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5 Simple Tips To Become A Prolific Writer


If you are one of those bloggers who enjoy filling their blog with articles, you can benefit greatly by being a prolific writer.


Because you will always have tons of blog posts to write and being a prolific writer will ensure that you get your quota of writing done.

And, if you are merely one of those people who are curious about what it is that transforms someone into a prolific writer, you have come to the right place.

So, without further ado, it is time for me to share these simple and easily achievable steps with you.

1.) You Need To Have A Sincere Desire To Write

The God’s/Goddess’ truth is that there is no way that you will become a prolific writer if you lack the desire to write.

I will make it easy for you to grasp by using weight loss as an example. If you have no desire to lose the excess pounds on your body, it would be extremely difficult for you to lose weight.

So, you can start by asking yourself, “Do I have a sincere desire to write?”

2.) You Will Need To Practice On A Regular Basis

One of the important steps of becoming a prolific writer is to practice your writing on a regular basis.

The majority of us would have a computer or a smartphone (In most instances we would own both of those electronic devices).

Those of you who own a computer can fire up:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Docs
  • LibreOffice

When you are inside of your chosen word processing program, write something; it could be an article of any kind ― one that is based on a genre of your choice.

If you only own a smartphone, you can open up the smartphone’s default notepad app and begin writing an article (The reason why I recommended that you use your smartphone’s default notepad app is because it does not require an internet connection in order for you to use it).

However, if your smartphone has access to the internet (whether it be a mobile plan or your home’s WiFi setup), you can use the following things to write and store your articles:

  • Evernote
  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Word

If you are one of those people who like doing things the old-school way, you can open a notebook, pick up a ballpoint pen or a fountain pen and begin writing.

After you have written your article, you can delete it or save it (I would recommend that you keep it for a proverbial rainy day).

Repeat the process daily until writing has become a part of you.

Hey, I not kidding, my friend.

I have been writing regularly for many years; if I do not engage myself in any sort of writing, I will feel as though I urgently need to do something that desperately needs to be done (I would not get any sense of relief until I write something down).

3.) Set A Daily Word Count Goal

The reason why I did not bring up the topic of setting a daily word count goal, in the beginning, is because I wanted you to develop the habit of writing first.

I recommend setting a daily word count goal after you have practiced your writing for one month straight.

What I recommend is that you start with something as simple as 500 words daily and as time goes along, you can raise your word count to a higher number.

By the way, this has nothing to do with the number of words that you are going to write in your blog posts (You should continue to write the number of words that you are already using in your blog posts).

The whole purpose of this exercise is to show yourself, that with belief, determination and constant practice, you can accomplish the task of attaining your daily word count goal.

The more you attain those word count goals of yours, the more you will start believing in your ability to write (Think of it as a confidence-builder).

4.) You Will Need To Become A Voracious Reader

Yes, my friend, part of becoming a prolific writer is for you to read a lot. Therefore, you will have to read:

  • Lots of books.
  • Lots of magazines.
  • Lots of articles on the internet.
  • Lots of pamphlets.

You will have to become a voracious reader.

The more information that you acquire through reading, the more information you will be able to disseminate via your writing.

5.) Use A Countdown Timer

The usage of a countdown timer is to prove to yourself that you can get your allotted amount of writing done within a specific period.

A perfect example is setting your countdown timer for 2 hours; smartphone users can utilize their smartphone’s countdown timer and computer users can use an online countdown timer (I recommend using the online countdown timer by the folks over at vClock; when you go on the site, the clock will immediately begin counting in a forward direction [do not worry about that]; you will be presented with preset countdown options; you also have the option to set the countdown timer manually).

A lot of bloggers have complained about being busy and not having any time to write a blog post.

Dear friend, it is possible for you to get your writing done (And, that is done by actually making the time for it).

For example, if you only have 2 hours to spare, set the countdown timer to 2 hours; you will be surprised to see how much writing that you can actually get done within the period of 2 hours (For most personal bloggers [as well as professional bloggers], 2 hours is more than enough time for them to complete an article).

And, if by chance, you were unable to complete your quota of writing within the specific period that you had set for yourself, repeat the process the following day.

The most important thing is that you actually made an effort to get some writing done (And, that in my opinion, is way better than not writing anything at all).

Final Thoughts

Anyone can work their way to becoming a prolific writer by:

  • Having a sincere desire to write.
  • Practicing their writing on a regular basis.
  • Setting a daily word count goal.
  • Becoming a voracious reader.
  • Using a countdown timer with the intention of writing an article before the time that it is set for runs out.

Happy writing, my friend.

And, thank you for reading.


44 thoughts on “5 Simple Tips To Become A Prolific Writer

  1. I never set a daily word count goal. I respond to prompts, some of which set word maximums. I also keep many of my posts short, averaging about 250 words per post. But my daily β€œword count goal” is however many words it takes to tell my story, make my point, or say whatever it is I have to say on any given day.

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    1. πŸ™‚ Fandango, the paragraph within the subsection of this blog post, 3.) Set A Daily Word Count Goal explains this clearly:

      “By the way, this has nothing to do with the number of words that you are going to write in your blog posts (You should continue to write the number of words that you are already using in your blog posts).”

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  2. A very incredible blog Renard and I absolutely agree with you in all these five tips on how to be a prolific writer, I deeply have a desire to write that is why tomorrow I am publishing my blog that I have been drafting for days titled “Outfits that need adminicles” you should check it out, I have never tried the timer thing but I shall one day. Thank you for the tips that makes us shine as bloggersπŸ’―πŸ’―

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  3. Great tips and they do work! If you put in the effort of writing every day you train your brain to want to write whenever you sit down to do so. Even if you don’t feel like it, if you push through you’ll succeed!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Some great tips here, Renard. I read something which said, to be a writer you need, ‘to read until your eyes burn, and write until your fingers bleed (in a literal sense).’ Bottom line, there are no shortcuts.

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  5. Everyone gives their best to promote his/her achievements. So according to me all of the other people are superior more than us. Because efforts indeed come out of men is his master capacity of brain.


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