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A Case Of Bloggers Giving Up On Blogging

A Case Of Bloggers Giving Up On Blogging

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that bloggers will come and bloggers will go (That is the way things have always been in the blogosphere).

Therefore, I would never be in a state of shock if I ever found out that someone I knew stopped blogging.

However, I will be curious as to the reason why they stopped blogging.

Blogging Requires A Lot Of Mental Energy

If you are mentally exhausted from a hard day’s work, the last thing on your mind would be to type out a blog post on a smartphone, tablet computer, desktop computer or laptop computer.

There is a high probability of you wanting to take a nap; so, in this case, sleep will have a higher priority than blogging (Now, I would not blame you for that because sleep is important).

Also, if you forced yourself to create a blog post when you are mentally exhausted, your blog posts may end up with a bunch of typographical errors and grammatical errors.

There is even the chance of you falling asleep while you are doing your very best to put a blog post together.

Blogging while your mental energy is low is never a good idea.

Also, if a person comes home mentally exhausted almost every day of the week, they will, most likely, consider giving up blogging until their mental energy returns to normal (And, for some people, that could take a very long time).

Blogging Requires A Reliable Internet Access

If a blogger has moved to a new location; one where there is no internet connection, they may have to give up on blogging for a while.

Unfortunately, there are some areas in the world where Internet Service Providers have not put down the necessary infrastructure to provide users with an internet feed.

So, in a case like that, a person has no choice in the matter; they are forced to stay away from blogging (Nothing can be done until engineers lay down the infrastructure for the internet).

Health Issues Can Cause A Blogger To Stay Away From Blogging

There are people who are willing to blog; unfortunately, their poor health prevents them from doing so; for example:

  • Blindness brought on by diabetes.
  • Having an underactive thyroid.
  • Suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Suffering from adrenal fatigue.
  • Undergoing a severe case of clinical depression.

People with those types of health issues (both mental and physical) will give up on blogging temporarily or permanently.

Impatient Bloggers Usually Give Up On Blogging

It is a sad fact, that some bloggers will give up on blogging if their blog does not grow within a specific time period; for example, one week or less.

Those bloggers are not willing to wait for a few months or a year to see their blog gain followers, receive comments and amass likes.

The bloggers who want overnight success and do not get it will end up saying, “Goodbye,” to blogging before their blog could ever take off.

Some Bloggers Stopped Blogging Because They Decided That Their Blogging Journey Should Come To An End

The truth is that not everyone plans on blogging forever.

There are those people who have decided to make a graceful exit; such as in the case of those people who have been blogging for many years (In most instances, those people will publish a farewell post and thank their readers for their many years of support).

As someone who has been blogging since 2008, I have witnessed the departure of many hobbyist and professional bloggers.

Some Bloggers Died

Unfortunately, some bloggers did not have much of a say in the matter (Their departure from blogging was the result of their untimely death).

Some bloggers died from the following things:

  • A heart attack.
  • Kidney failure.
  • Lung cancer.
  • A stroke due to high blood pressure.
  • A car accident.
  • A boat accident.
  • The health complications caused by COVID-19.
  • By being murdered by someone.

Okay, you get the idea.

Bloggers are human beings (And, human beings do get their life expectancy cut short by diseases and accidents).

Final Thoughts

All blogs will eventually come to an end.

The most interesting thing is that many of us are not sure of how or when blogging is going to come to an end for us.

What we can hope for is that the legacy that we leave behind ― our blog posts are appreciated by those who come across them while they are surfing the internet.


43 thoughts on “A Case Of Bloggers Giving Up On Blogging

  1. Oh wow yes. I hope there is a way our blogs are archived if we can’t make payment on them. Mine is on a paid domain and I worry that the whole thing will be gone otherwise. You gave me the notion that perhaps I should work hard on collating and publishing that biography. 🙏🏽

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      1. I can name more than one blogger who quit WP due to bullying. It’s not talked about very much and swept under the rug, but I figured it was worth mentioning.

        Luckily bullying isn’t a big issue on the WP platform and I find that the majority of bloggers are friendly.

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  2. I agree. But there is another reason for bloggers to might stop posting. I myself for example, before I started My Rambling Shelves, I used to be a small book-blogger. I wrote reviews and talked about musings of BookTube, Bookstagram and other bookish blogs. But when I stopped reading because of mental health issues, it felt like I was an imposter if I continued on with my blog. At first I just took a small break from blogging but then my ADHD brain took over and it became an “out of sight, out of mind” experiance. I forgot my blog even existed…. :O I never fully got back into reading and reviewing so I let my poor blog die, sort of speak.

