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Do You Ever Regret Deleting Fully Completed Drafts?

Do You Ever Regret Deleting Fully Completed Drafts?

I have a confession to make; I have deleted numerous fully completed drafts over the years.


Because I had a change of heart; I did not think that I wanted to publish them after writing them (The biggest irony was that they were well-written drafts).

Am I the only one who does that sort of thing?

I have a strong feeling that there are other bloggers who have done the same.

It May Have Something To Do With One’s Changing Mood

Imagine yourself working on a blog post.

Afterwards, you proofread it and edit it a bit.

According to your standards, it is well-written and it is the perfect candidate for your next blog posts.

Then all of a sudden, your mood changes and the voice in your head say, “Delete that draft!”

You obey the command given and dump it into the digital trash and then you go into the designated trash area and delete the draft permanently.

Who would believe that a change in one’s mood could lead to such a thing?

Sometimes The Feeling Of Regret Kicks In

A day or two after, you end up wondering to yourself, “What have I done?”

You finally realized that the well-written draft that you deleted could have been published at a future date.

It happens to the best of us.

I Deleted Well-Written Drafts To Prove A Point To Myself

Yes, I have deleted well-written drafts to prove a point to myself.

And, what point is that?

To prove to myself that I can always write another.

There are those days when I would open up a text editor, write an article and say to myself, “Wow, that is an amazing article,” and delete it afterwards.

All Of Those Drafts That I Deleted Could Have Been Scheduled

The quantity of drafts that I deleted is way too numerous for me to count. If I did not delete them and chosen to schedule them instead, it probably would have been enough posts to schedule until the middle of next year.

I will admit that when things get very busy for me and my time is limited, I do think about all of those drafts that I deleted and say to myself, “Boy, any of those drafts would come in handy right about now.”

Since there is no way for me to bring them back, I would wipe the thought from my head and write a new draft.

Final Thoughts

If I can always create a brand new article from scratch, I should not waste my mental energy worrying about those fully completed drafts that I deleted in the past.

It is just that the logical part of my brain occasionally surfaces itself and says, “Renard, you do know that you could have scheduled all of those articles instead of deleting them, right?”

Whenever that happens, I would command the logical part of my brain to be silent and write a brand new article.

Also, it is only human nature to wish that I never deleted those fully completed drafts (Especially at those moments when I am pressed for time; that is when the regret surfaces itself temporarily).


45 thoughts on “Do You Ever Regret Deleting Fully Completed Drafts?

  1. I have not been blogging long at all, and I have made a mental note of the lesson you have learned. Thank you. I can relate to your blog from life experiences, though. I do my best to live by that saying “it is better to do and regret, than not to do and regret. Most of what I have done, I have not regretted.
    From a writing standpoint, I am not sure if I am doing everything wrong and I will learn the hard way, or if I am doing okay, but I follow my intuition I think. When I go back and reread some of my posts, I keep finding many mistakes that I made from carelessness, trying to keep up with my thoughts as I type. But I figure I did it the way that I did for some reason.
    Starting out as a champ is quite difficult, I feel. No matter what task or work a person chooses, through consistency and growth in experience and knowledge on the subject, the person perfects that task.
    Renard, I enjoy reading your blogs. I feel I have something to learn every time I do. Thanks.

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  2. Oooof! I’d give anything to be so prolific that I could afford to throw away perfectly good blog posts! πŸ˜… I delete almost nothing but squirrel everything away in my computer files somewhere. I really only delete a draft if it was a spur of the moment rant that I am too ashamed to ever look at it again. But I generally don’t begin my posts in WordPress anyway, though.

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  3. I used to delete stuff I would never use, Renard. I met an editor some years ago who said, ‘no writing is ever wasted.’ That stuck with me and now I keep everything I write. You never know when it will resurface and be of use.

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  4. Yes, l think we all do that to a degree, even writers who are not as ‘prolific’ as one stated above. The exception is that their deletion might be blocks of text rather than entire drafts.

    I have written drafts and deleted them as they were no longer suitable for a, b and c.

    Mostly, however, l will transfer from the draft folder into an ideas folder on my desktop and leave to see if l can do anything further.

    It’s not something l tend to worry about now, especially with Earthly, as this is very different to Guy’s requirements. Aside from more day-to-day topical content written no longer than perhaps the previous day to be published the next. Most of my articles now are more factual index-styled posts, or in the case of the social calendar posts [WG, CMQT and LT], these are only small content posts.

