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Gratitude Glimpse

Night Sky

I tried to take a photo of the stars this morning and failed.  Big time.  I’d snip in the evidence, but you’d only see a large black square.  😉 Well, if you squinted and zoomed in, you might’ve seen the specks…err…stars that I tried to capture. 

I admit it – I’m a lousy photographer.  Thank goodness for Pexel photos.  The image you see is one I scooped up from that wonderful resource.  It does justice to my morning view, I think.  It’s certainly better than my effort.

But what’s the point?  I have stinky picture-taking skills?  Well, yes, but the ORIGINAL point of the post was something else. Bear with me.

Our sweet senior pup Sadie’s struggling.  Last week she took a tumble (read about it here, if you like) and although she’s mostly a-okay, she’s feeling her age and can’t quite make it all night without a potty break.

Most of the time, I’ve got the patience for this – the 4 or 5am nudges from under the covers that convey “This is not a drill, mom, I gotta go”.  So, we go.  But this morning, my allergies were a challenge and my head hurt.  I didn’t want to get out of bed. 

As we shuffled to the backyard, the most spectacular, sparkly sky greeted us.  My posture with Sadie is typically ‘head down’ as I try to avoid stepping on her and/or tripping over her leash but this morning, the pageantry from above commanded my attention.

Despite my tired and grumpy state…the brilliant sky greeted me….so beautiful that it prompted tears.  Why?  I felt a rush of a magical memory.  My father died many years ago and after his funeral service, I took a nap and woke up with this poem in my head, hastily writing it down on a scrap of paper.  It’s still with me, decades later.  Like an earworm musical track, you can’t get rid of, tucked into my head and heart:

You’ll see me in the starry sky

In the treetops gentle breeze

With every cloud that ambles by

Know that I’m at ease

I’m near…just look UP

There are days when I need the reminder to lift my head and heart UP – always UP – lest I miss a glimpse of gratitude.  Sadie’s early morning nudge became an unexpected gift.  She’ll get some extra snuggles today – just because.

-Vicki ❤

About the guest author:

Victoria is from the U.S. and holds a doctorate in adult education and is an experienced leadership and life coach, enjoying opportunities to blog about what matters most ― home, family and wellness.

Her beautiful blog is called, Victoria Ponders.


Published by Victoria

Hi -- I'm Vicki and I’m a big believer in the power of connection – taking time to share what matters most. I love pondering...thinking about work, family and home life and I enjoy blogging about all of it. Cheers!

31 thoughts on “Gratitude Glimpse

  1. Mee-yow Miss Victoria that iss a lovelee foto an poe-em fore yore PawPaw!!
    Most nite’ss mee BellaStia Mum goess out on patio an lookss up an mee wundered what shee was doin. Shee tried to explane thingss butt mee not understand….
    Now mee does! hahnx!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an 🙂 BellaSita Mum

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  2. Oh my goodness. So I feel like a total dork/idiot. I read this blog daily and I never noticed your name until now. This whole time I thought your name was Renard, a male name (I think). Now I see its Victoria. 😁 I am now wondering if I have ever commented and referred to you as male? Hahaha 😂. Another good reason to wear my reading glasses lol 😆 😂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🧐 Yes, I strongly suggest that you wear your glasses.

      You have me wondering if you really read this blog post.

      If you reread it, you will see that it was guest authored by Victoria.

      Also, I am Renard (a male) and the administrator of this blog ― Renard’s World.

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              1. Wow you need a chill pill dude. I have never ever had a blogger as rude as you. I am done here. Obviously you want to be a bully. Pick on someone else dude and quit leaving comments and emailing me or a will file a complaint.

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                1. 🤨 Really, I do not need to take a chill pill.

                  When I said, “Water under the bridge,” I meant that it (the error) was long forgotten; for example, something washing away with water under the bridge.

                  I have every right to clarify anything if it is taken out of context.

                  How in God’s name be simple clarification be seen as being rude?

                  You are being overly sensitive.

                  In regards to the emails you are receiving, you receive them whenever you respond to a comment or whenever I respond to your comment. I did not send you any emails.

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    1. 🤦🏽‍♂️ For the last time, I did not send you any emails. It has a lot to do with me responding to your comments; when I respond to your comments, you get an email.

      With all due respect, you have no authority to tell me whether I should or should not respond to your comment.

      As the blog’s administrator, I am entitled to respond to all comments on this blog.

      What you can do is go into your email settings and set it to not notify you of comments.

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