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  3. I alw4ys, of10times, pubish posts with typo0graphical and gr4mmatical errors. SomeX, grummarly just doesn’t werk. Butt, me soon reyalayzed that there’z dis th!ng called Typoglycemia, a mysteryus penomenon whereby jumbled woords caan bi unders2d, or the ability to do so. 😄

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks, man!

        But I feel conflicted about that sometimes. You know, not minding the grammar errors because you trust someone will realize the same message that you’re getting and imparting.

        Sometimes, correcting grammar is also necessary. Otherwise, sometimes, people will realize a different message and get the wrong idea.

        It’s like telling a girl, “I feel for you.” to empathize.

        And the girl perceived it as “I fell for you.”

        And that just gets you in trouble. 😕

        I agree with you that these things are part of blogging, and yes, it definitely requires mental energy.

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  4. I had another blog a few years ago, Renard. I set it up as an outlet for my writing. The problem was I was spending more time on the blog than I was attending to my writing projects. So, in true writing fashion, it met its end. I have given a gap of around four years before coming back, older, wiser and more patient.

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    1. 🙂 Returning to blogging older, wiser and patient are all good things.

      Also, it was counterproductive of you back then to spend more time on your blog than on your writing projects.

      Do enjoy the rest of your day, Davy.

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  5. I’d like to think no harm or sickness comes to our fellow bloggers but then blogging is susceptible to what goes in life like anything else. Excellent points made, Renard, and things we don’t often think of.

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  6. I am very close to giving up blogging.

    It’s not like I didn’t have blogs before. One of them, is linked to the blog I’m currently posting on, one is still around and getting a surprising amount of traffic. I closed the last one because I said all that I wanted to say on the topic. At the end I was just going over the same ground over and over again. I closed it, and left it up as a resource for anybody who wants to read it.

    But this blog… WordPress has changed since I’ve last been here. I didn’t have to deal with the block editor or the WordPress app some last time.

    When I bought my iPad pro, I decided to spend the money I would have spend on an another MacBook air, to get the pro, and not just a regular iPad. I won’t do that again.

    Only a quarter of the blocks available to everybody else are available to me on the app. Things like subscribe, and all the navigation blogs are unavailable. They are available on the website, where I go and struggle with a block editor that I think is different than it is for those with computers.

    The block editor itself is white and the blocks are white, making finding the blocks a little hard to do.

    Once the I chose the blocks, and post a draft, I go back to the app and deal with blocks that say they are “unsupported”. They have no label or indication of what block they are. I copy and paste them into the posts and pages I want them to be, do a preview, go back make corrections, repeat.

    Without features like, like, subscribe, archives, etc, that are regularly accessible I can’t get my blog to look good or organized. I don’t know how an unsupported blog post or page looks and behaves for everybody else.

    With my old blogs I set them up in a day or so, wrote and posted something at the end of the day, and looked at the states and comments in the morning.

    I can’t do that now. Not only do I struggle with the above things, once a post is written it takes time to get it ready to post. I can’t just write it, spell check it and hit post all within an hour anymore. Yesterday’s blog post took all afternoon and way past 10:00 pm to write and it still wasn’t ready before I went to bed. Linking to previous posts is much harder and I haven’t even tried imbedding videos. Linking photos is hard enough.

    So ya…. I’ve been very frustrated, and wondered if I really want to add all that frustration to my life, which is already hard enough as it is, with mourning the death of my father, sleepless nights (many times I can’t get to sleep until after 6:00 am), pain and the end of cancer.

    It would be nice to look back on today, and read about what’s going on…

    I’ll stick it out for now.

    Just wanted to comment. If it’s took long of a comment Renard, please let me know? Thanks for letting me vent.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🙂 You are most welcome.

      I have no problem with you venting.

      Judging by what you told me, the Block Editor is difficult to use on an iPad.

      If a brand new MacBook Pro is too expensive for you, you may want to consider buying a refurbished MacBook Pro.

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  7. I have taken a little break due to family circumstances. As much as I miss blogging, it has been refreshing to step away from it and social media and focus on other things. The good thing with blogging though, even if I don’t feel up to writing or creating content, we can still read other people’s work 😊

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