    So there are no concerns over long contented bodies of written text anymore that might prove to be no longer needed.

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  5. I’m not as prolific as you Renard but yes, I’ve deleted drafts too. I’ll delete something because I feel it kind of duplicates other work or it’s a topic I’ve either lost enthusiasm about or I feel it’s already outdated.
    As an academic I’m telling my students they need to be ruthless to keep within word count and at times that they need to ‘bin their work’ and start over. I suspect that ruthlessness is spilling over into my own work

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      1. You’re welcome Renard, but I think I want to add a caveat. After reading your post this morning and commenting I returned to look at my own drafts. I found myself stopping to think about one post … I didnt just outright delete it which is what I was planning to do. You made me stop and think. I felt that the content is repeated across a couple of other posts but I decided rather than delete it,ivould use it in the future, further down the line

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  6. Pfftt… don’t be blame yourself or feel regretful. Many of my drafts never did made it out too! Sometimes I wrote like 5 maybe 6 drafts just on Random Thoughts topic and then..I deleted them all. The irony was that it was the same topic.

    It’s like I dont like my version A for Diabetes tips so I throw it in the bin and start typing Version B …but… at some point I got a few version in the bin.

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  7. As I tend to write and post, I rarely delete drafts. I did recently delete all 500 posts and start again. Recently I have started creating drafts and scheduling.
    Regret is a useful emotion it helps you avoid repeating the same mistake.

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  8. This post speaks to me! Just this week I noodled over a draft too long…and came to the conclusion that it was ‘off’ in some way. I couldn’t put my finger on WHAT exactly, so I decided to shelve it for a bit, and maybe it’ll end up in the trash. BUT – as you said Renard, the hesitation can be as simple as a change in mood. We’ll see if it ever surfaces and lands as a post, but for now, it can sit to the side. Not forgotten – just not in the forefront. πŸ˜‰

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  9. As a person who purged three blogs in the past, I agree with the reasons you listed above. Perhaps the reason why I deleted my blogs was the fact that I didn’t listen to my instincts. I published blogs for the sake of blogging instead of writing about my favorite things. If I had deleted those drafts, my blogs would have been alive today (maybe). It’s not a bad thing to delete fully completed drafts if it is going to save your whole blog later πŸ˜€

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  10. I never delete drafts! Since I write mostly poetry, I rework them. I copy/paste them into a word doc, revise until I am satisfied, and then start a new draft. I don’t keep incomplete drafts in WordPress, only those ready to publish.

    Our ideas are constantly a work in progress and you never know what you wrote and kept in an old draft
    may come in handy even if it only sparks a new idea.

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  11. Hi Renard,

    In the present, I have 7-8 pendig drafts. 10+ drafts has been already trashed.

    I usually end up in consciousness, self-doubt and overthinking. Not being able to complete even β…“ of the post.


    1. πŸ€” Hmm. That is interesting.

      Here is a solution:

      Make a promise to yourself to finish whatever it is that you start (Hopefully, that should prevent you from deleting drafts when they are β…“ completed).

      In my case, I managed to complete mines, but I deleted them anyway.

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  12. You really do have a point here and I love it!πŸ‘
    Though i’m yet to trash any draft, but dear me, i barely get any views at all πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ from the ones i post.

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    1. πŸ™‚ Keep up with it. Your blog will eventually gain traction.

      In regards to deleting blog posts, make sure that you really want to delete them (That should prevent you from having regrets about deleting them afterwards).


  13. I’ve deleted drafts and I don’t regret it. I deleted them because they either were no longer relevant or because I didn’t want to share them for whatever reason. Either way I know I made the right decision not sharing them.

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  14. haha thanks for the post, no I haven’t really done that yet but I’m still new…but maybe I will go back and consider deleting one or two of my first posts come to think of it lol πŸ™‚

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  15. Yes Renard, there is no use crying over spilt milk. What is gone is gone and can’t be brought back. So why worry?
    However, in my humble opinion, it is not a good idea to permanently delete a blog post on a whim. Instead, these should be saved in the draft section for later use, albeit after updating.

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    1. πŸ™‚ My regret for deleting completed drafts only comes up when I am pressed for time.

      The thought, “I could have scheduled one of those blog posts that I deleted,” surfaces.

      On a positive note, I always create a blog post from scratch.


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