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  8. Hey Renard πŸ™‚

    For me it’s always a desktop computer,

    Don’t have a Smartdumbphone and don’t want one. My phone is a Nokia brick with no internet connection and the very basic features and also, it only lives in the house. I don’t take it anywhere.

    I have an iPad but again that is only for internal house use.

    I like to be able to have everything l need to see on one large screen and not fiddle about with pointless small screens.

    Sure l am old fashioned and my answer is “Good!” At least l am not a clone drone of society.

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  9. I use a tablet exclusively now. It’s the right tool. Like, I wouldn’t use a jackhammer to crack my boiled egg or a chainsaw to cut a slice of bread, if I’m writing a blog post all I need is a tablet. It’s not difficult and I can write it anywhere I am. The same when reading blogs.

    I spent 30 years working in front of a computer; first a desktop (a β€œtower” actually), then a laptop docked to twin full-sized monitors, a full keyboard and mouse. It was necessary for the computing power required to drive the complex software and also the multitasking required for the job. Blogging is just a simple process in comparison.

    But I did blog at work too, on those big devices during lunch breaks. I didn’t see the advantage, only it was just that I was already sat in front of them. Now, I sit on the sofa, or in the garden if it’s good weather, or in the pub, anywhere I am with a tablet and it’s much nicer for me.

    I wouldn’t like to make predictions about the future of personal technology, thinking of how it’s come along so far. Keyboards could become obsolete in favour of voice activated apps, and touch screens have almost done away with the mouse already. Cloud storage has meant a smaller need for large device memory. Screens might disappear to be replaced by holographics, and touching replaced by hand gestures – like on sci-fi movies.

    But who knows? Vinyl and record decks came back – for the while, at least – but VCR and DVDs aren’t a good investment. Who knows what we’ll have in ten years time? πŸ™‚

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  10. Hola Renard, Thanks for reading my poem Autumn Leaves. I’m an ancient soul, not keen on mobile phones…and constantly use my lap-top. I’m an old-fashioned writer (nine book published) 10th just finished, BUT am hopeless with technology, so send any WordPress work to my eldest son in Denmark who finds suitable photographs for me, bless him. All the best to you Cheers.

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  11. I use my phone while I’m away since it’s convenient for when you get inspiration for a post on the fly, and you can start drafting it up on the spot.. I have a tablet as well with a keyboard, so if I were going somewhere that I knew had wifi, I’d bring that.. but really, I’d much rather use my computer.

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  12. Well, I use both laptop and smartphone to blog.
    Smartphone is always handy to jot down the ideas.
    I use the laptop to add GIFS and other interactive things to my blog.
    PS- Yes, it felt strange when I used WordPress to blog via a laptop!

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  13. Smartphone. Easy and convenient.
    If I use the laptop, I feel like I’m wearing my β€œbig girl pants.”
    On second thought, that might not be too bad. Might get me to be more prolific.

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    1. 😧 Losing all of your edits was probably a nightmarish experience for you.

      Next time, make sure that the operating system on your laptop computer is up-to-date and do the same for the web browser.

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  14. Purely for sake of convenience, it is the smartphone is readily available and able to be used any and everywhere. And since it is flash fiction with a reading time of under seven minutes, the content and length if the blog is kept short, simple and to the point. A smartphone suffices .πŸ‘

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