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This Is What Renard Thinks About Blogging On Mobile


Everyone who knows me well is fully aware of the fact that I prefer to do all of my blogging via my laptop computer.

However, there are those moments when I would conduct a few blogging experiments via my smartphone.

Every so often, I would attempt to create a blog post via the WordPress Mobile App (I volunteered to be a Beta tester for the WordPress Mobile App; therefore, it is only fair that I use it and report the bugs that I find back to the developers).

Today, I decided that I would do things differently; instead of playing around with the WordPress Mobile App, I decided to create and publish a blog post directly on my smartphone’s web browser.

And, why is it that I am willingly putting myself through this torture?

I am doing it because some people (myself included) have experienced bugs while using the WordPress Mobile App.

I also want to prove to myself that blogging via my smartphone’s web browser is much easier and less buggy than blogging via the WordPress Mobile App.

So, let the experiment begin!

I Have Blogged Using The Web Browser On My Smartphone In The Past

Back in the days when I was on Blogger, I would create the occasional blog post using my smartphone’s web browser.

Anyone who has ever used the Blogger Mobile App to create a blog post would know that it was absolutely horrendous.

Therefore, I was better off using a computer or using the web browser on my smartphone.

Those of you who use the WordPress Mobile App to do all of your blogging should count your blessings because the WordPress Mobile App is hundreds of light-years ahead of the Blogger Mobile App (The biggest irony is that Google [the company that owns Blogger] has the resources to improve the Blogger Mobile App, but they have chosen to do nothing with it).

I also blogged via my smartphone’s web browser during the period I had my first blog on WordPress.

Back then, the WordPress Mobile App froze a lot; I disliked having to do a hard reset whenever the WordPress Mobile App froze.

So, what did I do?

Whenever I was not using my computer to blog, I would blog directly from my smartphone’s web browser.

Why Should I Play Around With The Mobile Experience When I Prefer Blogging Via My Laptop Computer?

The truth is that I am curious by nature.

And, I wanted to know if I was truly capable of blogging via my smartphone in the event that something horrible happened to my laptop computer.

I am proud to admit that I can blog on any electronic device that I put my hands on.

However, blogging is easier and less time-consuming when it is done on a computer.

If You Rely On The Word Count Functionality, You Are Out Of Luck

Anyone that utilizes WordPress via the desktop computer or the laptop computer knows that they can locate the word count functionality (The same thing applies to the WordPress Mobile App).

However, when I am using my smarphone to blog directly via the web browser, I am not seeing the option to check out the number of words that I typed in the Block Editor (Which is weird).

People who are doing certain types of prompts (Especially those that require a blogger to use a specific amount of words [which is usually a very small amount] will have to count each word manually).

Also, there are people who rely solely on the word count functionality to make sure that their blog posts are not too long for the reader to consume.

Another important factor is that those who blog with SEO in mind will want to make sure that their articles are not under 500 words.

The laughable fact is that SEO plugins do not work on mobile. Therefore, professional bloggers will always see to it that their blog posts are either done on a laptop computer or a desktop computer.

Blogging Is Straightforward On The Smartphone’s Web Browser

Despite the unavailability of the word count functionality, most of the features that you can access via the computer are there; for example, the drop-cap functionality (Which is a feature that I use a lot).

So, if you are one of those bloggers who blog solely on their smartphone and you do not give a damn about word count and you want a bit more than what the WordPress Mobile App is currently giving you, access WordPress directly on your smartphone’s web browser (It is more feature-rich than the WordPress Mobile App).

My Smartphone Never Froze On Me While I Was Creating A Blog Post Via Its Web Browser

Yes, it is true, my friend. My smartphone never froze on me while I was putting a blog post together via its web browser.

However, I cannot say the same for the WordPress Mobile App.

The funny thing is that most smartphone users would prefer to use the WordPress Mobile App to access WordPress, create and publish their blog posts and interact with their fellow bloggers.

I Found It More Convenient Using The WordPress Mobile App To Respond To Comments

In regards to responding to WordPress comments via my smartphone, it felt somewhat easier and more natural than when I responded to comments on the web browser of my smartphone (I will have to give the developers of the WordPress Mobile App the full ten points for that).

As a matter of fact, a lot of bloggers who use their computers to publish their blog posts, enjoy the experience of responding to comments via the WordPress Mobile App when they are on the go.

The WordPress Mobile App Is More Power Efficient

Despite the fluid blogging experience via my smartphone’s web browser, it consumed a lot of the power from the battery.

The WordPress Mobile App used way less power from my smartphone’s battery; thus making it more power efficient.

If you plan on using the web browser on your smartphone for blogging purposes, make sure that it is fully charged because it is going to run down the battery faster.

Final Thoughts

Blogging via the smartphone’s web browser has its advantages and disadvantages (The same could be said for the WordPress Mobile App).

On a positive note, I did not encounter any bugs while I was creating this blog post via my smartphone’s web browser.

I also like the fact that I have more control over the formatting of my blog post via my smartphone’s web browser.

Blogging via the web browser of your smartphone is certainly a viable option (Especially if you only own a smartphone and the WordPress Mobile App is being problematic).

Do keep in mind, that you will be saving way more battery power by using the WordPress Mobile App.

I am glad that this experiment is now over (It is experiments like these that make me feel very fortunate to have a laptop computer to blog on).

By the way, have you ever used the smartphone’s web browser to create your WordPress blog posts?

If your answer is “Yes,” please tell me all about it via my blog’s commenting section.

And, thank you for reading!


27 thoughts on “This Is What Renard Thinks About Blogging On Mobile

  1. Interesting post Renard, and I’ve learned something new tonight. I’d never thought about the wordcount of my post – I just write and haven’t actually thought about the length of my posts. I also hadn’t realised for SEO things, there is a minimum effective word count?

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Indeed we do and linking back to the focus of your post – if one person likes/gets something out of my blog, I’m happy – but equally sometimes disagreement/different points of view can result in a healthy debate/discussion

        Liked by 2 people

  2. As you know, I do all of my blogging from my iPhone. Before the block editor, I preferred using my mobile web browser for creating posts on my iPhone, but once I embraced the block editor, I now prefer to use the WordPress iOS app rather than using my mobile browser for WordPress.

    I’m curious. Which mobile app are you experimenting with, the WordPress iOS app or the WordPress Android app?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. πŸ€” There is a high chance of your loving the experience of a laptop.

      In regards to the WordPress Mobile App freezing, make sure that you are using the latest stable version (Sometimes the WordPress Mobile App does not update automatically).

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Alright Renard. I am happy to read your thoughts on how you find blogging on the web browser easier , I like the point that it easier to comment on the web browser, I agree even Here on the WordPress app, commenting is easier and faster. I once wrote a blog on my laptop when I was a student that was when I was exposed to the web technology part and that is where I gained knowledge on websites. I also like that you are a curious being by nature that’s admirable, in life it is good to learn and try things outπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

    Liked by 2 people

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