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Can You Blog For The Entire Month On Your Smartphone?

Those of you who do not own a laptop computer or a desktop computer and use your smartphone to publish blog posts on WordPress would say, “Yes,” without ever batting an eyelid.

The interesting thing is that people who own computers (myself included) cannot visualize themselves blogging for an entire month on a smartphone.

If there is any sort of technical issue taking place with our computers, we would do one of the following things:

  • Fix the computer for ourselves.
  • Carry our computer by a technician to be fixed.
  • Buy a new computer.

Those of us who are accustomed to using computers would lose our minds if we were to ever use a smartphone to create blog posts and publish them for an entire month.

Familiarity Breeds Comfort

People who are forced to blog on a smartphone will feel uncomfortable.


Because they are accustomed to doing all of their blogging on a computer.

Whereas, the person who only owns a smartphone would do all that they need to do on a smartphone; therefore, those people will not find it strange to blog on a smartphone for an entire month (Those people are actually in their comfort zone).

It Is Possible To Be Comfortable Blogging On Both Computers And Smartphones

In order for a blogger to blog for an entire month on a smartphone, they would need to be comfortable with blogging on both a computer and a smartphone.

To achieve a level of comfort in blogging on both devices, we would have to use the smartphone to blog for one day and use the computer to blog for the following day (We repeat the process until we have grown accustomed to blogging on both devices).

Despite doing all of that, we will still have our preferences; one group will prefer to do the majority of their blogging on their computers, whereas, another group will prefer to do the majority of their blogging on their smartphones.

As a Beta tester for the WordPress Mobile App, I can say that I have grown accustomed to creating and publishing blog posts via my smartphone.

However, my preference will always be the laptop computer.


Because the WordPress Mobile App is limited in its functionality.

If you have ever viewed my blog posts on a laptop computer or a desktop computer, you would notice right away that I use the drop cap functionality (It is easily achieved by toggling on the drop cap switch).

On the WordPress Mobile App, there is no drop cap switch for me to toggle on and off. If I want to add a drop cap, I will have to do it by adding the respective HTML code.

So, in all honesty, the WordPress Mobile App is sadly lacking what I truly need.

If you are not into fancy formatting, the WordPress Mobile App might be ideal for you to create and publish blog posts.

Final Thoughts

Those of you who have been blogging on WordPress from day one via your smartphones will have no trouble using them to create blog posts for an entire month (Truthfully, it would come like any other month of blogging on WordPress for you).

Many of us who use computers to blog would feel as though we were serving a prison sentence in a correctional facility if were to blog exclusively on a smartphone for an entire month.

However, if one truly makes up their mind to do all of their blogging on a smartphone for one month straight, they will accomplish that goal of theirs (After all, it is just a challenge and human beings are quite capable of mastering challenges).


71 thoughts on “Can You Blog For The Entire Month On Your Smartphone?

  1. I couldn’t do it, or at least not happily. There’s no way I could ever match the speed and volume of writing that I can do on a laptop. Not to mention extensive editing. I’ll leave this challenge to the generation Z thumb warriors.

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  2. I agree posting blog on wordpress app in smartphone has limitation but it has an advantage of creating post on the spot whenever an inspiration arrive in our brain and dont want to forget the idea, we can make a post without the hassle of creating post in our desktop or laptop.

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  3. I honestly can’t do it for any length of time. I need a computer to measure what I write, keep track of the number of words, and see everything properly. You’re right, it would feel like a prison sentence.

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  4. I write blog posts from my laptop, but will write rough drafts on a notepad on my phone. I find it very challenging to edit blog posts from a smart phone, unless I am adding specific images that I took on my phone. It is easy to add them directly using the WP app on my smart phone.

    As for comments, I leave comments from both my phone and a laptop. Right now, I am using my laptop to write this comment.

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  5. I wouldn’t feel comfy, neither on a phone nor on a lappy. I want a nice heavy mechanical keyboard. Not that I’m a good or speedy typist but the feeling is so much betterer.
    Let me guess, the bloggers on smartphones are mostly other grrls, and mostly very young right? Ultra short texts, hardly any phgotographic material. Of course they’ll get away with a stupidphone.
    As soon as you wanna include lots of photos, edit those photos and other graphics you need a PC.

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  6. I use and have used both. If I have aclear idea in my mind and its a short post, I can happily do it on my phone. If its lengthy or takes time to develop and write, I tend to do that with pen and paper which I then transfer via the tablet with a keyboard using the desktop version. Computer for speed and as was said by others,the flexibility when editing. That said, I sometimes use my phone for a final read through/edit and to add photos. I also prefer to read the Reader on my phone and will read and respond to comments then. Having said all of that, if I had to, I could use my phone.

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  7. With determination you can do your blogging on a smart phone, and I have been known to use the device to draft a post while commuting.

    But the most efficient way for me will always be with a screen and keyboard as I have access to 10 fingers to touch the keys against the one dominant thumb I use to type on my phone!

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    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ While it is possible to create a website with a smartphone, the layout on mobile is different from the web version. Therefore, it will be in a blogger’s best interest to create their website on a computer.

      If bloggers are using plugins with their blogs, they will need a computer. The WordPress Mobile App does not grant users to their plugins.

      In regards to operating one’s blog, blogging can be done on both the computer and smartphone.

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  8. Yet another good article. Thank you.

    I prefer to blog frommy laptop. My laptop had stopped working and I as forced to blog from my phone which I initially hated but got used to.

    I don’t know how bloggers blog from their phones. Editing from a laptop is just better if you ask me.

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    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ You are welcome.

      I am sorry to hear that your laptop no longer works; in a situation like that, you are left with no choice other than to use your smartphone to blog.

      Bloggers can blog from their smartphones because they learned how to blog on them.

      One of the greatest challenges is using the virtual keyboard on a smartphone to type accurately.

      The first time that you do it, you will wonder how the hell people actually get their blogging done on those devices.

      Approximately one and a quarter weeks after, you will see improvements in your typing.

      I hope that you get a new laptop soon.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

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  9. I’m more consistent using the app over the website. I’ve used both. The app is more useful for drafting incomplete thoughts and coming back to them later. I’ll admit it can be hard to save/update work. So I have to save as I go more frequently than I’d care to do

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  10. I switched from blogging on the PC to blogging on the app because it’s so much easier for me! My phone is always nearby. My photos are all on my phone. I can use voice to text!!! < Probably the biggest thing right there, my hands get tired easily from typing no matter what I use. (I'm disabled not just a wuss lol)

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  11. I was just writing a blog post on the WordPress app and ran into a slight issue. Not really a big issue but I found that a pretty useful feature is not available. I cannot add hyperlinks to text or phrasesโ€ฆ inconvenient when I actually want to do this, so I have to free up some time to further work on my post on my laptop for the finishing touches.

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    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually, you can add hyperlinks to your phrases on the WordPress Mobile App (the option is there); it is right next to the italics icon.

      The bar with the various options can be dragged to the left; once that is done, you will see the option to add hyperlinks.


      1. I have tried but I donโ€™t have the option in the app. Next to italics I have bold-text and the option to minimise my keypadโ€ฆ I can only transform the entire block but not add hyperlinks. (Unless I probably enter html mode and manually add it but then I need to know the data-ID)


        1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Merel, I wil make it easy for you. Do not touch the part that minimizes the keyboard; which is at the end of the top bar.

          Place your finger gently on the italics tab, and swipe it to the left, it will expose the tab to add hyperlinks (The option is hidden).

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